InsideMizzou Update: White & Woodland Status?

There has been some concern recently about the eligibility of Missouri recruits George White and Rolandis Woodland, both of whom are spending this year at Harmony Community School (Oh.), which is embroiled in controversy because of alleged fraudulent practices and failing academic standards. went straight to a source close to the situation, and here's what we found out…

According to Harmony Prep head football coach David Pool, there won't be any issues with White or Woodland and the NCAA clearinghouse, regardless of the fact that Ohio Attorney General filed suit this week to close the school down, in part because the school was in "academic emergency."

"We've got clean bill of health from the NCAA," said Pool, a former NFL defensive back who has built a post-graduate power in Cincinnati. Last year he sent 31 players to college football with scholarships.

Pool said he sent paperwork to the NCAA for another player earlier this week and received a return notice of the player's eligibility the following day. He said that previous reports about White and Woodland graduating early and arriving at MU this spring were incorrect.

"They won't graduate until May. As far as I know, they are both on schedule academically," he said. "If they do what they're supposed to do, they'll be fine."

Still, the situation remains a bit muddled. We reached White earlier this week, and he said he'd expected to graduate from Harmony and enroll at Mizzou for second semester, and that he was under the impression the NCAA clearinghouse was going to be taking a while reviewing his file.

White said he was disappointed, but that he still had no plans to go anywhere other than MU, and that the same was true for Woodland, whom we were unable to reach.

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