The Swami Sees All

You know, it's weeks like last week that 'Rah wishes he was still gambling for the big bucks!

The Tigers had a very disappointing loss and the dollars rolling in would have eased some of that pain. Despite taking the home team we were a very impressive 9-2 against the spread and 9-2 straight up. This is the real deal folks, I'm not like one of those Vegas liars that go perfect every week (according to their ads!). We are now 83-29 picking winners and 59-48 vs. the Vegas Spread. Let's try to keep this up this week as there are some intriguing games. Lines from the Tuesday KC Star as always.

Baylor (+8.5) at MIZZOU - Tough games to pick this week in some cases, do you go with the more talented team or the team with more motivation? Actually MU should be just as motivated as Baylor since it is Senior Day and they have what I have calculated as about a 1 in 50 shot at winning the Big XII North (3 way tie with CU and ISU would do it), and of course MU can lock up a bowl bid which, sadly hasn't happened all that often for the Tigers. Baylor has put up a whopping 0 points in their last two games so this one looks obvious, right? I dunno, while I think the score last week was somewhat misleading (some awful PI calls and personal fouls giftwrapped at least 14 points to the Buffs) both lines looked very poor at times. I really hope MU can put together the type of performance they are capable of on Senior Day but I fear this one will be tight. By the way folks, there's really no excuse not to attend this game, I know many folks are upset with the coach but this group of Seniors and yeah, especially Brad Smith deserve your support.

Pick Baylor, MU pulls this one out 28-23

Kansas State (+5.5) at Nebraska - If you'd have asked me to bet this game about four weeks ago I'd have been all over the Huskers. But you know how worried I am about the MU line play? They were far superior to Nebraska. I know, KU is getting better but I'm not sure they put 400+ yards up on Appliachain State. That's inexcusable. KSU has looked bad on the road pretty much all year, but I still sense they are putting forth a solid effort but making way too many errors. I have no idea what the problems are in Lincoln at this point, that QB alone should have kept the KU game close at least but NEBRASKA right now has zero ability to run the football. Unbelievable. I think Nebraska is the better team but I'm guessing KSU wants it more. This would not be good for the Tigers as KSU's motivation for the MU game would increase dramatically with a win.

Pick KSU 24-20

CU (-2.5) at Iowa State - With the return of Stevie Hicks, Iowa State continues to look impressive. These last two week's ISU has looked like the best team in the North in blowing out A&M and KSU. The Buffs blew out A&M as well but haven't been overly impressive on the road. Klatt is making far better decisions this year and has much better protection from that offensive line but from what I have seen ISU is the better team and they are at home. Now, before Hicks returned ISU probably wasn't the better team but they are rolling on offense. Looks like the wrong team is favored to me.

ISU is the pick 28-20

Texas Tech (-24) at OSU - This line has jumped three points since it came out, I wonder why? Oh yeah, OSU can't stop anyone on defense.

Pick Texas Tech 63-13

Kansas (+34.5) at Texas - It really is funny listening to some of the homers on KC radio talk about KU like they have a chance in this game. They don't. Also the so called revival of Kansas football is a mirage, a great majority of the defensive talent is graduating and odds are they are going to have another losing year which I believe will make ten in a row. (6-7 a couple years ago is still a losing year if you are wondering) That being said, they are improved this year and good enough on defense that this line is a bit high. I'd like KU a lot but Mangino's comments from last year have UT wanting a blowout.

I'll take Kansas here they lose 38-10

A&M (+13) at Oklahoma - OU fans are now talking about how things could have turned out with a better schedule. Sorry but you still have to beat TCU at home, then we'd excuse the UCLA loss. They are running the ball well now and are at least a solid team. I can't read A&M at all and I think they continue to lose this week but they do have enough talent to make this line scary.

A&M is the pick they lose 28-17

Other games

Arkansas (+1) is far more talented then Ole Miss and they keep Nutt from getting fired in the middle of the season with a win.

Purdue (-22.5) continues to pour dirt on Illinois and blows them out (covers).

I like Arkansas State (-3) over Troy State as I think they are slightly better and at home.

Tennessee (-19.5) can't cover against Memphis, these guys can barely score 21, so this line is too high.

Good luck to your team!

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