Missouri vs. Oklahoma game images

There's a reason why Brad Smith is plastered all over the front page of Supermizzou.net - the kid is good! It's no coincedence that he has captured the attention of the analysts at ESPN and multiple national print and on-line media outlets. In case you're looking for more coverage of #16, here you go...!

Brad Smith was everywhere against Oklahoma...including in the air on more than one occassion.

Smith also outran Oklahoma defenders on several occassions, this time it was down the right sideline for a Tiger touchdown.

Missouri's young offensive line has improved dramatically since the opening of camp this fall.  Here, Tony Palmer's downfield hustle actually gets in the way of Brad Smith's wizardry, but it is indicative of what second level blocking is all about.

All Gary Pinkel asks of his defense is six hard seconds on every play.  On several occassions, Griffin and the Oklahoma players were greeted with gang tackles produced by the Six Second Rule.

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