Freeman ready to return to Missouri

OT Chris Freeman is looking forward to returning to Missouri and getting back to football

P>Trotwood, OH offensive lineman, Chris Freeman 6'8" 345 lbs. 5.1 forty signed with Missouri in February, 2009, and came to Columbia, MO in June to start working out with the team.  Because paperwork submitted by Freeman's high school was originally incomplete, he wasn't cleared by the NCAA until well after fall classes had started at Missouri.  Meanwhile, he had returned to Ohio, and has been working out on his own ever since, and is getting ready to return to Missouri in January.>/p>

Freeman said, "I'll be there in January............. Ever since I left Missouri, and came back to Ohio, I've been thinking about just coming back and playing football again."

Talking about the winter off-season workouts that begin in January, Chris said, I'll be there for all of that."

Freeman played basketball growing up, and didn't go out for football until his junior year in high school, so he wasn't real well known, and kind of flew under the radar. He sounds very enthused about rejoining the team, and working towards earning a spot on the field.

Freeman said that he's been utilizing much of what he learned over the summer from the Tigers' strength and conditioning staff.  "I love Missouri's strength and conditioning coaching staff............. I've been working out a lot! Doing core work, little things I learned there, just lifting and running, that's about all I've been doing.  I'm pretty sure they're going to be proud of me when I get back."

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