Defense dominates Black and Gold game

The Missouri Tigers wrapped up their Spring Football season on a beautiful day in Columbia. Faurot Field had close to 10,000 fans present to see lots of new exciting athletes on defense, and several promising new faces on offense. Speaking of offense, Arkansas State won't get many hints regarding gameplan from today's scrimmage.



"Overall, the defense played better today than the offense."   As my brother used to say when we were little, "No *&*&, Sherlock."  It was obvious, for the first scrimmage of the spring, that the defense, by a wide margin, was the better unit on the field today.  This despite missing David Overstreet to personal business in Dallas, and having Lo Williams injured on the first play of the game (hyper-extended elbow, more later).


MIA:  Also missing was Jerrill Humphrey, no word on his whereabouts.


5th Annual Black & Gold Reunion:  Seemed pretty well attended.  They announced over 100 players returned.  That seemed a little high, but with people coming ang going could have been spot on.


VANILLA WARNING:  Talking to the returning players, Pinkel noted the offense today would be very, very vanilla.  While it was somewhat vanilla, it also gave a good indication of what we have been seeing all spring.  Where their a couple plays left out (with a few variations of them left out), yea.  But, what you saw today is a lot of what they have been practicing.  The reason for the vanilla overkill?  Fox Sports Net is doing a 30-minute piece on the Tigers Spring Game, and you can decipher the rest.


TO:  No, not the guy from Philly.  Turnovers.  Pinkel, sitting in the stands, certainly didn't like the 4 picks (2 by Coleman, 2 by Patton) his QB's threw, or the fumble from Temple.


1,000:  It'll be interesting to hear an attendance number.  Quite a few people on the west side (no one allowed on east side).  I'm sure the staff was happy.


FLAG ME:  Several penalties including one very stupid one by Domonique Johnson left Coach Pinkel a little unsatisfied.  "The penalty part was kind of disappointing," he said


UNHAPPY CAMPERS:  On the other hand, I'm sure the staff was disappointed in the turnout by the states top recruits.  Normally Pinkel likes to bring in about 30 kids for this event, and I would guess there were right at half that today.  Several of the top players in the state weren't on hand.  Looks like it is all about the win column for MU recruiting this fall.


SLC IN THE HOUSE:  MU signee Chase Daniel was at Faurot Field today (was he licking his chops?) and brought South Lake Carroll WR McKay Jacobson along for the ride.  Also, James Stigall was on the o-side, along with a Rockhurst recruit named Blake?


CEMENT:  Brandon Coleman who has been moving ahead of Chase Patton in the number 2 quarterback race continued to distance himself today.  It was obvious in the use of BC that the staff has come to that conclusion as well.  I might add that is the first time this spring Coleman has been awarded that independence.  He did throw a pick to Breed along the sidelines, and showed a disturbing tendency again today.  BC finds no one open, looks to run, doesn't immediately find a hole, and then looks back up field and heaves the ball in the direction of a receiver.  Brandon has to be more disciplined, and take the loss, or throw it out of bounds (something he mastered to a flaw last fall).   That said, Brandon is a pretty good open field runner (I didn't say a great scrambler, open field runner).  This race will heat up again this fall (read below).


BACK-SIDED:  Patton meanwhile had another rough day, and admits the last two weeks have been really tough on him.  Personally I‘ve had a rough couple of weeks here, but it's been a good spring, and we are all excited about this offense.  Kind of disappointed today in not being able to execute as good as we thought we could, and as we've done in the past," said Patton.  "It's just the little things, trying to make too much happen, or forcing a ball is always bad at this level." 

For the first time, he also admits he hasn't been full strength of late.  "I have a little injury but that's not an excuse. (PRODDING GOING ON HERE) "I have like a herniated disc in my back, and that's something I'll have taken care of during the summer.   He is looking forward to Chase Daniel arriving in the fall.  He visited with him and his family quite a bit on his recruiting visit "Definitely, any competition is good.  I'm sure the competition between me and BC is making both of us better because we are pushing each other and that's always good," he added.


NO-ZO-ED:  Zo Williams hyper-extended his elbow on the first play of the game.  I wasn't more than 15 yards away when it happened, and personally I thought he got knocked out.  He laid motionless near the sideline for a good 1:30.  Then he got helped up, and off the field.  Afterwards, he said if it were a game he could've gone back in.  I think their were some anxious teammates as well, as quite a few kept yelling "Get up, Zo."


Z(M)INGED – Coach Gary Pinkel promised to razz LB Derrick Ming about not scoring today.  Ming picked off an early pass from Brandon Coleman and looked to have an easy score down the sideline, but the former running back got caught on the angle by QB Coleman.  "He made some plays, got an interception, and I'm going to tease him about not getting that into the end zone.  He talks about what a great running back he was in high school, and I'm gonna jump him for not getting that in," said Pinkel.


FUMBLE, AGAIN:  Tony Temple had another ball on the carpet again today (after he broke several tackles, and kept trying for another yard), and I'm sure it is beginning to become an issue that will be discussed this summer and fall.  He also had the nicest day of the top-tier running backs, gaining near 60 yards, on 10-12 carries.

Pinkel  "We'll he's got great explosiveness, I think you saw it out there, just got to give him some room to run, and he can do some things.  He kind of creates his own, his own style, does this little creation out there, but he's got to learn when not to do it, and when to do it.  I think everybody could see he's got a lot of potential."    


OVERALL:  "We've had a good spring, feel good about it, and now we gotta prepare and keep it going into two-a-days


Spring Football Most Improved Awards:
•D-Lineman – Lo Williams
•Receiver – Brad EKwerekwu
•LB – Ming
•TE – Barmann
•DB – Domonique Johnson
•RB – Tony Temple
•Safety – Will Moore
•Special Teams – Stephen Blair


THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM:    Does it surprise anyone that a most improved offensive lineman is not in this list?  Hmm, is that a statement from Gary?

$16 MILLION:   Price tag on the new football complex

VERY GOOD DAYS:   D - Ming   (INT), Woodley  (INT), Moore (dropped an INT), O'Neal.

O – Duncan, Temple


GOOD DAYS:  D - Washington (INT),

O -  Ray, Saunders


3rd Quarter CHART:

1 & 10 - Coleman to Temple for 18 yards

1 & 10 - Coleman to Temple -3 yards (Bacon)

2 & 13 - Coleman inc to Ek on sideline

3 & 13 - Coleman pass to Ek 17 yards

1&10 - Coleman inc OOB


2&15 – Temple option 17 yards (Holding negates all but two yards)

2&13 – Coleman INC thrown away

3&13 – Coleman dumped to Goldsmith for 7 yards


4&11 – Coleman scrambles INC

Halftime SCORE:  31-11


2nd HALF

1&10 – Patton INT to Woodley

1&10 – Coleman picked off by Breed sideline fly underthrown.

1&10 – Patton to Goldsmith 4 yards

2&6 – Patton to Null screen gain 2 yards (Negated by OFFSIDES DEFENSE)

2&1 – Patton to Goldsmith on left side gain 3 yards

1&10 – Patton to Goldsmith loss of 1 (DOJO)  Childress spun him around in thebackfield

2&11 – Patton to Goldsmith WR wr screen loss of 3

3&14 – Patton INC to DeQuincy Howard (overthrew) PERSONAL FOUL  DOJO shot to head of DQ after ball passed

1&10 – Patton option to Jackson (slipped) gain 4 PERSONAL FOUL OFFENSE

1&25 – Patton bad snap falls on it.

2&28 – Patton to Jackson screen gain of 21 (Massey & Moore)

3&7 – Patton pass to Null gain of 2 yards (Moore)



1&10 – Patton to Rucker gain 15 or 20 yards  (Wade)

1&10 – Patton on keeper loss of 2

2&12 – Patton pass to Saunders for 6 yards

3&6 – Patton INT by Williams (threw into double coverage, over – under)


1&10 – Coleman to ? loss of 4  yards (Wheatley)

2&14 – Coleman INC (almost picked by Deke)

3&14 – Coleman to Crosby gain of 8 (Woodley)

4&6 – punt


1&10 – Coleman option pitch to Temple gain of 9

2&1 – Coleman on keeper gain of 8

1&10 – Coleman to Temple 19 yard gain

1&10 - Coleman pass to Rucker gain of 7 (2 yd pattern)



2&3 – Coleman lost ball, pu and sacked, loss of 2

3&5 – Coleman INC to Ray (OFFSIDES)


1&15 – Coleman scrambles and sacked loss of 12 yards (Troy)

2&27 – Coleman flat pass to Duncan  22 yards

3&5 – Coleman to Duncan 12 yard gain (Seymour)

1&G at 3 – Coleman to Duncan TOUCHDOWN   7:38 of 4th Quarter



Coleman short pass to Jason Ray for TOUCHDOWN

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