Moe working hard to be in the mix

Freshman WR has had to work through injury but seems to be back on track

After one of the early bowl practices, freshman receiver T.J. Moe took time to visit with ShowMeMizzou, and talked about how he's been doing.

T.J. talked about the benefit of playing this past season.  "I feel like it put me in a good position for next year.  I've got a whole year of preparing like I was going to be the starter. It was definitely a learning experience, having guys like Danario in front of you, to help you learn little tricks here and there.  He's the best wide receiver in the country, so he's a good person to learn from."

Moe talked about improving his practice habits.  "I've been trying to (improve catching the ball).  I've been picking something every day to work on.  Whether it's taking better leads, making sure I don't get jammed, or squaring off my routes, just looking the ball in.  Throughout the season, hopefully I've improved a lot.  And, I'm still working."

T.J.'s been utilizing Tommie Saunders as a source of knowledge, doing extra work on his own.  "I've been in touch with Tommie Saunders a lot.  He's been coming down here, just about every day the last couple of weeks, trying to help, showing me different little things.  So he's someone I try to make myself after."

T.J. said that his grades are good enough that he's been able to opt out of all but one of his final exams. He's hopeful of posting a 3.3 - 3.5 GPA for his first semester.

Moe indicated that one of his goals for the off-season would be to finally fully recover from the foot injury that continues to limit him on the field.  "I'm still not 100%, but I'm trying (to get there)............. I'm working as hard as I can.  Hopefully, it pays off."

In watching T.J. during the early bowl practices, I've seen a much-improved receiver, catching the ball better, and showing speed that I haven't seen from him since he arrived at Missouri.

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