Thursday Night Chat Transcript

What's the latest word from the street and the inside about Mizzou hoops and football? Check out the chat transcript from tonight.

Brad Burgess:: Hi guys

Mizzouman:: ask brad

Mizzouman:: haha

Mizzouman:: hey brad

afb346:: aight.... BRush Brad???

Brad Burgess:: Ask Brad what?

afb346:: by the way hello

Brad Burgess:: Hi

afb346:: i believe about BRush

Brad Burgess:: I think Brandon will stay in the NBA draft

Mizzouman:: he wants to .....i can tell u that

Brad Burgess:: Does anybody feel differently as of today?

Mizzouman:: he needs 1 class to qualify by college standards

Brad Burgess:: MM, there are conflicting reports on that subject.

Mizzouman:: foz says otherwise........but who knows

Brad Burgess:: He could really use a couple of years of college ball.

Brad Burgess:: Foz is a slimeball.

Mizzouman:: kareem and glenda want him to pull out if he isn't a first round pick

afb346:: well hes telling everyone that

Mizzouman:: he is fighting this weekend for mid of 2nd round

Brad Burgess:: Kareen and Glenda are RIGHT

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Mizzouman:: then we have to fight ok if he does pull out

Brad Burgess:: He shouldn't be in the draft unless he is an upper half 1st round.

Mizzouman:: i agree

Brad Burgess:: It's a joke.

Brad Burgess:: As big a joke as the OU farse!

Brad Burgess:: There is ZERO chance that he goes to OU.

Brad Burgess:: None.

afb346:: for sure.... any news on summer workouts and players on the team....

afb346:: by the way nice color combo guys....

Brad Burgess:: afb, we'll have a report on the Mizzou elite camp, and there are supposed to be some fine prospects in for the camp.

Mizzouman:: i actually think its 60/40 college if kareem and glenda have as big of a say they lead everyone to believe


Brad Burgess:: Hooo Hooo

afb346:: i enjoy chistmas...

Brad Burgess:: Football recruiting is going fine.

afb346:: it looks good....

Brad Burgess:: Some folks are getting needlessly edgy

Brad Burgess:: Josh Freeman was no loss!

afb346:: happens every roomate was pumped on that one

Brad Burgess:: Over Rated!

afb346:: well see i suppose

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afb346:: i hope thats the case

Brad Burgess:: Have you ever seen tape on the kid in games?

afb346:: I have not... just read about him

afb346:: and ill be the first to admit im more in tuned with bball and football

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Brad Burgess:: Freeman is something to look at, but he is lacking in many respects.

Brad Burgess:: Hi Dean.

afb346:: although i know that my roomate was pumped last night when he read about freeman and some other recruit

afb346:: that nebraska signed

DeanMacBaine:: helllllooooo!!!

Brad Burgess:: He's tall, but has no better than an average arm, and he runs a 4.8 forty.  Wow!???

Brad Burgess:: Dean, what have you been up to?

afb346:: not all that impressive... i wonder how the arm will hold up in their new offense

DeanMacBaine:: nada, just working, playing a little poker and trying to not piss off the woman too terribly bad

Brad Burgess:: I predict a position switch up there in time...

DeanMacBaine:: the last two seem to conflict at times though

afb346:: sounds like my summer, minus the mrs.

Brad Burgess:: I was about to say...?

DeanMacBaine:: no mrs.  just a wanna be mrs

Brad Burgess:: She's been hoping for quite some time!

DeanMacBaine:: a freaking very persistent wanna be mrs

afb346:: scary stuff...

afb346:: and good stuff too i suppose

Brad Burgess:: It's good if she's "the one".

DeanMacBaine:: just got back from vegas and she was scoping out the wynn and bellagio chapels

Brad Burgess:: If's mostly scary.

DeanMacBaine:: i'm so mental that it all scares me

afb346:: that is how i am

afb346:: for sure

afb346:: 5 years... i dont know... maybe thats a problem

Brad Burgess:: I can only imagine how much $$$ the Bellagio chapel would cost!?

afb346:: but i dont know if it is... circles

DeanMacBaine:: just finished 3 here

DeanMacBaine:: well, she has about a $50-60k budget

Brad Burgess:: Sweet lord.

afb346:: are you in vegas or she just wants vegas

DeanMacBaine:: i vomit thinking about spending $2k

DeanMacBaine:: we have talked about the M word

Brad Burgess:: Dean, spend $3K and put the remaining $57K as a downpayment on a house.

DeanMacBaine:: she wanted a grand affair here in DFW

DeanMacBaine:: but her dad and I talked some sense into her

Brad Burgess:: Spending a ton of money on a wedding is ridiculous!!!

Brad Burgess:: Seriously. 

DeanMacBaine:: we get the left over money so she is thinking more like $20k in vegas now instead

DeanMacBaine:: wedding, the ring, it is all ridiculous

Mizzouman:: WOW

Brad Burgess:: You can have a very nice, tastefull affair for not too much.  Spend money on something a house!

DeanMacBaine:: you don't understand. her mom was poor and had a small wedding,

DeanMacBaine:: now that daddy is a Dr, mom and daughter want a big affair

Brad Burgess:: Big weddings cause big headaches.

DeanMacBaine:: so do women

Brad Burgess:: I've been a part of many weddings.

DeanMacBaine:: but at least she has agreed to scale it down

Mizzouman:: haha........yes women do


DeanMacBaine:: it was going to be some 300 person type thing before

Brad Burgess:: You have to ask yourself what is the point...sacred ceremony or producing a show!?

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DeanMacBaine:: well, the parents circle of friends typically stage huge shows

Brad Burgess:: I'd recommend 150 guests some place where people can actually get to it.

Mizzouman:: lights, camera, action..........

DeanMacBaine:: i think i'd have like 15 people there

Mizzouman:: ok dean u r on

Mizzouman:: haha

Brad Burgess:: Go to Vegas for the honeymoon afterwards.

DeanMacBaine:: vegas I may get 5-10 with family

Brad Burgess:: That's why it doesn't make sense to get married where people have to fly to get there.

Brad Burgess:: BTW, Willie Hassell is walking on.

DeanMacBaine:: there are moving it to LV to cut down the reception costs

Brad Burgess:: He's already on campus and enrolled in summer school

Mizzouman:: yes he is.......good for willie

Brad Burgess:: I think Willie is going to be GOOD.

DeanMacBaine:: early estimates that she and her mom and worked on have cut down about $40k

Mizzouman:: then add rush and we have a nice class

Brad Burgess:: Dean...voodoo economics?

Mizzouman:: hahaha......j/k

DeanMacBaine:: i told them to leave it alone until I make upi my mind to propose or not

Brad Burgess:: That's a good first step...traditionally.

DeanMacBaine:: they can still scare me off

Slomo:: Coming in late but obviously congrats to Dean

DeanMacBaine:: no congrats

DeanMacBaine:: i am a pillar

Brad Burgess:: Pillar of what???

Brad Burgess:: Salt in a rain storm?

DeanMacBaine:: dunno, it is getting mushier though

Brad Burgess::

Brad Burgess:: It happens to all of us at one time or the other.

Brad Burgess:: The kids make it all worthwhile.

Brad Burgess:: Trust me. 

DeanMacBaine:: did anyone see that harvard study that just came out about how the person that talks the most often wins the argument by exhausting the other person

Brad Burgess:: It's better than you ever think it will be.

DeanMacBaine:: that is the key for everything with women

Slomo:: Well there are other things Brad than kids!!!

DeanMacBaine:: just keep chipping away until you give in

Brad Burgess:: Slomo...yes, but most of those other things calm down after awhile, n'est pas?

Slomo:: Well they pick up from time to time

Brad Burgess::


Brad Burgess:: Not like before you get married, however!

Brad Burgess:: Right?

Brad Burgess:: Hi nation

Slomo:: Glad Willie is aboard

MIZZOUNATION:: hello all

Brad Burgess:: No kidding.  He was a good get.

DeanMacBaine:: anyone seeing hattaway singing brittany spears?

Mizzouman:: think he could be junior senior year

Slomo:: Does the staff figure he can adjust and learn to use his quicks?

Brad Burgess:: MM, I think he'll be a factor before then.

Brad Burgess:: should see WH jump!!!

Brad Burgess:: Wow.

Brad Burgess:: The kid is a very good defender as well.

MIZZOUNATION:: you guys talking about hassel?

Brad Burgess:: yes.

Mizzouman:: just has to get used to the comp.....then he should be fine

Slomo:: Where are you getting this Brad?

Brad Burgess:: My inside sources.

Brad Burgess::

Mizzouman:: haha

Brad Burgess:: He's enrolled right now.

Brad Burgess:: That's a fact.

Mizzouman:: yes he is

Brad Burgess:: I have seen fim of him and I have some photos of him leaping.

Brad Burgess:: He does amazing tomahawk dunks at his height.

MIZZOUNATION:: will he be on schollie?

Brad Burgess:: If he played in St. Louis or KC, he would be highly recruited.

Mizzouman:: he is at around 38.5 vertical

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Brad Burgess:: He's a walk on for now.

Mizzouman:: STU

StuBlack:: Hello, boys

Brad Burgess:: Hi Stu

StuBlack:: What's the latest?

DeanMacBaine:: so what is up with the Rush article?  any truth to it?  or are we slowplaying the media?

Brad Burgess:: Some Brandon discussion, as well as Willie Hassell.

Brad Burgess:: Dean...Rush is lying through his teeth.

Brad Burgess:: He will not end up at OU!

StuBlack:: I look forward to seeing Willie play!

DeanMacBaine:: well how about IU?

Brad Burgess:: I think he will stay in the NBA draft, however.  Just a hunch

DeanMacBaine:: or the NBA

Brad Burgess:: Dean, if not the NBA, I predict either MU or Okie State.

DeanMacBaine:: god I hate Poke state

StuBlack:: Honestly, I think that OSU would be the biggest college threat for Brandon, outside of MU.

Mizzouman:: foz passes to lucas.....

StuBlack:: And there are reasons that OSU would play in....

Brad Burgess:: The NBA is now claiming that a lockout is around the corner.

Mizzouman:: lucas passes to WHAT.....eddie sutton

Mizzouman:: hahaha

Brad Burgess:: Rush could really screw himself if he stays in the draft.

StuBlack:: I don't think he will, Brad.

DeanMacBaine:: well, he could easily go euro like old linus

Brad Burgess:: I hope you're right.

Brad Burgess:: Linas screwed the pooch.

Mizzouman:: me too

MIZZOUNATION:: if he is talking junk about OU, couldn't he also be doing the same about the draft?

StuBlack:: Linas is making a terrible life decision.

Brad Burgess:: We'll know soon enough.  June 22nd is right around the corner.

Slomo:: He screws himself if he stays in. In 2 yrs he gets big$$

StuBlack:: And the draft camp in Chicago ends tomorrow.

Mizzouman:: not sure what linas is thinking?

DeanMacBaine:: i just want to hear that he showed up on campus in august and enrolled on KR's money

Mizzouman:: thats it for rush after that.....

Brad Burgess:: And do you really want to face life in the NBA without a guaranteed contract?  Stupid...

MIZZOUNATION:: surely Jaron is screaming in jis ear

Brad Burgess:: Dean...strong possibility.

Brad Burgess:: Jaron is a moron

Mizzouman:: roy and ncaa would love that

Mizzouman:: hahaha

Slomo:: Stu - can BR qualify?

DeanMacBaine:: so is Chase D in BOCOMO yet?

Brad Burgess:: yes

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Brad Burgess:: He was in St. Louis for the MU camp too.

Brad Burgess:: Hi TR

StuBlack:: Jaron is living proof of taking wrong path. Kareem, the right path. And they are sitti

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Brad Burgess:: Hi Lloyd

trwyatt:: hey brad and all

TigerLloyd:: Hi Everyone

MIZZOUNATION:: CD was an incredible get for us

DeanMacBaine:: I know many are cheering for patton and rightly so.  I really like this kid after being down here

MIZZOUNATION:: what a recruiter

Brad Burgess:: question about it.

DeanMacBaine:: CHase was just worshipped down here

Brad Burgess:: Dean...either way, WE win!

DeanMacBaine:: Chase D i mean

Brad Burgess:: Daniel will be a factor immediately next season.

StuBlack:: Seriously...

Brad Burgess:: He won't need the breakin time that Patton is getting.

Brad Burgess:: He is custom made for this offense and he'll be comfortable surprisingly fast.

StuBlack:: What is  up with Gregg Doyel? Did Q take his parking space while Doyel worked for the CHarlotte Observer???

DeanMacBaine:: If he plays 1/2 as good as he did in HS and brings the same leadership in the locker room, we will be a better team

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MIZZOUNATION:: How about the QB coming up at rock bridge? I hear he could be better than Patton

TigerLloyd:: Anybody feel like Chase Daniels is like a Rich Gannon.  Maybe does not have the prototypical body but gets it done on the field?

Brad Burgess:: Nation, he's a good prospect, but he's very thin right now.  He doesn't have Patton's gun either.

Brad Burgess:: Lloyd, not a bad comparison.  Gannon was a very fast QB in his youth.

Brad Burgess:: I think CD is a right handed Steve Young.

MIZZOUNATION:: wasn't Gannon drafted as a safety?

Brad Burgess:: I think so...he was out of Delaware.

Bocomo:: I'm liking these names, now it is up to Daniel.

Brad Burgess:: His arm isn't great, but neither was Steve Young's

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Mizzouman:: interesting that doyels story comes out about mizzou and we have never been mentioned by rush for a year

Bocomo:: Wish you wouldn't remind me of the Holiday Bowl

MIZZOUNATION:: CD just has that feel for the game

Brad Burgess:: Hi Virson

StuBlack:: Montana didn't have a great arm, either. 

virson:: Hi BB and everybody

StuBlack:: He just won games.

StuBlack:: Hey, virson!

Mizzouman:: yes he did

Mizzouman:: hey virson

TigerLloyd:: Is there any late news connecting Rush and Mizzou?  I thought we passed.

Brad Burgess:: Bocomo, can't you still see that throw back pass to Young over the out stretched arms of Bobby Bell Jr.?

Bocomo:: In my nightmares

Bocomo:: I thought we had won or at least we were going to win.

Brad Burgess:: Lloyd...not yet.

Mizzouman:: haven't totally passed yet lloyd........he is still in the draft though

Brad Burgess:: Rush is still in the picture depending on what he does NBA-wise

Mizzouman:: is he going to be a moron or the right way to put it brad

TigerLloyd:: I read somewhere he really lit up the NBA workouts

Mizzouman:: same could be said for linas.......

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Brad Burgess:: Rush has had one good scrimmage and a few unremarkable ones.

Brad Burgess:: Hi JB

Brad Burgess:: JP

Mizzouman:: 12 pts in 18 min in first game.......he should be a lotto pic if he was focused and consistent but he isn't

StuBlack:: Hey, JP!

JPROCK1:: Hey Brad, Stu....

JPROCK1:: What`s up?

Brad Burgess:: Interesting that ESPN compares Rush to DeShawn Stevenson?

Brad Burgess::

Mizzouman:: hey JP

StuBlack:: Did Roy bring Rush to NC to take his SAT, too??? lol

JPROCK1:: Talking B Rush I see

Mizzouman:: he sure would help us score better next year

Brad Burgess:: Neither stellar students.

Bocomo:: Must be a football camp going on, saw lots of players heading to Faurot

JPROCK1:: Hey Mizzouman

Brad Burgess:: JP...among other things.

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Slomo:: JP - What did you think of Seth Mason that Rocky likes?

Bocomo:: Good one Stu

Brad Burgess:: Hi Killer!

JPROCK1:: Yep through saturday

Killer1:: Hello all

StuBlack:: And, Bocomo, you realize I'm not joking, right? DeShaun got his 1200 in Raleigh, NC.

JPROCK1:: Super quick,athletic and fast to go with great moves and hands...

StuBlack:: And the NCAA said....""

Bocomo:: Forgot that part

Brad Burgess:: GP doesn't like the Columbia camps as much...doesn't have the long drives on his HOG to get there!

Slomo:: So why aren't we on Mason heavy?

JPROCK1:: will be a nice little receiver /returner for somone

JPROCK1:: Perhaps another Damon Mays type

Brad Burgess:: Slomo...he's small.

Brad Burgess:: I loved Damon Mays!

TigerLloyd:: so is Dante Hall

Brad Burgess:: GP loves big receivers.

JPROCK1:: Not the biggest kid and you know they love height

Slomo:: Yeah well I love open!

Brad Burgess:: Personally, I would prefer to have a mixture of speed and height.

Bocomo:: with good hands!

Brad Burgess:: I love "open" too!

Brad Burgess:: Get open, catch the ball, make a play after the catch.

Brad Burgess:: It's not that hard.

Bocomo:: What's been wrong with our guys, I agree it isn't that complicated

trwyatt:: like the patriots recievers

Brad Burgess:: I don't think Andy Hill has developed our WRs very be honest.

Killer1:: JP rock, got a question about Clayborn

TigerLloyd:: HAs anyone heard directly from Brad Smith on his thoughts on the new offense?  I would expect he would be chomping at the bit to get this season started.

Killer1:: Is he OK with being projected as a DT? Since he plays TE and LB now

JPROCK1:: What Killer?

Bocomo:: I've wondered if it was receivers or passes

Brad Burgess:: Lloyd, I haven't talked to him, but I have heard from him through another party.  He's pumped!

JPROCK1:: He is ok being projected as a DE which is where he`ll play in college

Brad Burgess:: Doesn't Clayborn look chubby right now?

Killer1:: Thanks

MIZZOUNATION:: I think it has been poor WR talent for the most part. He did do a good job with Gage and Coffey

TigerLloyd:: I hope Brad comes out confident with the green light to play his game

JPROCK1:: Nope Brad.....just a baby face...he looks pretty lean this summer

Brad Burgess:: Coffey has improved...true.  Gage should have been a free safety!

trwyatt:: was k. williams at the stl camp?

Brad Burgess:: Ek is the fastest guy on the team and he can't get open?

Brad Burgess:: I'll be back in a bit...

Killer1:: I thought Bracey was the fastest?


Bocomo:: Thanks for the quick chat, 'till next time

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trwyatt:: any specific reason jp

JPROCK1:: The McCluer North kids never show....

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JPROCK1:: Wouldn`t read too much into it...yet

StuBlack:: JP, do you think the offensive line can/will improve? Seems like there was a yard sale in the backfield on every play last year.

JPROCK1:: The top dogs don`t really need to show and work out

Mizzouman:: its been awhile since we have had a crowd like this..

StuBlack:: It's great!

JPROCK1:: I think the Oline will improve...I like the overall talent

StuBlack:: I miss the chats.

Mizzouman:: well u know i always like to chat

JPROCK1:: Yeah, someone let me know when they are and i`ll try and show up

Killer1:: The Oline has to improve

MIZZOUNATION:: Will Pintola develop into a solid Tackle?

trwyatt:: mm do know of any big names coming into Q's elite camp

Killer1:: I hope the wider spacing allows our lineman to take advantage of their speed

JPROCK1:: I think so...I like the move to compete at left tackle

Mizzouman:: ummm yes i do trw.......but can't tell ya

Mizzouman:: sorry

JPROCK1:: Between him, Luellen and should be a battle

Killer1:: Did we move Riggs to the right side?

trwyatt:: talked to pintola one night in appleby's he seemed like a good dude

JPROCK1:: Yep...It`s Clinger backed by Riggs

trwyatt:: read where coach meyers coached the gordon kid from indy's dad

Killer1:: I wonder if that is faith in Pintola, or a lack of faith in Riggs

StuBlack:: I've heard that, too.

Brad Burgess:: tr, where did you read that?  It's true, but just curious

Killer1:: I read that also somewhere

MIZZOUNATION:: The best thing I like about Pintola is his absolute mean streak on the field. He just looks for anyone to wipe the field with

Brad Burgess:: Killer, I think Pintola is pretty decent.  Riggs is still an game experience.

StuBlack:: Brad, I read EBoss report the Gordon thing somewhere, too.

Killer1:: That is the answer I was hoping for Brad. 

trwyatt:: belive it or not tigerboard

Brad Burgess:: Interesting.

Killer1:: Tell me Pintola really might have potential

trwyatt:: it was bossi

Killer1:: It tells me, i mean

Brad Burgess:: I don't think that's something that the staff really wants out in general circulation, if you know what I mean?

Killer1:: sure

JPROCK1:: I think it shows faith in Clinger and the want for comp at LT

Brad Burgess:: We will be better up front, of that I am certain.

Brad Burgess:: At least on offense.

Brad Burgess::

Killer1:: I think we will have quality depth up front

trwyatt:: rated top 10 will be a tough get regardless

Killer1:: two deep every position

Brad Burgess:: DT is going to be a struggle all season, I have a feeling.

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Killer1:: Yeah, I meant on the Oline

Brad Burgess:: Hi Maniac

MizzouManiac:: howdy

Brad Burgess:: However, every other B12N team has their own concerns

Brad Burgess:: Most are more dramatic than are ours.

JPROCK1:: Yep, know it will since they are looking for ways to mask it

Brad Burgess:: Yep

Killer1:: Spoke with Mike Barbo a few weeks ago, Josh was up to 277'

Brad Burgess:: We will see new schemes designed to protect the DTs.

Brad Burgess:: Josh is going to be will just take time.

Killer1:: Mike said the same thing

Brad Burgess:: He's a BIG kid.

StuBlack:: Someone please tell me our special teams won't resemble on Monty Python skit this year....please?

Brad Burgess:: Killer...I think he's right.

Mizzouman:: trw...........unfortunatly we have no chance with the gordon kid

Mizzouman:: pipe dream.......end of story

MIZZOUNATION:: Gregory might just step on campus and steal a spot. He is a manchild

Killer1:: Everyone knows that the DT's main thing this year will be to clog and hold the gaps

TigerLloyd:: While will it take time for Josh?  Not to be naive but if he is fast, big and has a mean/aggresive streak, why won't he be good right away?

JPROCK1:: Josh looked alright in spring at DT

Brad Burgess:: Gregory is a BEAST.

Killer1:: There is alot of technique at DT

Brad Burgess:: Did you guys catch the photo I ran of him the recruiting issue?

Brad Burgess:: OMG!

MIZZOUNATION:: hell ya! how would you like to be that RB staring him down?

Brad Burgess::  It's not that easy.

StuBlack:: I think the hoops staff will just concentrate on midlevel kids, especially in 06 and 07. Gotta get back on our feet and do it with solid contributors.

Brad Burgess:: There are quite a few techniques they have to learn at DT.

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Killer1:: I think Gregory will need some time because of playing against such poor competition

Brad Burgess:: kidding! 

estiger:: Hey everybody!

Brad Burgess:: Killer, KG just took apart some of the Hazelwood linemen last summer in camps.

Brad Burgess:: Hi ES!

estiger:: What have I missed?

JPROCK1:: Gregory has the physical will be if he can make the big jump that`s involved from HS to college

Killer1:: Well, that is just a concern I have, nothing to base it on

Brad Burgess:: es, I'll post the transcript tonight.

estiger:: sounds good

Brad Burgess:: Killer, a valid concern.

JPROCK1: The Dline looks good two years from now...but can we wait

Killer1: JP, If we can stay healthy, we have some body's to throw in there

MIZZOUNATION: Deke: can he be the all-american LB by his senior year that we want him to be?

JPROCK1: In two years those will be talented bodies

estiger: Killer, is George Lane one of those bodies, or is he more of a bust?

(TigerLloyd left)

Killer1:: es, I'm not the one to ask, but I have heard from others there is some concern there

Killer1:: Not the proggression they had hope for

JPROCK1:: George being third string after spring tells u something

Brad Burgess:: chance in hell.

Killer1:: Really Brad, you think not

Brad Burgess:: Deke doesn't have the stuff

estiger:: Are either of the fall juco guys, Smith or Marshall, a candidate to be moved inside like Keith Wright was a few years ago?

Brad Burgess:: He's got a great body, but poor instincts and he doesn't like to hit.

Brad Burgess:: Bad combination for a LB

Killer1:: Horrible for a LB

Brad Burgess:: es...that's the hope!

JPROCK1:: I`d say Smith over Marshall.....Marshall was only around 240lbs

estiger:: BB, which one is more likely to be moved?

Brad Burgess:: We won't know for sure if that's a real possibility until camp.

Killer1:: ES, those two have a size issue.  I think DeMarcus Scott is one they are wishing for

Brad Burgess:: Smith

Killer1:: Isnt Scott on campus now?

Brad Burgess:: None of them are DT size

estiger:: Wasn't Demarcus third string at the end of the spring with George Lane?

Brad Burgess:: He was until George ate him.

estiger:: Is there any concern that either Smith or Marshall won't make it academically?

Killer1:: If none of these guys are big enough, we will be about 7 deep at DE

Brad Burgess:: es...none that I've heard.

Killer1:: And Clayborn is a DE

Brad Burgess:: Killer...yep...just like safety

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MIZZOUNATION:: is Jamar on campus now?

estiger:: BB, what is the "no chance in hell" with respect to Harrington?  I thought the word was that he had a decent spring at one of the linebacker spots

Brad Burgess:: He is supposed to be.  All of the JC guys are supposed to be there by now.

Brad Burgess:: Including Darnell

Brad Burgess:: es...there are somethings you can change about a player.

Brad Burgess:: You can make him stronger, faster, etc.

JPROCK1:: Kind of like the hoops team having 7 wing forwards, huh?s f

Brad Burgess:: You can't really improve his willingness to hit or his basic position on the field instincts.

Brad Burgess:: JP...exactly.

Killer1:: It's like vision for a running back

MIZZOUNATION:: It seems most players make the move by their RS Junior years if they ever do at all. So maybe he'll surprise us.

StuBlack:: And NONE Of them are proven scorers.

Killer1:: physical stats mean shit if you don't have vision

estiger:: BB who do you think the starting backers will be when we tee it up against ASU?

Brad Burgess:: Deke looks great getting off the bus.  The staff wants him to be the guy SOOOOOOO badly, they will talk him up every chance they get.

JPROCK1::  Right Stu

Brad Burgess:: Just a guess, but Deke, Ming and Bacon?

StuBlack:: I'm as big an optimist as there is...outside of Domo!...but how is this team going to score points next year?

Brad Burgess:: By doing something different!


MIZZOUNATION:: By shooting 35 threes per game

Brad Burgess:: Slash, draw fouls, shoot FTs and make them.

Brad Burgess:: That's their only hope.

StuBlack:: The problem is, we HAVE  the althletes to play a really fun style of ball.

Killer1:: Better shooting from three

Brad Burgess:: They also need to get Glen out there to be the shooter!

Killer1:: I think its all about T Gardner

Brad Burgess:: Will Quin let them do that, however?

Killer1:: He is supposed to be the sharp shooter

Brad Burgess:: eeek!

Killer1:: and he has the d

JPROCK1:: Sounds like the LB core,Brad....I wish Richard would step up

StuBlack:: Brown, Gardner and Horton can run...but WILL they?

Brad Burgess:: Avert your eyes!

Brad Burgess:: Hide the women and children!

Brad Burgess:: Reinforce the rims...!

Brad Burgess:: JP...what's your theory on D. Richard?

StuBlack:: I thought they had to loosen them, BB???


Mizzouman:: i know someone that could hurt the rims

MIZZOUNATION:: the defense will be LOADED with Juniors

Mizzouman:: haha

Brad Burgess:: :0

Killer1:: Would we get a rush out of it MM?

Brad Burgess:: How can he not be the class of that LB crew by now?  It's not like he has never played the position.

JPROCK1:: Hmmm... I would say that his heart hasn`t been 100% into the LB move so far

Brad Burgess:: As good an explanation as I've heard.

Killer1:: Yeah, I can understand why he would want to miss on the NFL

JPROCK1:: I seems  like part of him is still thinking about the 500 yards he ran for as a frosh

Brad Burgess:: Who are the offensive and defensive breakout players in football next for each?

StuBlack:: Patrick Surtain? Sorry...that's another discussion.

MIZZOUNATION:: yeah screw trying to mess around standing in line cashing tose million dollar checks

Killer1:: Sometimes I think team physicians should be doing brain transplants

Brad Burgess:: JP...he was a very effective tailback at MSU.  I saw some of those game recently on ESPN Classic.  He was a very credible back.

trwyatt:: offense franklin on d it willbe woodley

Brad Burgess:: Some of these guys need to be thrown into the lockers and woken up!

JPROCK1:: It washe same  in HS.. he didn`t show the love of playing LB..but in HS he was just so much more physically dominating, it

JPROCK1:: didn`t matter

Brad Burgess:: makes sense.

Brad Burgess:: He's blowing it...

Killer1:: He is blowing it

Brad Burgess:: TR, I like those choices as long as woodley gets enough plays.

JPROCK1:: Yes he was...and yes he is...someone needs to turn the switch on for him

Brad Burgess:: I think Temple is going to be scary at RB

Mizzouman:: hope they do....we need him

JPROCK1:: Offense Temple...Defense Williams

Killer1:: Anyone see Longest Yard?

StuBlack:: Do we have a punter yeat?

Brad Burgess:: I get excited every time I look at that cover on the front page with TT on it! 

Killer1:: Watching Nelly, I was thinking Touchdown Tony!!!!

JPROCK1:: Send me a copy,Brad

Brad Burgess:: I like Lo.  I wonder if Van Alexander emerges in 2005?

trwyatt:: tt has to clean up the fumbling problems

JPROCK1:: Temple is exciting to watch...

Brad Burgess:: JP...I'll hook you up when I get them myself!

JPROCK1:: I worry that Van`s injury could be a longterm problem

MIZZOUNATION:: i was watching the aTm spring game coverage, and they had Appel miked up.

MIZZOUNATION:: He is nowhere near in Simpson's league

MIZZOUNATION:: he whiffed on every tackle, looked lost, and wasn't very fast

JPROCK1:: I was soooo looking forward to his impact this spring

Brad Burgess:: Simpson is good.

Brad Burgess:: as well.

Brad Burgess:: He's young and he'll work his butt off to get back.

Killer1:: Is it just me, or does it look like we could have a really good defensive backfield this year?

Brad Burgess:: I agree Killer.

Killer1:: How long have we waited?

Killer1:: OMG

Brad Burgess:: Any defense that can keep William Moore on the bench has to be pretty darn good.

Brad Burgess:: Moore is going to be scary good.

JPROCK1:: Potentially, yes..very good

Killer1:: And Terrell isn't even there yet

Brad Burgess:: DT is another freak athlete.

Killer1:: It takes so long to stock the cupboards

Brad Burgess:: I'm not expecting huge things from him too soon, however.

Brad Burgess:: Give him time and he'll be a monster at safety.

JPROCK1:: Brad, you know that kid from West Lamar Brown reminds me of DT

Brad Burgess:: I hope the coaches don't stick him at CB

Brad Burgess::'re right.  Well muscled, cut...hungry looking!

Killer1:: Why Brad?

Brad Burgess:: I think he is a prototypical safety.

JPROCK1:: If they do, then the corners aren`t what we thought

Brad Burgess:: Who just happens to have CB speed.

Brad Burgess:: I want my safeties to fly around and blow people up.  CBs don't do that.

Killer1:: But if he can shutdown, with his size, he would be the CB we need

JPROCK1:: Killer, the last time DT played CB was as a senior and he  got lit up by Tommy Saunderst

Brad Burgess:: I don't think he's a shutdown corner...that's the thing.


JPROCK1:: DT`s future is at S or LB

Killer1:: Speaking of Saunders, ?

Killer1:: Wasn't he showing alot of potential?

Brad Burgess:: I like him at OLB if he grows any more!

JPROCK1:: Alright...I must run...Later All!

JPROCK1 left

Brad Burgess:: Saunders was one of the impact players from the spring.

Killer1:: Guess I should also

Killer1:: later all, thanks for having me

Brad Burgess:: I better run as well.  Thanks!!!

Killer1 left

StuBlack: Great to see everyone here tonight!

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