Mizzou Likely to Add Another QB?

There's no lack of guidance for Gloucester (Va.) quarterback Tommy Reamon Jr., whose father is a renowned high school coach who groomed stars Michael Vick, Aaron Brooks and Marcus Vick. Thus, the Reamons are taking their time in the recruiting process and not giving away much of their gameplan. But it's clear Missouri, where Tommy Reamon Sr. played his college ball, is among his foremost options.

The Reamons have formed a strong bond with the Mizzou coaching staff – Reamon Sr. was in the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp with MU's coach several decades ago – and plan to take another visit to Missouri on Jan. 12. The visit isn't set in stone yet, as they could opt to go check out South Florida instead that weekend, but that's only because they already know more than enough about the program.

"I could call Pinkel tomorrow and tell him we're not coming. A campus visit isn't going to do anything at this point," said the elder Reamon. "We came out for the Missouri-Kansas game, and that was a statement of our interest, but we plan to go back out there on the 12th … They are doing a fabulous job out there."

Reamon Jr. is a 6-foot-2-and-a-half inch senior who is also considering South Florida, Buffalo and Old Dominion. The family plans to decide at the end of the month, but is holding its cards closely.

"The interest in our part is there and the interest on their part is there. They're going to take two quarterbacks," he said.

There has been some speculation that perhaps Reamon Jr. could be recruited as an athlete, but his father said it's far from the case.

"If you want to have a conversation about him playing another position, you can walk right out of the building right now," he said. "I've had too many great ones and he's another great one."

He said his son's decision will primarily come down to his feel for the head coach and quarterbacks coach, which certainly would seem to play in Mizzou's favor.

"Coach [David] Yost is wonderful and has been that way since we were with him and Brad Smith during Brad Smith's freshman year," said Reamon Sr.

He said both Virginia and Virginia tech have called recently about getting back in on his son, but that's unlikely to happen. He also said the athletic Reamon Jr. would be a fantastic fit for Mizzou's offense.

"He would do what Brad Smith did when he had to. That's what Chase [Daniel] can't do, but he doesn't need to because he's so brilliant with what he does."

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