Easterly enjoys visit to Missouri

Detroit athlete made his official visit to Misosuri over the weekend and came away impressed

Detroit Cass Tech S Daniel Easterly 6'5"205lbs (4.4 forty) made his official visit to Missouri over the weekend. The talented defender, who considers himself a "soft commit" to the University of Illinois, spoke in glowing terms about his visit and what he found out about both the program and school on his trip.

" The visit was amazing", said Daniel Easterly as we talked while he was still making his was back home from the trip. "Me, my Father and brother got there on Friday and looked around. I got a chance to meet most of the coaches, but I spoke the most with Coach Odom, Coach Kul and Coach Pinkel. They were all very nice and made me feel welcomed. Matt White was my host and I got to meet a lot of the players including Spoon (Sean Weatherspoon) and Danario Alexander. The players really seemed like a family and all like each other and get along great. It was a really family atmosphere."

Easterly, who is originally from the Kansas City area and moved to Detroit in 1999, had previously told me before the visit that academics were the most important thing in regarding his decision of a college. He came away especially impressed with the academics of his preferred major.

" Oh, the professors and advisors there are great. They have a great academic support team for the athletes and seem to help the with everything they need to be successful and focus on your school work. I want major in broadcasting and I did not know that Missouri was the number one journalism and broadcasting school in the country. That was very exciting to find out about."

On what stood out the most for Easterly on his official visit?

" Besides the academics, I would say it was the overall atmosphere. Everyone was like a family and I really liked that. The coaches and players, and the fans. I thought the fan turnout at the game was great and players were telling me that the crowds are usually even bigger because the students had left for the Holiday break. I also thought it was cool that Coach Ivey, who went to my high school back in Detroit knew the school fight song. He sang it and knew all the words. I don't even know the school fight song. He  hasn't been there in something like 20 years and he still knew it, so he was giving me some trouble about that."

The Tigers and other schools are recruiting Easterly as a Safety, but he told me that all of the schools see him likely growing into an outside linebacker type in college.

With the Missouri visit behind him, I asked Daniel if this had changed his thoughts on when he may be making a possible decision in the future.

" I think it might. I would like to stick to my original plans of waiting closer to signing day and maybe visiting some more schools, but I don't know at the moment. I really liked my Missouri visit. The coaches were great and did not put any pressure on me to commit. They told me to take my time and make sure I find the right school for me, but I feel pressure from myself after the visit. It was a great and I don't know how a visit could get any better."

So how would Easterly rate the visit on a scale of 1 to 10?

" I would say it was a 9 and 1/2. I don't know what a 10 would be though. It was very good and really opened my eyes about Missouri. It is a great school"

Daniel told me he is still talking to some schools, primarily Iowa and Minnesota besides the Tigers and Illini.

He does not have any more visits scheduled besides his visit to Illinois on December 11th.

" I may change things up and make a decision sometime in December after my next visit'", added Easterly.

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