Mizzou goes 23-4, best start ever for Tigers

Missouri is off to its best start ever, winning their 10th conference game and going 23-4 overall with a 66-53 road win over Colorado. The Tigers, ranked No. 11 going into the contest, didn't play its best game, but was good enough to lead throughout the contest. Mizzou will host Kansas State Wednesday night at Mizzou Arena.

Missouri Head Coach Mike Anderson

GENERAL—"In the last 6 minutes, I thought we would insert our starters and a nine point lead turned into a fifteen point lead. We were able to just ease away. I thought fatigue was a big factor in the game. We had some other guys come off the bench and they played well. We are getting a lot of other guys that are starting to contribute. So our four guys like Leo [Lyons], Demarre [Carroll], Ziar and JT can play quality minutes because they know they have got some guys coming off the bench. You can just see the trust continuing to grow in our basketball team."

ON KIM ENGLISH—"He is a young guy. Young guys are going to be up and down. He is learning. Some guys try to go get it different ways. A lot of thing are different, things you can do at home , you can't do on the road. This is a learning process for him. For all of our freshman, it's a learning process. He [did not start the second half because he] had three fouls."

ON HAVING A WEEK OFF—"We were a little rusty. But we played ten guys. We played well."

ON HAVING TEN WINS—"We are playing with a lot of confidence. We have some guys that really like to win."

ON REASON FOR WINNING ON THE ROAD—"Players. Attitude. Leadership is helping our team a lot right now. We play hard and work hard. Things are just falling into place."

ON BEING HUMBLE—"That is exactly what our team is going to do, be humble and hungry. We take it one game at a time. We are going to stay focused on what we can control. And what we can control is the next game."

ON LEO LYONS' FOURTH FOUL—"We saw how he was playing. He was talking, he was active. When that takes place, you just let him go."

ON LAST FOUR GAMES—"There is a sense of urgency. I told the guys I want them to play a little more athletic, and they did. This was Leo [Lyon's] first foul out. He was trying to play defense."

Missouri Players

Demarre Carroll, Senior, Forward

ON HAVING A WEEK OFF—"We got off to a fast start. We've been trying to train for the altitude. But I think that kind of had an effect. It's just one of those things. But we picked up a big win, and hopefully we can go back home and protect our home territory."

ON DIFFERENT COLORADO TEAM—"Colorado is a way better team than they were when they came to Mizzou. We knew that their fans were going to help and they were going to give us their best shot. I think we just came together more now than ever."

ON LEO LYONS' 15 REBOUNDS—"That's him. You know he is supposed to do that. It's the last four games. We keep telling each other, you know let's do it. Let's go all out. It's getting close to the end of the season. He has got to show he can rebound."

ON TEN CONFERENCE WINS—"We don't look at that yet. We have got four games left. We are stronger than we were last year, or the year before that. We can be out of a game, and come back in a matter of minutes. We just have to keep coming together when we go on the road.

Leo Lyons, Senior, Forward

ON COLORADO DOUBLE-TEAMING DEMARRE CARROLL—"We figured that out early. I was moving around on the perimeter a little more than he was so [Colorado] really did not get the chance to double me."

ON REBOUNDS—"I was trying to be aggressive. We talked about them being the worst rebounding team in the league, and we tried to take advantage of that."

ON FOURTH FOUL—"It is the good thing about being a senior, you can put your hand up and tell them [your bench] to sit down. I wanted to make something happen before I came out. We are used to being in foul trouble. Some refs call if different from other ones. Our bench makes our team. We put so much effort, and then they come out and give the same type of effort, there is no drop off when our bench is in there. That makes us one of the top teams."

ON THE MEANING OF TEN CONFERENCE WINS—"It means nothing right now. Of course we have not done this in a while, but we want more than just conference wins. It is still a letdown, we lost some games on the road we should not have. We still have a lot more improvement to do. We just try to take it game by game."

ON MISSING THE FIRST COLORADO GAME THIS SEASON—"I just knew that they have not seen me this year. You could kind of tell from the beginning, they were trying to double Demarre, but they left me one-on-one. Me not playing [in the first game] kind of helped me a little bit."

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