Practice update

With a talented Texas Tech team waiting for Missouri this Saturday in Lubbock, the Missouri Tigers got down to the business of improving on some of the deficiencies exposed during the Nebraska game.

Gary Pinkle led the Tigers through a crisp autumn practice today. 


A sight for sore eyes was Mario Whitney back to running at full speed.  He was practicing with the third and fourth team offenses, along with the rest of the redshirts.  Whitney possesses speed that Missouri simply doesn't have on the field right now.

A departure from past game plans, the Tigers' passing game was really working on going vertical.  The receivers looked exceptional UNTIL they went against live action.  During catching drills there were very few drops.  During route drills there were four drops (Omboga and Mitchell) with one of Omboga's being uncatchable.

Then the receivers ran drills against seven and eight d-back sets.  For the half of the drills, Mizzou's wide outs couldn't catch anything.  However, to be fair, they did not get a lot of help from the quarterbacks.  As the drill progressed, the receivers started catching virtually every pass and there were very few drops.


There were change in starting defensive personnel, which we will unveil on this site on Saturday morning.

Generally, the defense concentrated on pursuit and tackling drills today.

Finally, from the "better late, than never file", MU's punters worked extensively on punting accurately out of bounds.


WR's Chris Crosby and Thompson Omboga wore red jerseys, but you wouldn't know it from the way they practiced.  On defense, Terence Curry also wore a red jersey, although he was flying around at full-speed as well.

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