Thompson receives first offer

Tevin Thompson has played wide receiver at Irving MacArthur in his first 3 years of high school, but the Missouri Tigers decided to offer him a scholarship to play a different position in college. Go inside to see what position Thompson will switch to this season and what he thinks of Mizzou.

Tevin Thompson is one of the most recent players to receive an offer to play football at the University of Missouri. According to Thompson, it was a pleasant surprise.

"At first it was a surprise because it happened during spring when their defensive coordinator came down here." Thompson told InsideMizzou. "I felt good about it, it was my first offer so I felt pretty good about it."

Although Thompson is from the Dallas area, he is well aware of what the Tigers have accomplished over the last couple of seasons.

"I know they have been in the Big XII Championship game in the past few years and they are always in contention for the Big XII title and BCS bids," Thompson said in an interview on Monday.

Thompson has played receiver in his first 3 years at Irving MacArthur High School, but his coach has decided to also play him on the defensive side of the ball at outside linebacker this season. He could use some bulking up for the position (currently measures in at 6-2 and 190 pounds), but Thompson believes he has the athleticism to be a solid defensive player.

"I have just started going both ways this year," Thompson said. "I can be physical and I have speed. Athleticism is basically my strong point."

Even though most fans don't make much of it when talking about high school football players, academics do come into the equation when selecting a college to attend. For Thompson, he will no doubt be looking for a good academic school.

"It will play a big role in my decision," Thompson said. "I plan on studying business when I go to college to better myself so it will be important."

When will this athlete take a look at the Mizzou campus and facilities for himself?

"I haven't been there but I am going to visit in the next month or so, probably," Thompson said of Mizzou.

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