Oklahoma's DT Widener likes Mizzou

Oklahoma City's Ryland Widener has several schools that he is interested in, one of those is the Missouri Tigers. InsideMizzou.com caught up with Widener this week to get his thoughts on Mizzou. Go inside to see what the defensive tackle has to say about his interest and intrigue playing for the Black and Gold.

Maybe it's the scenery of beautiful mid-Missouri. Or something in the water in Columbia. Or perhaps it's the recent success that the football team has been having?

Whatever the answer is, there has been something that has drawn incredibly talented defensive tackles to the University of Missouri. Sheldon Richardson, one of the top tackles in the country, signed a letter of intent with the Tigers in 2009, and Oklahoma City's Ryland Widener might be the 2010 edition.

"It's good that they're recruiting guys like that, a [possible] big-time defensive tackle. I really liked when they recruited Sheldon Richardson," the 6'2'', 320-pound Widener admitted, showing not only his recruiting knowledge, but his interest in Missouri. He hasn't gotten the chance to talk to the Tigers a lot, but what he knows he likes.

"They've sent me stuff, but I'd really like to talk with them more and learn a lot more about them. Mizzou seems like a good place. I've been up there before and really liked the environment." When prompted, he continued to sing the Tigers' praises.

"They were top 10 in the BCS at one point. I think Missouri is a good place to recruit to."

Although his talent, like his college-ready frame, is really big, the most important factor to Widener is when he will get the chance to play.

"Depth chart is definitely my biggest factor, and location too," Ryland explained. "I want to play in the [Midwest] region, and I want to go into a school with the expectation that I can play early."

Although playing time is never for sure, one thing is definitely a lock. If Mizzou could land this massive 2010 defensive tackle to play alongside Sheldon Richardson, the Tiger defensive line would be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

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