Good fortunes await Tigers in Week 6?

Mizzou travels to Okie State and our guru has the inside line on the game...for your entertainment purposes only, of course.

Well, a decent week on the wagers last week. We were 5-5 against the spreads from Vegas and we are 27-24 on the year ATS. We were 6-3 picking winners and that leaves us at 43-15 on the year.

As I have mentioned for the past couple weeks, this weekend MizzouRah will be at the Venetian Sportsbook in Las Vegas, NV. If you will be around look for the guy wearing the Missouri gear. Sadly MU is not going to be on TV this weekend so I will have to run to the room periodically to listen to Sirius radio.

I am listing these games from the games I am most confident about (will wager the most) to least confident about (probably won't touch), so any great pro picks or concerns about games I will wager on will be appreciated. I am thinking about betting on the Redskins on Sunday but I stink at betting the NFL.

GAMES WE MAY BET THE FARM ON (Not really if my family is reading this!)

MIZZOU (-6) at Oklahoma State - There are several folks that are ready to write off our MU players and coaching staff based off of the Texas game. Clearly the Tigers made a fair number of mental errors, I maintain that if we (and to be fair most of these errors were on Brad Smith) didn't have any turnovers we could have been winning the Texas game at the half. I seriously doubt we have the line play to win that game but I suppose you never know when you get a lead well into the game. Let's not forget that MU had two early TD drives of 80 yards or more against an excellent defense. I still say this team will move the ball and score against everyone on the rest of the schedule. In other words I am more optimistic than most about the rest of the year for the Tigers.

All that having been said, this is a must win game for the Tigers. It appears that OSU may be the worst team in the Big XII this year. MU won a thriller in Stillwater 4 years ago (I was there) and with OSU's troubles scoring even against Arkansas State and Montana State this one should be easy money. If we lose this game I will admit I was wrong about the Tigers this year. I think the general attitude of Tiger fans right now is one that is way too quick to give up on this team. I still think we will have a good year.

Pick MU they win 34-10

OU vs. Texas (-13.5) - I was very impressed with the talent that UT has. They are very good on both lines and at the skill positions on offense. I don't think OU's running game and O line can get much done here. The first quarter of the OU/KSU game was very ugly football. OU is not close to UT talent wise this year, UT dominates the line play and the game.

Pick Texas 45-14

Games I may bet my plane tickets on...

Kansas (+6.5) at KSU - KU does have a very good defense. KSU is going to feel a lot of pressure to return to their winning ways after last year's loss. KSU looked very disorganized on offense on Saturday, playing at home should alleviate some of those problems and I wish this line would go back up a bit but I think points will be hard to come by here.

Pick KU they lose 21-20

Texas A&M (+3.5) at Colorado - I know that A&M really struggled with an improved Baylor team and CU is getting respect based on their blowout of OSU. I just think OSU is that bad and that CU will have a hard time scoring a lot of points in this one.

I'll take A&M to win outright 27-20

Games I may bet lunch money on...

Baylor (+9.5) at Iowa State - I think the Big XII North will be competitive with the South this year if we are not playing Texas. ISU struggled on offense on Saturday and Baylor may have a better D then we have been giving them credit for. I've gotta think a team that whipped Iowa at home and was in a game that could go either way in Lincoln can get it done here.

Pick ISU 31-14

Texas Tech (-4.5) at Nebraska - A very good win for the Huskers on Saturday. Both offenses had trouble scoring points but the offense does appear to be showing significant improvement. As I said I don't think the ISU D is all that bad. Texas Tech did not put up the kind of numbers they did against KU and this will be the first road test for Mr. Hodges. Tech playing all cupcakes can't be overstated as this will be a totally different test for them. This game could be a 21 point Tech victory or more as it was last year but at this point I am far from convinced Tech can win on the road. This is not a game I want to bet because those 4.5 poitns are worthless. I'll be shocked if Tech wins and does not cover.

I'll take Nebraska outright to win 27-21

Other games...

I like Illinois (+5) to upset Indiana.

LSU (-15) will destroy Vanderbilt in a game I really like this week and plan on wagering on.

Minnesota (+7.5) keeps it closer than 7 but loses to Michigan. It's tough with the Gophers as they don't respond to losses particularly well but I think the running game keeps it close.

Good luck to your team!

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