Spoon Wants To Send Seniors Out With Win

Tiger senior linebacker wants to leave the program on a winning path with bowl game victory

P>ShowMeMizzou spoke with Missouri senior LB Sean Weatherspoon following the announcement that Missouri will play Navy in the Texas Bowl.

Weatherspoon was asked about the impact of heading into the bowl game on a three game win streak.  He replied,  "If we go out there and take care of business, it will be the icing on the cake. When you get a few wins in a row, it definitely gets your team confident. Hopefully we can go into that game with the same confidence, knowing that we just won a big game. Navy will be a tough opponent, but we've just got to prepare the right way."

Spoon continued, talking about another opportunity to play in his home state.  "I'm excited. If we were playing in Arizona, it would have been a little different.  I might not have had as much family in town to come. I'm definitely excited to be going back to Texas and to get an opportunity to play in front of a home crowd."

Weatherspoon assessed the bowl selection.  "Obviously, you want to go out and win all of your games, and then you don't have to worry about what bowl you go to. We didn't take care of business the way we should have and I'm just happy to be going to a bowl. There were points in the season where we didn't know if we would make a bowl. The way the seniors fought and got the other guys going, we just feel pretty happy about that."

Weatherspoon talked about what it means for this team to be going to its fifth consecutive bowl.  "It says that you're coming up. We've got to just make sure that we keep that going. Even when this senior class leaves, we've got to make sure that the next group knows that they've got to go out there and be a little bit better than this group. You know that there's the slight chance that if you don't go out there and win all your games, things might not go the way you planned on them going, so it gives you a sense of urgency."

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