The Fastest 40 Minutes Return

The Missouri Tigers 2009 Black and Gold game is officially in the books, with Govenor Jay Nixon's Black team beating MU President Gary Forsee's Gold team, 91-82. Go inside this FREE READ to find out what to expect from each player on the team this season.

The Missouri Tigers 2009 Black and Gold game is officially in the books, with Govenor Jay Nixon's Black team beating MU President Gary Forsee's Gold team, 91-82.

Miguel Paul: Paul had a sloppy game tonight, constantly turning the ball over. He also ended up with 5 fouls, although he did put up 19 points. If he wants to see any sort of playing time this season, especially with Michael Dixon establishing himself, he will have to step up his game.

JT Tiller: Many times throughout the game, Tiller was on the floor lunging after the ball. Mizzou fans have come to expect this from the senior, who is the reigning co-defensive player of the year in the Big XII. While he may not put up outstanding numbers on the offensive end, his presence on defense is what makes the Fastest 40 Minutes go.

Michael Dixon: The true freshman had an outstanding game, constantly slicing into the lane for some good layups. Dixon is an extremely talented player, and could be seeing a lot of the court this season, especially if Miguel Paul struggles. He ended up with 22 points on the night and helped the Black team register the victory.

Zaire Taylor: Taylor had a quiet 19 points, but he should be one of the leaders of this team as he heads into his senior season. In his second year since his transfer, Taylor will be more comfortable with his role in Mike Anderson's system, and will continue to hit big shots late in the game, as he did a year ago.

Marcus Denmon: Denmon was a very streaky player last year. He would have spurts where he was unstoppable on the offensive end, but would also disappear for halves or even games at a time. It is hard to judge whether he will be more consistent this year from just one scrimmage.

Keith Ramsey: One thing Ramsey always brings is intensity. It was no different tonight, as he was flying up and down the court. Ramsey could start this season following the departure of DeMarre Carroll and Leo Lyons. If so, he will need to be ready to post up against some of the bigger men in the Big XII for 25-30 minutes per game.

Laurence Bowers: Bowers seems to have at least one highlight reel play per game. This time, he had at least two slam dunks that were SportsCenter Top 10 material. The first was an alley-oop that he caught and threw down with one hand, and the other was a drive straight down the lane that he slammed home with two hands. He certainly brings excitement, and he will bring a rebounding presence as well this year


Justin Safford: This guy has so much athleticism it is unfair. Safford can do so many things for the team; from rebounding to three point shooting to blocking, he is a very versatile player. That will help him log more minutes this season, and he will continue to grow into a very solid player in the run and shoot system.

Kim English: The sharp-shooting sophomore from Baltimore, MD, poured in 32 points for the victorious Black team. English was hitting from everywhere on the court, including the free throw line, a spot that gave him troubles last year. Look for English to play a big role on the team this year on the offensive end.

Jarrett Sutton: Sutton is the bench player that Mizzou Arena loves to see come in the game. He got substantial playing time tonight, playing for both the Gold and Black team. He put 2 points on the board, both from the free throw line. Sutton will only be seen in late game situations in the regular season, when the team is up by 30 or more. But when he does come in, he is a crowd pleaser.

Steve Moore: There were reports that said he lost somewhere around 30 pounds this offseason, and by the looks of it, they were right. Moore could be very important to the team's success because he is one of the only non-freshman big men who can post up down low.

Tyler Stone: Stone will need some time to get used to the fast pace of Mike Anderson's system, it seems. He looked a little sluggish as the game went on, and was a non-factor most of the night. He gets a free pass though, as it is tough to transition this quickly into a completely new scheme, especially for a big man.

John Underwood: Underwood showed great athleticism tonight. He uses his length pretty well, especially on a ridiculous block on Sutton down low near the end of the game. He will be a rotational player that could see some minutes towards the end of games during non-conference. As he gets more acclimated to the system, his minutes could grow as the season progresses. He certainly has the athleticism to contribute.

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