Mizzou At the Top for Richard Anderson?

It's been a busy couple of months for Richard Anderson. Without the benefit of looks from many national recruiting analysts, the 6-8 forward from St. Louis managed to create a buzz among high major basketball programs thanks to his summer play. More recently, Anderson decided to transfer from Beaumont in his hometown to Milestone Christian Academy in Kansas City.

Tuesday afternoon, Inside Mizzou had the opportunity to watch Anderson work out with his teammates and spend some time with the big man as he broke down his recruitment and the reasons behind his transfer.

"It was mostly academics, I wanted to get into a better situation," said Anderson. "I did some research and liked Milestone, then I got into the sports side and it really caught my attention."

Now that he's settled into Kansas City, Anderson has gone through the adjustment of learning to play with new teammates. According to his coach at Milestone, Peter Flournoy, he's adjusted well and brings a lot to the table. In particular, Flournoy likes Anderson's aggressiveness.

"His aggressiveness is awesome," said Flournoy. "He's a kid that not only when he gets the ball doesn't shy away from contact, he sometimes initiates too much contact because he likes it."

With a long, lean and wiry frame, Anderson could easily carry more weight without impacting his athleticism or ability to run the floor. He's got good feet, finishes with either hand around the hoop and shows touch out to 12 feet. Still, Anderson would like to improve the face up aspects of his game.

"My weakness is probably my ball handling, with my shooting I've gotten better," Anderson told Inside Mizzou. "I can still get better at shooting but I feel like I've got good footwork and feel around the basket."

During September plenty of schools have been out to see him play or have been in contact and a few have taken a slight lead ahead of the pack.

"There's Missouri, Purdue, Indiana, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Illinois State, Iowa, Northern Iowa and I've started to get some stuff from Georgetown too,"said Anderson.

"I really like Mizzou's style of play and the way they get up the floor. I like them and Illinois and then maybe Georgetown as my top three right now."

Anderson isn't planning on making a college decision anytime soon, but he does have some criteria that he'll look at after he gets fully settled in and figures out the contenders from the pretenders for his services.

"I feel like I'd rather be closer to Saint Louis so that I can be close to my family," said Anderson. "But, academics are important too and I'll go away if I have to for the right offer."

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