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Linas Kleiza decided to stay in the NBA draft, but early reports indicated that Brandon Rush had dropped out yesterday. Find out the latest thoughts and opinions from the Inside Mizzou community on the topic.

Brad Burgess:: Hi guyus

Brad Burgess:: guys

Mizzouman:: hey brad


Brad Burgess:: So Brandon's on his way to Columbia now?

Brad Burgess:: I figured Linas was gone no matter what, but Rush could have gone either way

Brad Burgess:: If Brandon did indeed pull out, that was a very smart move.


Toger:: Why did Linas wait on signing an agent?


Brad Burgess:: Great news

Toger:: I saw the fatal mistake comment.

Brad Burgess:: Toger...I don't understand much of what Linas does

MIZZOUNATION:: better link 


Brad Burgess:: Shavlik Randolph stayed in the draft????

Brad Burgess:: Holy smokes

Toger:: I honestly can not see Linas scoring much in the NBA.  He scored at MU because he was stronger than everyone.  I'm probably wrong but if he doens't develop and outside shot I think he's in trouble.

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Toger:: Did you see where Famutini stayed in the draft?  Heath was quite pissed about it.

Mizzouman:: can you give that link again....


Mizzouman:: thank you

Brad Burgess:: Olu had no business doing that

Brad Burgess:: Stupid.

Toger:: Olu didn't even make the lists of who stayed in the draft. 

Brad Burgess:: Andrew Bogut: Oh he's a bitch to play against. He's tough as hell. Someone you want on your team and someone you definitely don't want to play against. I think that if the Bucks took him and I, if we both have a chance to get drafted together then that would be an honor. He's got a big heart and he plays hard for 48 minutes. I remember when we played against Lithuania, his team wasn't the best in the final against us, but he just kept on fighting. They were down 30 and he just kept fighting. I think he shows great heart, and he's your typical European guy, he's really tough and hard nosed, loves to be physical and just wants to win. Playing with a guy like that would really be awesome.

Brad Burgess:: Kleiza = bitch?

Toger:: I really like Bogut.

MIZZOUNATION:: check out what the writer had to say about Kleiza... "Talented Lithuanian forward was once considered one of the top players in his age group before making the fatal mistake of committing to Missouri"

Brad Burgess:: Jonathan Givony: If we are talking about the Bucks, someone that there has been a little bit of buzz about is Linas Kleiza. They worked him out already and are supposedly interested in him if he keeps his name in. He's a guy that you played against in Greece in the World Junior Championships two summers ago. He and you were considered the two best players at that tournament.

Brad Burgess:: F him.

Brad Burgess:: Linas made plenty of mistakes, but coming to MU wasn't one of them.

Brad Burgess:: BJ and virson...are you here?

virson:: I'm in and out BB, doing stuff around the house

Mizzouman:: well rush made the right decision ......

Mizzouman:: once it is confirmed

Brad Burgess:: That link looks pretty solid

Brad Burgess:: I like Bogut too.  He didn't show well at the camps, but he's not a great athlete.  Big deal.  He's a very good player.

bj4mu:: Hey Brad!  In and out myself but I thought I'd keep the window open.  What's up? 

Mizzouman:: predictions........ where is rush going to go........

bj4mu:: My money's on Kareem!! 


MIZZOUNATION:: mmm...Big Mac

MIZZOUNATION:: North Carolina?

Mizzouman:: duke for academics???

Mizzouman:: hummmm

Mizzouman:: what do you think brad

bj4mu:: That was some funny shit, MM!!


Mizzouman:: i am on the phone now......trying to get ahold of an uncle

bj4mu:: Gentlemen, gonna go grad a brewski with my pa-in-law.  Will keep the window up for the latest.

bj4mu:: I might even "grab" one.  He he

Mizzouman:: haha

Mizzouman:: so is everyone else still on here

MIZZOUNATION:: off and on

Mizzouman:: good

Mizzouman:: so when i break the news maybe someone will be on

MIZZOUNATION:: i'll be here...

Mizzouman:: ok.....haha

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Mizzouman:: hey guys

WildIrishMizzou:: So Brush is still a possibility?

Mizzouman:: ummmm possibly yeah



WildIrishMizzou:: We need some good news.  I have a feeling football recruiting is really going to take a hit this season.

NAPERTIGER:: Hi everyone!

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MIZZOUNATION:: hello all

WildIrishMizzou:: hey

Fort80:: whats the news guys? Did BR really pull out of the draft?

WildIrishMizzou:: I think the audience is smaller than stated

Mizzouman:: looks like it

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Fort80:: what are our chances?

NAPERTIGER:: WIM I think if we win 7 or more we are ok,if less we take a hit.

WildIrishMizzou:: Naper, I think if we have to win 8.  We are already losing a lot of instate kids, and many of the upper tier won't wait.  If we start slow, we are dead in the water

NAPERTIGER:: WIM or Brad did camps result in any new offers for 05?

WildIrishMizzou:: And start slow, means we have to blow people away

WildIrishMizzou:: which I think we will have trouble doing early

Mizzouman:: decent

Mizzouman:: but he has to get by the ncaa first

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Fort80:: I think as much as anything people/recruits have to have a much better feeling about our offensive schemes.

WildIrishMizzou:: MM let's face it.  That, particularly AT Mizzou, won't be easy.

Fort80:: the clearinghouse?

Mizzouman:: yes

Mizzouman:: he has qualified but has to get by the clearinghouse

WildIrishMizzou:: Fort.  It's only a better feeling if it produces results

WildIrishMizzou:: Bill Cubitproduced good feelings.  Not wins

Fort80:: agreed.

MIZZOUNATION:: I think the kids like the staff well enough.

WildIrishMizzou:: Last year Pinkel was supposed to be pressing to have a breakthrough year.  I wonder how tight he is wound this offesaon?

WildIrishMizzou:: Let's face it.  It is do or die time for this staff.  And with so many variables that have to go right

WildIrishMizzou:: mm.. doesn't give me a good feeling

Mizzouman:: no

Mizzouman:: bc clean had a 3.95 gpa and got a 1150 sat and didn't pass him until he took his 5th test

Fort80:: MM....what do you know about Josh Love of Hill juco?

Mizzouman:: clean.....i meant glen

Mizzouman:: bc ncaa didn't want mizzou to get a good prep like player

Fort80:: also...anything new on Miles?

Mizzouman:: if they let us have brandon we would have a top 5-10 class and that would be tough for roy and others to swallow when we are on probation this year to STOP us from getting good recruits

Mizzouman:: miles will be ours if we want him

Fort80:: i thought we had already offered miles?

Mizzouman:: yes we have

Fort80:: what does the ncaa tell these kids when they reject a passing score???? Pick another school and we'll clear you?

Mizzouman:: not exactly but.....

Mizzouman:: close

Mizzouman:: just tell him their was soemthing wrong with one of his classes

Fort80:: MM i have heard that the Winnetonka kid looked good at the team camp

Fort80:: also heard the mu coaches are all over tyler griffey

WildIrishMizzou:: They should be all over tyler

NAPERTIGER:: WIM hard to think things could be as bad as last year!I think our talent  level is better except at dt,than last year.

Fort80:: i am a little concerned with our small rb's on offense.

Mizzouman:: we are fine in bball if we can win this year

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Mizzouman:: just wait and see

JPROCK1:: Hey Mizzouman

JPROCK1:: See what?

Mizzouman:: hey JP

Mizzouman:: the bball team in a few years

JPROCK1:: You don`t have to tell me...but what is the subject?

MIZZOUNATION:: DT is a position that you can most easily cover up a talent deficiency

Fort80:: JP....what are your thoughts on us not offering Zach Kendall? THink it was a mistake?

JPROCK1:: Oh yeah, the froncourt at least should have the horses

NAPERTIGER:: Hey JP!Any new offers out of camps?

JPROCK1:: No, not yet anyway...Zach was a kid that they wanted to evaluate at camp like a few others...I get the impression this offended him

Mizzouman:: i am talking the backcourt my friend......wait about 24 months

MIZZOUNATION:: mm...if we can find someone to step up to Conley's intensity, we'll be fine i think

Fort80:: I guess the ? is can we afford to wait 24 months?

JPROCK1:: Not yet Naper.... most likely before the season is Derek Hall...they liked him in KC

Mizzouman:: not if we don't win this year

Fort80:: JP...what does your gut tell you about our chances with logan gray?

JPROCK1:: 'Ohhh, well 24 months...unless meltdown occurs

Mizzouman:: we have so kids that are ours after this season

JPROCK1:: Hard to read...likes the staff, but he is working towards a big time situation....and it`s paying off for him...

Fort80:: when exactly can our coaches recruit off campus again?

Mizzouman:: nov

Mizzouman:: they don't need 2

Mizzouman:: this staff is good

Mizzouman:: hahaha

Mizzouman:: they can't wait to get out there

MIZZOUNATION:: be modest now lol

Mizzouman:: j.k of course

NAPERTIGER:: JP how do the tigers rate with the remaing instate bigtimers?

Fort80:: are there any legs to the rumor that knollmeyer will go to prep school for a year? THat sounds pretty good to me..

JPROCK1:: Zach Kendall reminds me of a bigger version of Bart Coslet...big athlete that can run, but hasn`t shown it all on the field yet

Fort80:: i just like kids that can play dt

Fort80:: hard to find

JPROCK1:: I`d say pretty good still with about 50% of them

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JPROCK1:: Talked with Adrian Clayborn on Sat at the DJ all star game...Keith Williams was there ,too

Fort80:: does tyler griffey compare with hansbrough at the same age?

MIZZOUNATION:: JP, do you think 8-10 in-stater's this year would be an accurate number?

NAPERTIGER:: With the right 50% I could take that,what did Williams have to say?

JPROCK1:: Griffey is further ahead...bigger, smoother and a little better skills at Hansbrough`s frosh year..I didn`t see TH as a 8th grader

JPROCK1:: Sounds about right...A LOT depends on how the year goes

JPROCK1:: Mizzou coaches really love Griffey BTW incase Mizzouman hasn`t told you yet 

Fort80:: just hope his dad isn't a ku or illini alumn or something like that...!!

JPROCK1:: Griffey has been at camp with Lafayette this past

NAPERTIGER:: JP what are the Tigers chances with Kieth Williams?

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MIZZOUNATION:: We'll just set his dad up with a cushy job in north carolina then

JPROCK1:: Nope, the Dad seems to be pretty open ..I imagine it is hard to get use to having such a phenom as a kid...EVERYBODY suddenly wants to be your pal

JPROCK1:: That`s what I am seeing a lot of so far

JPROCK1:: lol Nation

JPROCK1:: Hard to read, Naper...McCluer North kids are alweays hard to read, but as of now Mizzou is in the mix

TigerLloyd:: Has there been any scoop on BR tonight in the chat room?

Fort80:: jp...have u seen kony ealey play? i think he is a year behind griffey..

JPROCK1:: Coach Shottmueller trys to keep the recruiting stuff away from his kids for as long as possible

JPROCK1:: Oh yeah...I have seen Kony...if he continues to grow and devolp, it will be Tyler Hansbrough who in SEMO area in a few years

JPROCK1:: Kony will just be an 8th grader down in New Madrid

Fort80:: thats what i've heard but i haven't seen him yet

Fort80:: how tall is he now?

JPROCK1:: Big kid, really put together...looks like he is playing with his children

JPROCK1:: about 6`4"- 6`5"

Fort80:: wonder if he plays football :-)

JPROCK1:: and can handle it and shoot the three pretty you can imagine he dominates inside and always drwas double,triple teams

Mizzouman:: nice

JPROCK1:: the thought crosses my mind I do believe he does or will


JPROCK1:: Yeah, if Coach McFerren could play him this year I think he would

JPROCK1:: Lots of nice talent across the state in coming years


Mizzouman:: good to hear JP

JPROCK1:: Besides Griffey, Lafayette has another 6`7" kid and a 6`4" frosh coming in as well

Fort80:: I know travis releford has a younger bro who will be a frosh

Fort80:: trevorf

Fort80:: trevor

JPROCK1:: Yep, Trevor

JPROCK1:: KC area had some good freshman this past year

Fort80:: also heard about a frosh to be named trey levoroni from webb city

Fort80:: havent' seen him


JPROCK1:: Yep, there is another frosh down there that plays INSWMO named Hastings that is playing well for a young Gateway AAU team

Fort80:: what school?

JPROCK1:: Chris Hastings is the name I the basketball is all over...oh yeah, another kid who will either be a 8th or frosh in Mexico

Fort80:: i've heard lees summit west has some very nice underclassmen coming in a couple of years

JPROCK1:: I`m drawing a blank...I`ll get back to you on it..I think it`s...Nixa perhaps

Fort80:: plus mike sandbothe has a son i've head is a good sized kid and may be a prospect in the lees summit district

JPROCK1:: Yeah, i`m waiting to see Sundvold`s boy play eventually


JPROCK1:: It`s about time some of these former Tigers produce some talented offspring

Fort80:: amen

Fort80:: i guess larry drew has a son that is a player?

JPROCK1:: Not sure

JPROCK1:: BTW.. Criswell and Thomas looked nice Sat night

JPROCK1:: Ok..gotta run...later Fort, Mizzouman

Mizzouman:: later

Fort80:: later jp

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Mizzouman:: drew has a nice kid

Fort80:: what class?

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jmasixx6:: hey guys any good news?

Mizzouman:: we shall see

jmasixx6:: isure hope so

Mizzouman:: me tooo

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jmasixx6:: did they both pullout?

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Stlweir:: Hi all!

Stlweir:: Anything new in the FB or BB recruiting front?

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Mizzouman:: soon guys......soon

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Killer1:: hell all

Killer1:: hello

Stlweir:: MM, it appears B Rush has no interest in  getting an education. Even if he comes how doies he stay in school?

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Mizzouman:: i would say 2 years

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Mizzouman:: hey dre

Mizzouman:: brad should be back soon

drecar:: Anyone here

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Mizzouman:: a few off and on

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Mizzouman:: long time no speak dre......

Mizzouman:: how have things been

drecar:: So you here Rush dropped out?  didn't think a highschool kid had to,   I thought they could stay in like baseball

drecar:: hear not here

Mizzouman:: yeah i am hearing that he dropped out

Mizzouman:: he is looking college and then juco if he can't get qualified

Mizzouman:: so Q should get on the phone

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drecar:: Why would rRush have t to if he didn't have too?

Mizzouman:: he had to......unless he didn't get drafted

Mizzouman:: you staff in......ur in

Mizzouman:: college is done


drecar:: I don't think so, they changed the rules for highschool kids I think

Mizzouman:: but its the money....

drecar:: I may be wrong but I think they let them seewhere he will go

Mizzouman:: he would be the property of the team that picked him up in the bottom of the second round with no guaranteed contract

Mizzouman:: where do u think rush will go if he indeed pulled out..

drecar:: Only if hestayed just one year in college

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drecar:: I thought MU a while ago but might be OSU or OU

Mizzouman:: yeah i know

Mizzouman:: ou ....and not having to go to class is enticing to him

Mizzouman:: it will all depend on kareem

Mizzouman:: bc brandon really doesn't like following his brothers in anything they do

MIZZOUNATION:: its a good thing he didn't try the draft then

Mizzouman:: it will either be ou or mu

drecar:: They had a story about OhiO STATE on  Real Sports about their bball team boy you talk about dirty.  Made our stafff look like choir boys


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