HCGP's Weekly Media Address

Coach Pinkel discussed the Iowa St. win, inuries and this weeks big rivarly game against Kansas at his weekly address.

On Monday, Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel met with the media, and talked about injuries, Iowa State, and Kansas.  Derrick Washington has been cleared to practice on Tuesday.  He'll be watched very closely by the training staff, but appears to be OK after suffering a mild concussion on Saturday.  No changes to report in the depth chart from last week.  Everyone should be ready to go.



Coach Pinkel spoke positively about the way his team played in the second half against Iowa State.  "Well, it was a big win.  In the second half, certainly in the fourth quarter, we did the things necessary to win."


Coach Pinkel talked about Blaine Gabbert's recent performance.  "I think he gets better all the time.  Certainly being healthy, he can quarterback a little bit better.  He gets better each week.  There's a lot to learn.  I'm pleased with his progress."


Coach Pinkel addressed the results that Missouri has achieved on kick-offs, both in coverage, and on returns, two facets of the game where Missouri ranks 11th in the conference.  "That's been real disappointing............ You add the yards up.  There's a huge difference between getting the ball on the 35 yard line instead of the 21 or 22.  That's a lot of field position to give up every game.  Those are two areas where we've been working probably as hard as we ever had.  We've been trying to game plan for it, being creative, but you're giving up something when you do that."


Don Barnes, Missouri's director of equipment operations, unveiled the new Nike uniforms that Missouri will wear this Saturday only.  The design of the uniform was inspired by the Stealth Bomber, which is primarily housed in Missouri, and the Civil War "Tigers", a local militia who defended Columbia, MO from marauders during the original Border War.


For a look at the new uniforms, go to:


From all reports, the players really like the new uniforms.  Derrick Washington said,  "I'm looking forward to wearing those."

Coach Pinkel talked about this week's game.  "It's a great rivalry.  It's fun, but certainly there's great responsibility that goes with it.  We're excited to be a part of this.  It's personal to a lot of people.  It's not difficult to understand how important it is."

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