Does Mizzou have a chance to 'Snaer' top SG?

Michael Snaer was one of the top prospects at Mizzou's elite camp last summer, when he made the trip all the way from Moreno Valley, Calif., thanks to a relationship between his AAU coach and Mizzou's staff. Snaer has since been named the top junior shooting guard on the West Coast and attracted lots of attention, so the question is, does Mizzou still stand a chance with the gifted 2009 athlete?

"Coach Anderson and coach Watkins were out here to watch him during the open period," said Travis Showalter, Snaer's coach and Rancho Verde (CA) High. "They spent some time with us, and coach Anderson continued to express that they are very interested in Mike … I liked [Anderson] a lot.

"Mike likes their style of play – he's an open court guy and coach Anderson likes to get out and run with it … He's going after some good players and seems to be getting some real good kids."

Snaer is a 6-foot-5, 190-pound guard with fantastic athleticism and an excellent touch from outside. He has a 34-inch vertical leap and averaged 15 points per game as a sophomore. He's also a staunch defender and a very solid student. In other words, he'd be a perfect fit for Anderson's system.

"He's a gym rat. He spends a couple hours a day in the gym just trying to get stronger. He's working on his handle as much as anything. He can really shoot the ball," Showalter said.

Snaer lists his top five, in no particular order, as Cal, USC, Mizzou, Washington and Miami. All have offered and most have told him he's a top priority in '09. He has no favorites at this point and considers himself wide open.

"I'm pretty much open to anything right now until I [narrow] it down" next spring, he said. "Missouri came down to watch me practice. I talked to coach Anderson for a little bit and it went good. He's cool. I like him and I got a good vibe from him. He's serious, which I like."

Snaer recently took a visit to Cal, which has made him the No. 1 priority among the junior class. UCLA has also been looking at him, but has not made a serious move. Though much of his attention has come from West Coast schools, there's no reason to read anything into that.

"I think that may have been the case at first, but now that's he's been outside of California, I don't think the West Coast has any strong pull," Showalter said.

"I'm open to go anywhere," he said. "I liked it out there [in Columbia]. It was cool. It had a homey feel to it.

"The staff and everyone was cool. They all seemed like good people."

Snaer has an open invitation to visit MU any time, though it seems unlikely that will take place this fall because of the distance. Showalter said it's a strong possibility he'll be back next summer again for Elite Camp, and that Mizzou stands as good a shot as anyone.

"I think he was very comfortable when he was at Mizzou," Showalter said.

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