Alexander Excited To Return To Texas

Senior standout WR Danario Alexander talks about season, bowl game and ending college career in Texas Bowl

Following the press conference announcing the bowl game the Tigers would play in, Missouri All-American WR Danario Alexander shared some of his thoughts about the season and the upcoming bowl game.

I reminded Danario of a pre-season conversation we had about him trying to follow up what Jeremy Maclin had accomplished the year before.  Danario smiled, and said,  "Coming into the season, I thought I was going to have a good season, a great season.  But, a season like this, is one for the ages for me.  It's caught me by surprise, week in and week out, as it keeps coming the same way.  It's a big deal for me."

I mentioned to Danario that some people are referring to him as Missouri's greatest ever WR.  He laughed, then said, "That's pretty funny.  I don't know that much about the history, but I know JMac was probably the best receiver to ever come through here.  It's a big deal to have my name in that sentence."

I asked Danario which of his catches was his favorite.  He said, "The Kansas touchdowns, all the touchdowns are my favorites.  Anytime I get in the end zone, it's the best.  I like to get it in the end zone."

I asked Danario about one of my favorites, the third-down conversion he made in the K-State game when he was knocked backwards about a yard-and-a-half short of the first down, and his helmet flew off, but he fought forward for the fist down.  He said, "Yeah.  That was pretty exciting, too.  Because my teammates were counting on me to get the first down.  That was a crucial part of the game."

Danario talked about getting to play his final college game in his home state. "We get to go back to Texas. Like Coach Pinkel said, we recruit heavily in Texas. It's going to be a great game for us, and pretty much a homecoming for many of the guys on the team. Everybody will be pumped up and ready to play............. I'm excited to go back to Texas anytime.  Houston's a great city.  We're going to have a fun time."

He continued, "I'm just going to try to keep it going against Navy.  I'm sure they're going to come out and play hard.  But, we got to come out and play our best game, too."

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