March Madness has began Mizzou Style

March Madness has already arrived. Anyone that doesn't feel that way wasn't in attendance at the Missouri/Oklahoma game Wednesday night. What if all the NCAA Tournament games were played at Mizzou Arean? Go inside this FREE READ with our publisher James Bryant as he writes about March Madness Mizzou Style.

March Madness has already arrived.

Anyone that doesn't feel that way wasn't in attendance at the Missouri/Oklahoma game Wednesday night.

It doesn't get any better than this for big time game day atmosphere. I would have a hard time believing that games at Duke or North Carolina could be any louder or more electric than Mizzou Arena was.

I have currently submitted a petition to the NCAA to host all Missouri games at Mizzou Arena this season.

I can guarantee a sellout for them every game.

I can guarantee a crazy, loud environment that they can't very many places and in return I could also guarantee a National Championship for the Missouri Tigers.

As Jeff Capel said so adamantly Wednesday night, "Hell no one else has won here either."

Not Kansas, not Oklahoma and most definitely not anyone else.

What makes Mizzou Arena so electric?

"It's our fans, our players feed off them," Mike Anderson said recently. "The fans feed off the fast pace exciting brand of basketball we play and our guys feed off their energy and excitement."

If I could bottle up the atmosphere and the electricity that was inside Mizzou Arena for the Oklahoma game and sell it to other schools, I would be a millionaire in a couple of months.

"Our fans are incredible," Senior Demarre Carroll said in an earlier interview. "They are hungry like we are for us to accomplish something special."

Special like being perfect at home for the entire season, perfect as in winning your last 19 games on your home court.

How far will this team go in the March Madness Tourney?

This team has surprised a lot of people; the ones that don't seem too surprised are the players.

"We knew going into this season, this could be a special year for us," Carroll said earlier. "Coach Anderson told us all a long if we listen to him and worked hard good things would come."

Apparently Anderson knew what he was talking about.

The Tigers are now 25-5 and have a good chance of being 26-5 if they take care of business at College Station this weekend.

"It won't be an easy game, they will be emotional with their seniors playing their last game at College Station," Anderson noted earlier. "We will have to remain focused and hopefully we will be able to go down there and steal one and bring it back home."

26-5, the Tigers have arrived as a force to be reckoned with on a national stage.

The stage is set; it's called the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

What NCAA officials and other schools don't realize is that the Tigers have already mastered March Madness at home, advantage the University of Missouri.

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