It's time to work on Nebraska

Chase Daniel passed for a career-high 439 yards and set a Big 12 record with 20 consecutive completions, helping No. 5 Missouri overcome a rash of errors in a 42-21 victory over Buffalo on Saturday. Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel has plenty to say about the game with Buffalo, but time to move to the Cornhuskers.

"First of all I'd like to compliment Buffalo. I think Coach Gill is doing a great job with that football program. I said that a week ago. They are a very well-coached team, and they play hard. He's done a great job building that program."

"We made a lot of mistakes that I'm disappointed in. You know, you look at the statistics and you'd think it was a dominating game. Most of the mistakes we made we can improve on."

"Maybe it's good that you get a little adversity so you can see how you handle it. I thought we handled it pretty good, but I thought we overdid the adversity with all of the turnovers, penalties and the kickoff return for a touchdown."

"From my standpoint as the head football coach, there's a lot of stuff that I don't like, so I've got to deal with that. I like to think I'm a pretty good coach, and we're a well-coached team, but we didn't look that way out there today. Our kids battled though and they made a lot of plays, so I'm pleased with that."

"We've got a lot of stuff we're going to try and get done this week. I want to get my players rested, and I want them to get a jump on their academics since we've got time to get caught up there."

"It's time for us to start working on Nebraska. We've got coaches going out and recruiting. The bye week comes at a very good time for us. We're sitting here 4-0, we've done a lot of good things, but we've also got some things we need to improve on, so we'll continue to work on doing that."

Three Missouri turnovers:
"I coach them, so it starts with me. We work hard at that, but we obviously didn't get it done. We get inside the 20 twice, we turn the ball over. We get inside the 50, we turn the ball over. We get out of a drive, you hit the punter. It was just a comedy of errors. If you do that too many times, you usually don't survive it. Winning is never easy, but I thought we rallied back and played good at times in the second half."

On the special teams:
"I'm a little disappointed in our kickoff and punt return teams. We've got a playmaker back there, so I'm a little disappointed in how they've been playing, so we're going to work on that. Obviously, our kickoff team gave up a touchdown, so there are a lot of things we need to get better at."

On correcting the mistakes before Nebraska:
"These aren't rocket science mistakes. It's all about focus. We've got to focus on ball security, we've got to focus on not hitting the punter, and we've got to focus on not jumping offsides. Again, give them some credit, they went out there and caused the fumbles. Those mistakes will get fixed right now. We don't need two weeks to work on them."

On the positives:
"We held them to 49-yards rushing, which is good, and only 286 yards, so that's pretty good. We've just got to focus more on both sides of the ball."

On the possible advantage of making mistakes:
"You learn from your mistakes, and you learn from adversity. Things aren't always going to go well for whatever reason, but you've got to find a way to win and battle back. All of those things can turn into positives later on."

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