Top 10 Offensive Players in the State

Okay recruitniks, here is your first taste of the analysis of the top 10 offensive players in the state of Missouri from the foremost authority on the subject: Danny Heitert. Enjoy!

1. Tony Temple, Rockhurst RB, Jr., 5-9, 185 lbs., 4.4 Suffered some minor injuries and tended to outrun his blocking last season as a sophomore.  However, when Temple is right, he is a dynamic runner with incredible stop-start and cutting abilities.  Tony has a great burst.  He rushed for 1,205 yards and 17 TDs, while averaging 9.4 yards per carry.  Temple even threw for a TD against Jefferson City.
2. Laurence Maroney, Normandy RB, Sr., 6-0, 193 lbs., 4.5- Talented tailback with fine speed, shake-n-bake, and cutting ability.  Keeps getting bigger, stronger, and faster.  Last spring, Maroney rant the 100 meters in 10.6 and the 200 meters in 22.1.  Laurence need to improve his game when the ball is not in his hands.  He seems disinterested in blocking or play-faking.  Rushed for 1,402 yards and an 8.5 yards per carry average on a 3-7 team in the tough Suburban North Conference.  Already has received offers from Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin.
3. Anton Campbell, Ft. Zumwalt West RB, Sr., 6-0, 183 lbs., 4.5 Running back with speed and great balance.  Campbell is an intelligent runner with patience and vision.  He rushed for 1,540 yards on 156 carries (9.9 avg.).  Seven of his eighteen TDs covered over 50 yards, with the longest being 95 yards.  Anton is a fine ball blocker and competes on every down with or without the ball.  Vertical jump of 34".  Already has been offered by Missouri, Illinois and Northern Illinois.
4. Jamel Cooper, Hazelwood East TE, Sr. 6-4, 215 lbs., 4.6 Agile, athletic and fast tight end from the 5-A state finalist last season.  Jamel is a quick and tenacious blocker but needs more strength.  He consistently makes the tough block against defenders out in open space.  Cooper can get deep instantly and catches everything.  Already has offers from Missouri, Michigan State, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.
5. Will Paul, Parkway West TE-FB, Sr. 6-4, 254 lbs., 4.59 Scheduled to play primarily fullback this season, This creates an all Division 1A backfield along with teammate Will Meyer.  Paul is a lean machine who does not appear nearly as big as his  listed weight.  Will plays more quick than fast and appears to be a very good, but not great, athlete.  If he plays offense in college, it will likely be at TE.  He is a very solid blocker with dependable hands.  Already has offers from Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, KSU, Iowa, Wisconsin, Vandy, Arkansas, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, ISU, Clemson, LSU and Georgia Tech.
6. Terry Washington, Cleveland Naval Junior ROTC RB, Sr. 5-11, 180 lbs., 4.5 Magical runner with the ball in his hands.  Washington is more quick than fast, but will create separation from defenders.  Catches the ball very well.  Terry is not a power runner but does demonstrate fine lower body strength after contact.
7. Tyler Luellen, South Harrison OT, Sr. 6-7, 275 lbs., 5.2 Dominant small school lineman who has only competed against 1-A opponents until this season.  Four year starter. Luellen demonstrates quickness and agility.  He continues to get bigger and stronger.  Tyler has his bench up to 320 lbs., but needs more lower body strength.  Tore his ACL seven games into last basketball season, but had reconstructive surgery and returned to win the state title in discuss this last spring.  Has thrown the disc over 167'.  He has already been offered by Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas and Okie State.
8. Darnell Terrell, Eureka RB, Sr. 6-3, 193 lbs., 4.5- Terrific athlete who gained 934 yards on 123 carries last season as a one-dimensional hammer in a north-south power-I offense.  Darnell rarely got to show off his open-field skills.  He can really catch the ball well.  Terrell was the second best kickoff returner STC Grid Reports saw in the state last season.  Has unlimited potential.  Committed to Missouri last January.
9. Dossie Jennings, St. Louis University High QB, Sr. 6-0, 173 lbs., 4.6- Jennings might have to switch positions in college but is a terrific high school QB.  Dossie throws with a tight, compact delivery and always delivers the ball on time.  He buys time with his feet.  Excellent on bootlegs.  Fairly advanced at reading coverages.
10. Martin Rucker, St. Joseph-Benton TE, Sr. 6-5, 205 lbs., 4.7 Tall, lean, but athletic TE.  Rucker catches everything he can get a finger on.  Tries to block with technique but needs a lot of overall body strength.  Genetics and size potential are excellent.  Martin's older brother was former Nebraska All-American defensive end, Mike Rucker.  Missouri has already offered.

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