Picks for this weekend

Well, despite our over exuberance about the home team last week we did a good job picking against the spread and straight up. We were 8-4 against the boys from Vegas as well as 8-4 picking winners straight up.

That leaves us at 74-27 straight up and 50-46 against the spread on the year. Not too bad but we want to improve so on to this week's games!

MIZZOU (+11.5) at Colorado - I have determined that the MU fan base by and large may be a bit bipolar. One week we are headed to a 10-1 season, then lose to New Mexico and we'll go 3-8. One week we are Big XII North Champs and the next (albeit after a terrible performance at KU) we aren't going to win another game. Here's the deal, this team has an opportunity few MU teams have had in recent years against a good CU team, but one that is entirely beatable. CU will use the KU/ISU model and give MU a lot of zone coverages and dare Smith to win with pinpoint accuracy. I think with better use of the Woods/Temple/Jackson combo we can neutralize this. CU has excellent linebackers but KU had very strong linebackers and D line play. I think the MU O line will improve enough this week to give much better opportunities for Brad to run and throw successfully. I recognize that in game adjustments are not the strong suit of our coaching staff but I do believe they can adjust after a poor performance as they did the last time we went to KU and lost.

Frankly, I've just had it with all these negative views on the team everytime something goes wrong. If MU can't go at least 7-4 there will be PLENTY of opportunities for folks to complain. I prefer to focus on what is still possible.

I'm staying positive here and yeah being a homer and I don't care how much grief I catch for it. When I get sick of hearing repeated negativity I turn off sports radio and listen to the greatest writer of my lifetime. Here's what cheers me up.

"The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance powerdrive.

Everybody's out on the run tonight and there's no place left to hide....

Someday girl, I don't know when we're going to get to that place where we really wanna go and then walk in the sun. But till then tramps like us.. Baby we were born to run...."

This is our year! I believe this is the most talented team in the north despite last week's disaster (and KU played very well). Maybe we don't win this but I think this spread is out of line. I'm worried about losing this on a 60 yard FG or something, those special teams are tough to overcome but Crossett is playing well. If we don't at least take this game to the last five minutes, I may be the one accused of being bipolar.

MIZZOU is the pick here 31-27

KSU (+7.5) at Iowa State - I really think KSU continues to play hard. That was an awful way to lose to the Buffs though. At some point any young team is going to get a bit demoralized and I don't think they are catching ISU at a good time. This is a tough call but ISU looked outstanding last week and I think they keep up the good performances.

Pick ISU 31-21

Nebraska (-1) at Kansas - Kansas finally had enough sense to go to a relatively low risk philosophy on offense. I suspect they continue to do this to try and get their first win against Nebraska since LBJ was in office. They played a great game on Saturday and benefited from a good matchup and they got Brad out of rhythm early and then his throws weren't so good. I don't think they can do that to Taylor. The KU D is very good and they will have some success but this week the O will have to win the game. I don't see that happening.

Pick Nebraska 17-6

Texas A&M (+16) at Texas Tech - I'm guessing A&M loses all the rest of their games and sits at home in December, won't that be a disappointment for the Aggie fans. ISU passed at will agasinst these guys. I'm guessing Tech does as well.

Pick Tech they win 55-21

Texas (-28.5) at Baylor - Boy, does Baylor play hard and it's obviousl now they have a pretty good D. Texas finally didn't cover for once last week and they are catching grief for that exceptional second half performance. That's not good for Baylor. THey are too limited offensively to keep this competitive but they will be a tough test in Columbia next week.

Pick Texas 52-17

Other games

I like the Friday night game Louisville (-19) destroys Pitt.

Hate to go against the Hogs (-4.5) but they lose to a South Carolina team that showed tremendous poise in Knoxville.

Speaking of Tennessee (+8.5) they get destroyed by Notre Dame as their downward spiral continues. I don't care who calls their plays.

I'll take Troy (-3) to cover over FAU.

I also like Vandy (+19.5) to keep the Florida game close but they lose.

Miami (+6.5) beats Va Tech outright and shuts up the cry babies at ESPN about Va Tech.

Good luck to your team!

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