Football Recruiting Chat Transcript

Sunday Night Midland Recruiting Manager Greg Powers stopped by the chat room to discuss some of the hot points surrounding the Tiger's 2008 efforts. Here is a transcript of the chat exclusively for Inside Mizzou premium members.

Next person to commit???

Greg Powers- I think the next to commit may indeed be Hanson.That would be huge. They have made him a priority even when Gabbert was on the board, so I think that is huge.

JeffErmann- Hanson likes them a lot

How bad did Gabbert going to Neb. Hurt?

GPowers- It hurt in the fact that he may have been college ready from day one and he was the top player in Missouri. If they get a player like Hanson it will soften the blow.

How are we looking for Hanson?

GPowers- I think they are in a good position for Hanson. I would worry about him coming so far away from home if he was not originally from the area. I think it will come down to UNC and Mizzou. UNC is no slouch at the recruiting game.

Greg, know much on Wilson?

GPowers- Tyler Wilson is a realistic possibility as well. He is serious about baseball, but does not have the same level of interest there as he does at QB. He has a nice arm, but is not as mobile as some of the other guys they were recruiting. He is more of a drop back and chuck it type of player. Sometimes he looks out of this world good, and sometimes he does not. I think that shows us his potential and upside are amazing.

I know it's early, but any contact with Dalton of Blue Springs?

GPowers- Dalton is going to be a major prospect. There has already been some contact and Dalton knows he is a priority. Gabbert going to NE may have actually helped with Dalton. I know they were monitoring that very closely.

Jeff Ermann- I think the staff may have offered Dalton or promised to, but doesn't want it out there yet because they don't want to scare off 08 QB's.

GPowers- Jeff you may be on to something there....

Greg, what do you think of the class so far?

GPowers- I like the class. Obviously, I love Andrew Jones game, and I am very high on Burge as well. It is not every day that you see a DT play as consistently good as Burge.

How about running back - are we looking to stock up on more of these? I think we should…

GPowers- Derrick Washington will be a player. I think they will be looking at some guys. Gahn can pay some RB. They would be fired up to land a guy like LaMichael James or Lester Ward as well. Two very exciting players that seem to be getting the "love."

JeffErmann- Drew Temple is a good possibility

Greg - do you hear anything about Missouri being active in Oklahoma or Tennessee?

GPowers- I am a little surprised about OKlahoma not being recruited more heavily. I think they will only come in on a sleeper or camp star because it makes much more sense to use your time on the heavily populated metro areas. Most specifically in Texas.

Have you seen film on this Kip Edwards kid?

GPowers- I have seen Kip in person a few times. He is a player. His intangibles are high. He will need some work on the technical side of the game, but there is a lot to work with.

How about Josh Williams, DE

GPowers- Williams seems to like Nebraska a lot, and Okie St. has really come on strong for some of these guys in Texas

Brandon Kirksey - is this a low percentage possibility?

GPowers- I do not see Kirksey as a part of this class, but that is just a guess on what I have been hearing.

Jeff Ermann- Yeah I think its books

I am hearing stuff about Will Compton, still very much not over?

GPowers- On Compton. I think ND was very close to pulling the trigger, but they have not. I would think he would commit. I also think Nebraska came up a lot on his last visit there. I would have picked Missouri as the favorite, but I am not so sure right now. It is hard to predict these guys who blow up this quick. They have a lot going on around them that they may not be used to. He seemed to love Mizzou early, but so did Gabbert. NU came later for him, but they have come on hard.

Logan Pegram is listed, but no offer…

GPowers- I like Pegram A Lot. he is very undervalued. He will be a freak in a great strength program. Mark it down

I hear there is a big DT (Darius Parish) in Kansas, but not sure we are in on him?

GPowers- He is arriving in a big way. He was a keep quiet guy, but I included him in my Midland 100 about a month ago. He has a high ceiling, but does not jump out at you initially on film. That is how he was kept quiet for so long, and the fact his coach was fired and there was not a replacement as of May.

Greg, thoughts on Staggs and Chase Mejia?

GPowers- Staggs will have to prove his leg will hold up. He will get some love after that. I worry about Mejia's frontline speed. I do not think Mizzou will offer. I would watch Morse closely. He is a solid QB.

Hanson, Wilson, Gabbert, and Dalton have each been working with private QB coaches (I am told) on their mechanics. Is the same true for Morse? I wonder. I think it's that network of private coaches that the Mizzou coaches have tapped into to find a passing QB.

GPowers- This is true. I do not think Hanson works with him though. Many QB's do. It is the Quarterbacks Edge based in Missouri. Skip Stitzell is the QB coach. He worked our KC combine as well. He also works many of the Mizzou camps

Greg, again a dumb question, but no chance at stealing Owens from OU, right?

GPowers- Owens is an OU lock unless they fill his spot with another target. Owens would be the No. 1 player in OK. as a WR or a safety. Do not be surprised if he ends up at FS in college

How are we with Chris Harper? I wonder how seeing what has happened with Mack Breed and JP Tillman affects his thoughts, although the same could be said about Joe Dailey

GPowers- Harper is a big player, but I just do not know where to project him on the next level. he can definitely move for a player his size. I think it KSU or one of the "glamour" schools for him.

That's great, you just have to wonder if he has the skills to come along as a pass-first QB…

GPowers- I need to see more of him next year. I rated him 3 in kansas because I just do not know where he play. I dont think he will be a QB, jmo. LB or RB? WR?

Is Arthur Brown worthy of the hype?

GPowers- Brown is very good. It is so hard to pick a No. 1 player. I could make an argument for many guys, but Brown is legit.

How about DE? I would think DE is a priority

How about Aldon Smith - is this a play for Missouri?

Jeff Ermann- He likes Mizzou but will be getting a lot of offers unless he goes early

GPowers- I think Aldon Smith is a priority. I think they definitely hold a lead for Youboty as well.

Is there someone in the state of MO that you think we should offer but have not so for?

GPowers- At this point no. I like Childs a lot, but it is still early to say who they should or should not offer at this point.

How about Kyle Hoke?

GPowers- If they offer they should be sittin pretty with Hoke.

When do you start looking at Juniors?

GPowers- As recruiting analysts we turn the page this summer. You always have to start to work ahead.

Greg, Dalton as good as Gabbert?

GPowers- I would say no (at this point). Dalton has better footwork, but overall I like Gabbert as a potential NFL type of guy. Dalton still has a year to go, and that is based of off seeing him as a Soph. Dalton should be a top recruit, but I hear he is good at baseball as well.

James Moore, MCCluer North - any news there?

GPowers- The coaches at some of these schools seem to like Moore a lot. I have not personally seen him. I worry about his listed 270 pounds if he is a DT. If he is mobile enough to be a DE at that size, then he should be special.

How about Hulas King, is he low-probability?

GPowers- On King. I start to worry if camp season ends and I do not have an offer. It then comes down to what you can do to earn one in the fall

I am concerned about our presence in St. Louis. We have actually lost some good players to Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and even Ohio State that would have really helped us. I hear we have problems at Lafayette and some in North County. Do you have any perspective on that, and if it will change?

GPowers- I think St. Louis is hit and miss for a lot of people. You have the ND influence and then you have all the other schools coming in hard. I think you have to treat it just like you do everywhere else. Go hard after your top guys the entire time. In all reality that is all these staffs can do. It all comes down to what a 18 year old kid thinks is best for him in the end.

When it is a home state area, kids even feel slighted if they are not offered early enough, another way the internet has changed the recruiting game.

JeffErmann- Sometimes what happens with the state school is, you're so close to the big cities, there's bound to become some issues, just like a family. Only with a family, you have to resolve them and work together.

Maryland hoops has had a similar problem with Baltimore, its what I think about whenever the MU-STL thing comes up

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