Anderson Ready to Roll!

Despite the chaos and confusion that existed in Columbia on Sunday, new head coach Mike Anderson sounded like a man on a mission. Tiger fans, get ready for some fun basketball!

Tension. Who didn't feel the tension in the Mizzou Arena on Sunday as Mike Anderson, Brady Deaton and Mike Alden approached the stage? After all, the future of Alden had been discussed by the Board of Curators only a moments prior to the announcement for Anderson as Mizzou's newest basketball coach.

After Deaton and Alden reiterated their criteria for selecting a new coach, and praised Anderson for his accomplishments and character, Tiger fans got their first look at the face of the program.

Mike Anderson was nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Anderson donned his new Missouri cap and talked about his love for the game, and his love for winning basketball.

In Anderson, what you see is what you get. He's a enthusiastic ambassador of the game, and he is anxious to get things rolling in Columbia.

This should translate extremely well to Missouri's existing players, as well as the incoming recruiting class.

Anderson style was light, breezy and effortless. He was clearly excited to be at Missouri.

While members of the media focused their questions on the Alden controversy, Anderson showed that he was adept at avoiding media traps and came across confidently.

Anderson also did an excellent job of tipping his hat to Missouri's basketball tradition. Several times, he expressed his admiration for Norm Stewart, Anthony Peeler, Doug Smith and several other Missouri greats from the past. It appears that Coach Anderson is already on his way to becoming a unifying force at the University of Missouri. welcomes Coach Mike Anderson and hopes that he has a long, successful run at Missouri. Go Tigers!

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