August 10th Practice Report

Now that everybody was back in camp, the Tigers were fiesty and ready for some contact. Several fights broke out, and the usual rust was there that needed to be shaken off. Clearly, the Tigers were ready to get down to business.

August 10, 2nd PRACTICE REPORT, 3:45 – 6:05 pm. 

Weather condition: Hazy skies, warm with a stiff breeze.  Good football weather.

Attire: Shells and Shorts




Three matches in the afternoon:

  • The first pitted Earl Stephens #81 against #11. Basically a facemask pulling incident with a few head slaps to go around.
  • The second was the clash of the titans: Attiyah Ellison and Rob Droege.  I missed the initial hit, but I saw Ellison take a LARGE swing.  What, if anything, he hit was indiscernible in the mess of players.
  • I couldn't make out the combatants in the third bout.



  • LB Henry Sweat was wearing a red jersey and a knee brace.  No contact.
  • Morris was a little gimpy (lower leg below the knee) halfway through practice, but was running hard later.
  • Gary Anthony dished out a hit, and walked off under his own power late in the practice, but looked a little disoriented.
  • Brad Smith twisted his wrist on a scramble late in practice.



SMITH and FARMER, Both seem to be heating up, and in my opinion FARMER had the better of today's final practice.  He looks to have put on a little weight, mainly muscle.  His throws were crisp, and most of the time on target.  Both threw interceptions -sometimes it was their fault and sometimes it wasn't.  During a drill late in practice, the QB's and WR's went down into the end zone.  The QB stood about 5 feet in front of the back line, while the WR stood on the other side, about 5 feet behind the back line, and the quarterbacks had to throw the ball through the goal posts.  Farmer shined in this drill, with Riccio just behind.  Smith looked to be having a bad day.




  • All around, this team is much more physical than any MU team I have seen the past three years. 
  • Even without padded pants on today, this team hit A LOT.  I got the feeling it was the end of two-a-days rather than the beginning.  Toward the end of two-a-days, people get tired and want to hit.  This team wasn't tired, but they certainly were ready to hit someone.
  • The only off-sides I saw all day, was DQ (DeQuincy Howard). The level of discipline and control is noticeably different from the Larry Smith camps...VERY different.
  • Considering he is such a physical specimen in many other ways, I think I found Lockhart's flaw today.  Lineman went through a dummy drill where they have to move laterally and push the dummy in front of them.  He struggled keeping his feet moving side to side.  Not to say he won't improve, as he looked VERY apprehensive early in practice.
  • Howard Brown displayed some quick feet.
  • Earl Stephens looks good.  Athletic, runs well (not like DQ, but still pretty good), catches the ball so-so, and did okay blocking.
  • Roberson LOOKS very quick.  Maybe, Maybe a half-step slower than Mario Whitney.  They both look pretty good.  Roberson looks much more comfortable in this offense (as he should).



  • TE J. D. McCoy had a nice catch and run down the sidelines.
  • 12-Gage made a beautiful catch, turn, and run up the sidelines with a DB all over him for a TD.
  • RB Jonathon Howard had a nice catch in the flat, turned it inside and juked Mau and one backer out of their jocks.
  • WR Darius Outlaw nice catch across the middle.
  • WR Tay Jackson had a nice catch.
  • TE DeQuincy Howard also had a nice catch.
  • TE's Clint Mathews and Earl Stephens both dropped balls off of their fingertips...if you touch it, you can catch it.
  • RB TJ Leon fumbled once.



  • RJ Jones INT on a bang, bang play near the sidelines.  Big hit from TE Clint Mathews and still held onto the ball.
  • LB Sean Doyle INT off of Riccio.
  • WR Omboga and Coach Hill got into a verbal argument over his route running. Omboga had the first drop of practice in which a ball hit the receiver square in the hands.  Other drops, few and far between, had been off fingertips.
  • LB Orlando "Doc" Gooden tagged TE Stephens after a catch and separated the ball from the receiver.QB Riccio intercepted, but play probably would have come back as pass interference. The backer hit the receiver, while the safety stepped up and took the reception.  On the next play, Riccio threw a strike to WR Shirdonya Mitchell across the middle for a TD.
  • OS Gary Anhtony dropped a certain INT.
  • Coaches all over Mau in pass coverage drills.


QUICK HITS FROM OPENING DRILLS: Coaching staff were heard...


  • Reminding Doc (Orlando Gooden) to run with his eyes up.
  • Reminding Brian Smith to wrap up.
  • Reminding Emmitt Morris to hit lower.
  • Reminding Derrick Ming to keep his eyes up.
  • Reminding Ming to wrap up.




1st Unit Offense

Brad Smith

Zach Abron

Marcus James

Thomson Omboga

Justin Gage

J. D. McCoy


2nd Unit Offense

Kirk Farmer

Chad Giffen

Sean Coffey

Shirdonya Mitchell

Chris Crosby

Ben Fredrickson


3rd Unit Offense

Sonny Riccio

Ty Roberson

Tay Jackson

Arnold Britt

Darren Baldwin

Clint Mathews


4th Unit Offense

Josh Hibbetts

Mario Whitney

Darius Outlaw

37 – walk on

48 – walk on

Earl Stephens


Note: Brandon Coleman and David Overstreet then rotated into the QB mix, so every QB played with a different set of players.

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