Catching Up With Ashton Glaser

We find out the latest with red-shirt QB Ashton Glaser and talk about this season and next

Freshman QB Ashton Glaser 6'1" 208 lbs. 4.7 forty, left high school early and came to Mizzou last January.  This season, as the number three QB, he did not see the field during games, but took regular reps during practices with the number two unit, alternating with Jimmy Costello.  He's also worked some with the scout team, especially when they needed more of a passing QB.  He said that he needed the additional work, too.

Glaser talked about how practice has been going of late.  "Practice has been going really good.  I think we're all working really hard, getting ready for the bowl game."

He said that now he's a lot more comfortable with Missouri's offense.  "I feel a lot more comfortable than I did before.  That first semester, it was a new experience.  I think now, I'm ready to get down to business.  I think I just need to come out, and just keep working until the bowl, and after the bowl in January.  And then in late January, I need to come in and just keep grinding and working real hard."

I asked Glaser about coming in early out of high school.  He replied, "You know, it really just depends on where you stand.  It depends on whether or not you're ready to move on.  It's a lot of work, and you miss out on some things in high school, with your friends.  I mean, it works out for your football career, because you get in and you get to see how everything's ran.  When your freshmen come in, being a QB, you want to be a leader.  And, I was able to just like teach my freshmen class, and help them out and learn, with them coming in for the summer."

br />He talked about his first year in the classroom.  "School went really well.  I've done quite well in school."

Glaser talked about life at Mizzou.  "Being here by myself, it's a whole new ballgame.  You don't have mommy and daddy here.  You're on your own, and you have to establish who you are as a person.  After I lost my roommate (Blaine Dalton), I've lived by myself.  I've learned a lot, just getting out on my own.  I'm friends with a bunch of different guys."

Interestingly, perhaps because Ashton came in at mid-year, he's made friends with the freshmen who were here last January (2008 recruits), as well as the freshmen who came in after him (2009 recruits).

Ashton talked about how he sees his role when the two new QBs arrive next month.  "I think they're both coming in January, which is great.  I can (empathize with them).  I'll be able to help out.  With me being just slightly older than them, we'll be able to relate a lot better, and I'll be able to help show them the steps."

I asked Glaser about the additional competition coming up this spring.  He answered, "I love a competition.  I wouldn't be playing football right now, if I didn't love competition.  That's what I'm out here for, to compete."

Glaser has looked better on the field this time around.  He appears more sure of himself in the Missouri offense, and has shown some of the ability that the coaching staff obviously identified when they offered him a scholarship more than a year ago.

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