Tigers produce inconsistent scrimmage

Missouri's offense had its struggles for most of the scrimmage, while the defense appears closer to being ready for primetime.

Injury List: Zach Kauflin, Tyler Luellen, Sean Coffey, Will Franklin, Andrew Hoskins, and Marcus Woods. Crutches: Van Alexander WX: Partly to Mostly Cloudy

TEMP: 61 to start, Finished at 69

WIND: South at 8-12 mph

DURATION: 9 a.m. to Noon

DEPTH OBSERVATIONS:Earl Goldsmith appears to be edging Jimmy Jackson at this point at running back, while Arnold Britt might have moved ahead of Cris Crosby at wide receiver.


First-Team: Clinger, Cook, Spieker,Palmer, Luellen

Second-Team: Riggs, Russell, Madison, Wyrick, Brown

Third-Team: Lazaroff, Tipton, Dirk, Hille, Pintola, Saunders

IN-KICK-SISTENCY: Coleman and Russell shine, while Saunders, Crossett struggled.

On a decent spring Saturday in mid-Missouri, it was the inconsistency his team displayed which bothered Coach Gary Pinkel the most. "I think (inconsistency) is what we are seeing really on both sides of the football. Can you focus and play at a high level of play every play? We just had a lot of inconsistency. The good news is that we can get a lot better, we've got a good enough team to get better, but we've got to improve," said Pinkel.

QB Chase Patton struggled most of the day until he got in the two-minute drill, in which he excelled. QB Brandon Coleman was just the opposite. He may have solidified a #2 slot going into the spring game with his performance today, despite his struggles in the two-minute drill. "We did some good things today," said Pinkel. "In the offense there are just tons of detail things that we aren't just doing right."

In appears that Brad Ekwerekwu is ready to take that next step, just as Sean Coffey did last season. "He did some good things, and you know he's got to learn to make some plays in a crowd. He had a chance to make some plays and get hit, and you know that's another thing some great hits by the defense, so it's a combination of both," said Pinkel. It seems the game has finally slowed down for him.

"I feel a lot more confident. I think most of all, I feel a little more comfortable. I've spent a couple years in the program, in the weight room, around the guys, and things are starting to come together," said Eck. "I think it's a day-by-day thing. Sean (Coffey) has been a great role model for me, just keeping me humble. He makes me work harder every day."

The names of MU linebackers Derrick Ming and Emmet Morris have finally begun popping up at practice with regularity. Both had a pretty good scrimmage today along with mate Dedrick Harrington. All three are ready for that next step.

"I feel pretty good about what's happening," said Derrick Ming. "I can actually start to feel a change in myself. I don't know what change it is, but I can tell my work ethic is better, and I'm working hard, and focusing. Just trying to make plays and winning."

Ming has long had the physical package, and it appears the mental part of the game is coming around. "It's always been mental (for me). Physical-wise, I've always been doing the things, but from a mental standpoint, I've just been slacking and lacking until now."

The senior from Webster Groves knows this is his last go-around, and he's ready to get it started. "I'm ready for this fall. Excited to go out here with these guys I've got here. The LB'ing corps has made huge strides this year," he explained. "Everybody is maturing. Everybody is understanding the urgency around here for winning. So everybody is working harder, we pull together for each other, nothing negative - always positive. We don't care who's starting, and that's what makes us a good corps. To win, no matter if I'm in or I'm out, I'm ready to win a bowl game, I think it's due. That's what we came here for; we had a setback last year, this year we are just focusing on one play at a time, one step at a time."


Hoenes - Bad Snap 42 LD, 29, High Snap 46 High, LD 39, 40 so-so, 18, 49 High, 52 High, 34 LD, 35 Low, 41 EH (from 43)

#91 – 31, 36, 22, 32 High

Crossett – 33, 47, 59 High, 43 Low, 32 Low, 25 Low, 52LD (from 43)


Crossett, 2yds Deep, EZ, 9yds Deep, 3 yds Deep 95 – to the 10

Russell – to the 11, 8 yds deep

SIDE NOTE --Scott Russell feels like he is kicking better because he is more active at practice with his move to the receiving corps. The increased activity has kept him involved, and makes him more focused when it comes to kicking. He said that Thursday after practice, and it appeared true today as he didn't miss a FG (7-for-7), or an extra-point, and had a couple of very good kick-offs.


Crossett – Clanked of LUR- NG, G, G, G, LD G

Russell – G, G

#95 – G, G, G


Crossett (5/11) 26 LH pulled left NG, 33 yd LH pushed right NG, 41 Mid GOOD, DELAY of GAME, 32 RH pushed right NG, 28 Mid Good, 27 RH Good, 44 Mid NG, 33 LH G, 42 RH bad snap NG, 36 Mid NG, 29 RH Good.

Russell (7/7) 26 RH good, 41 Mid Good, 28 Mid Good, 27 RH Good, 33LH Good, 42 RH Good, 29 RH Good

#95, Lefty (1/4) – 33 yd LH pushed left, 32 RH good, 44 Mid NG, 36 Mid NG

MYSTERY RECRUIT?KC Recruit on hand – wearing t-shirt 13th Annual Metro Wrestling Classic (LB type)


2 O vs 1 D

From our own 2: Patton - OFFSIDES – RG. Patton hands to Goldsmith - Safety.

From the 26: Patton pass to Britt INC (dropped, Saunders almost caught deflection). Patton scrambles INT by Bacon returned 33 yds.

From the 36: Patton scrambles 8 yds. Patton to Saunders (dropped). Patton to Crosby (dropped).

From the 36: Patton to Jackson NG. Patton option keeper gain 3 yds. Patton pass to DQ crossing 5 yds. Patton QB follow, loses 1 yd (Richard). Patton option keeper gain 1 yd.

From the 25: Patton arm hit, INC. Patton scrambles pass to Saunders (dropped) (Deke good coverage). Patton pass almost picked by Kincaid (Simpson and Deke also in tight coverage).

From the 30: Patton pass to Goldsmith, bobbles , gain of 11 yds. Patton OFFSIDE DEFENSE. Patton option keeper gains 3. Patton INC (behind) Goldsmith (Massey good coverage). Patton flat to Goldsmith loses 5.

From the 26: Patton pass to Goldsmith, gain 7.

From the 30,(1:30): Patton pass to Saunders 24 yds. Patton pass to Saunders gain 5 yds. Patton sideline pass to Britt gain 3 yds. Patton flat pass to Jackson loss of 3. Patton pass to Rucker 7 yds (1st Down) OOB. Patton bad snap pass to Rucker gain 9 yds(Kincaide, Overstreet). Patton kills clock. Patton Bad Snap throw it away. FG – Bad Snap, FG no Good.

From our 26: Coleman pass to Saunders 9yds (OFFSIDE D – Stephens). Coleman screen to Britt underthrown. Coleman ? gain of 5 yds (1st Down). Coleman ? gain of 3. Coleman scrambles on high snap – gain 1 yd. Coleman passes to Jackson gain of 3 yds (Ming).

From our 26: Coleman passes Britt for 11 yds (1st Down). Coleman on option keeper gain of 7. Coleman pass to Rucker gain 9 yds. Coleman to Jackson crossbuck gain 14 yds (Overstreet).

From the 46: Coleman scrambles and passes OOB. Coleman passes to Goldsmith INC (Ming coverage). Coleman passes to Rucker gain 2 (Deke coverage). Coleman wr screen to Saunders loses 4 (Simpson, Overstreet and Deke). Coleman to Goldsmith gain 2. Coleman – Cook OFFSIDES. Coleman scrambles throws wounded duck INC. Coleman screen to Jackson gain of 8 (Simpson). Coleman to Saunders INC (Simpson big hit).

2's vs 2's

From the 39 (1:30): Coleman QB draw gains 13 yard. Coleman pass to Saunders gain 5 yards. Coleman tipped by Trenile, picked by Bacon.

3's vs 3's

From our 26: Patton pass to Barmann gain 5 yds. Patton option keeper lost 1 yd. Patton pass to Barmann 10 yds (1st Down). Patton to Jackson 1 yd. Patton underthrows Barmann. Patton scrambles INC to Jackson (catchable).

From our 26: Patton pass to Jackson loss of 2. Patton pass to a TE? Gain of 8 (Fumble on hit by Redmond, Null recovers for O). Patton pass deflected.

For our 26: Patton runs into Jackson, loss of 2

From the 45: Patton to Duncan, gain 6. Patton flat pass to Duncan 10 yds (nice block by Lazaroff). Patton sideline fly pass to Crosby in EZ (dropped, wide open). Patton bad snap, falls on it, loses 6. Patton INT seam route, by O'Neil, returned 34 yds (tackled by Patton).

From the 30: Patton to Ruth gain of 6 (O'Neil). Patton to Ruth 24 yard TD (Trenile whiffed on tackle).

From the 45: Patton flat pass to Ruth gain of 2 (Morris). Patton option keeper gain 7. Patton to Ruth gain of 5 (1st Down).

From the 36: Coleman scrambles gain 2. Coleman rolls right pass to Null gain 15 yds (1st Down). Coleman to Duncan gain 7 yds. Coleman to Duncan gain 1 yd. Coleman snap over his head, scrambles loss 1 yd (could've been 20).

From the 45: Coleman scrambles 8yds (O'Neil missed)

Coleman crossing pass to Crosby, gain 9 yds (Romine, Ensminger) (1st Down). Coleman option pitch to Ruth 3 yds. Coleman crossing pass to Barmann 15 yds (Romine, Morris, Breed) (1st Down). Coleman scrambles for 20 yds (1st Down).

From the 25: Coleman keeper gains 5. Coleman flat pass to Barmann, gain of 12 (1st Down). Coleman flat pass to Jackson – loses 5 yds. Coleman pitch to Jackson 13 yds TD.

From the 25: Coleman bad snap, gains 1. Coleman flat pass to Jackson gains 13 yds. Coleman to Jackson gain 4 (Ming and O'Neal). Coleman bubble screen to Britt gain 3 yds (Redmond).

From the 30(1:30): Coleman flat passes to Null gain of 4 (big hit Morris). Coleman keeper 7 yds gain (1st Down). Coleman ILLEGAL PROCEDURE loss of 5. Coleman crossing pass to Crosby gain of 7. Coleman crossing pattern to Crosby gain 22 (PENALTY brings it back). Coleman sideline pass to Crosby INC. Coleman scrambles for 13 yards. Coleman across LOS, dropped by Barmann.

3's vs 1 D

From the 39 (1:30): Patton flare pass to Duncan 8 yds. Patton out pass to Russell 10 yds (1st Down). Patton bad snap screen to Crosby dropped. Patton to Barmann 11 yds (Kincaide hit him, but didn't wrap up) (1st Down). Patton flat pass to Barmann 7 yds. Patton in route to Russell INC of thigh pad. Patton to Barmann gain of 10 (1st Down). Patton option keeper loses 1 (Presonal Foul- Unsportsmanlike on Lorenzo Williams). Patton to Ruth up the middle :11 to set up FG FG Good.

1st O vs 1st D

From the 36: Smith rollout throws away. Smith to Temple gain 4 yds. Smith scrambles pass to Humphrey –knocked away by Washington.

From the 36: Smith to Temple 5 yds (Overstreet) avoided a 5 yd loss. Smith to Temple, fumbles off of thigh pad, loss of 19. Smith sacked loss of 3 yds(completed pass to Jackson, gain of 14). From the 36: Smith to Jackson 3 yd (Ming shoestring). Smith to Jackson 1 yd (Jackson OFFSIDE "D"). Smith option keeper 7 yds (1st Down). Smith pass to Eck INC (Kincaid separates Eck from Ball).

1st O vs 2nd D

From our own 2: Smith to Temple 3 yds. Smith qb draw 4 yds. Smith pass to DQ, DoJo broke up with strong hit.

From our 25: Smith throws screen pass to Humphrey - gain 9 (Sulak, Richard, Childress). Smith to Temple – loss 1. Smith scrambles for 5 yds (1ST DOWN). Smith option to Temple –gain 15 (1ST DOWN). Smith qb option – no gain. Smith scrambles pass to Ray – dropped. Smith seam pass to Eck – gain 36 (1st DOWN). Smith to Temple 9 yds (TOUCHDOWN).

From our 26: Smith scramble for 5. Smith pass knocked down (Childress or DeMarcus Scott).

For the 35: Smith to Temple gain of 3 (knocked out of Bounds by Richard). Smith runs loses 1 yd. Smith crossing pass to Britt gain 2 yds.

From the 45: Smith to Temple loses 4 yds (Barbo, Richard, Childress, Woodley). Smith option keeper gains 1 yd. Smith scrambles to Eck on sideline 9 yds (Wade). Smith pass to Britt on sidline, overthrown (well covered by Wade).

From the 45: Smith draw to Temple 11 yds. Smith scrambles flat pass and run to Ray 20 yds (1st Down). Smith option keeper 5 yds.

From the 25: Smith option to Eck gain of 4. Smith option keeper gain of 11 (he'd scored) (1st Down). Smith to Temple gain of 1 (Wheatley). Smith pass to Eck INC, deflected by Woodley. Smith pass to Eck INC OOB far corner.

From the 25: Smith to Temple, breaks a rodeo tackle by Childress 25 yard TD.

From the 26: Smith pass to Eck in the back of the end zone, under thrown, deflected by Bacon. Smith pass to Humphrey, left front corner 26 yd TD.

From the 30 (1:30): Smith pass to Temple gain 12 yd gain (1st Down). Smith to Temple loss of 2. Smith INC (thrown away). Smith sacked by Childress. Smith sacked by Bacon (Humphrey dropped long pass).

From the 39 (1:30): Smith pass to Eck, gain of 2. Smith scrambles (Redmond) sideline pass to Ray, gain 6. Smith pass to DeQuincy Howard gain 2 (1st Down). Smith pass to Temple gain 5 (Morris nice open field tackle). Smith sacked loss of 3. Smith seam pass to Eck, 49 yard TD (beat Breed and Seymour) :07 on clock.

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