Danny Heitert speaks out on recruiting

Did Missouri make a mistake by not recruiting Blue Spring South's Bruce Ringwood? Now that their senior seasons are complete, how does Danny view Missouri's current in-state commitments? Who might be the next to committ to the Tigers? Danny doesn't hold anything back in this Supermizzou.net exclusive report.

Well, the recruiting season is in full swing and resident recruiting expert Danny Heitert spent a few minutes today with Supermizzou.net and shared the following observations:

Q: It has been reported that Bruce Ringwood of Blue Springs South just committed to KansasMissouri apparently was not interested in him and did not offer him a scholarship.  Ringwood was a solid linebacker for Blue Springs this year.  Did the Tigers miss an in-state gem here?

A: Good for Missouri. Ringwood is a poor man's Barry Odom.  He plays hard and is very instinctive.  He gets everything he can out of his body, but he's limited.  He's probably as big and as fast as he will get.  He would be a fine linebacker prospect that Missouri should beg to walk on.  However, he's not the type of player they need to give a scholarship to if they are trying to improve the program.

Q: How did Raab and Norman do this year?

A: Raab had a crummy senior season.  He didn't play any offense at all and only played part-time on defense.  The Missouri coaches know he has athletic ability and they may be able to get it out of him.  However, he had a very disappointing senior season.  Norman is a different story.  Norman is a case where Missouri saw a diamond in the rough and jumped on it early.  He had a very good senior year.  He is the type of kid that works hard and seems to improve every 30 days.  He gets bigger, stronger and better everytime you see him.  Missouri really got a nice pick up with Norman.

Q: How about Spieker from Webb City?

A: Adam Spieker is a wonderful player.  He had an excellent senior season and he will be very competitive at Missouri.  There are no concerns with Spieker.

 Q: Let's talk about Darnell Terrell.  How did his senior season go and what is his best position going to be at Missouri?

A: Terrell had a good, not a great season playing cornerback.  He got turned around several times during the season and had real coverage problems.  In the Cape game, they had a little receiver who reminds me of Marcus James (currently at Missouri).  That kid had Terrell on a bun all game long.  Now, with that being said, Terrell had an excellent season at tailback.  He was really a fearless runner, who showed instincts, speed and power at tailback.  Missouri wants him to play strong safety and that's fine...he'll do great there. 

Q: How does Terrell stack up at tailback compared to Maroney and Washington?

A: Terrell is almost as good as Maroney at tailback and that's very good.  Terrell is on his way to being 6-4 and 215 lbs. or so.  If Missouri wanted to put Terrell at tailback, I wouldn't be opposed to it.  In fact if you asked me if I'd rather have Terrell or Mario Whitney at tailback for Missouri, I'd take Terrell every day of the week. 

As for how he stacks up against Washington, they are very different types of running backs, but they compare favorably as far as production goes.

Q: Speaking of tailbacks, we've heard rumors for awhile about Kenni Burns coming to Missouri.  What do you think of Burns and do you think he's Columbia bound?

A: I like Burns alot.  He has some size, some speed and some wiggle to boot.  Burns is a good tailback and I think he may commit to Missouri soon.

Q: If you were a betting man, would you bet on Maroney coming to Missouri?

A: Yes.  However, there is a lot of competition out there for him right now...a lot!  Illinois wants Maroney badly, as does Wisconsin, Indiana and several other similar programs.  However, I think Missouri leads for him and he is an exceptional running back.

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