Catching Up Wih Jaleel Clark

We catch up with Tiger red-shirt WR to discuss his time at Mizzou and next year

After spending this season playing on the scout team, freshmen WR Jaleel Clark 6'5" 215 lbs., 4.6 forty, looked good during the early bowl practices.  He's displayed good hands, and appears to do everything associated with his position pretty well.  I would say that Jaleel probably qualifies as something of a late bloomer.  With additional maturity, he could become a significant contributor in the Missouri offense.  He took time after practice to visit with ShowMeMizzou.

Clark talked about getting some reps in the Missouri offense during the early bowl practices.  "The last couple practices, we were going with the younger guys.  We're getting a lot of work done.  I thought it went really well.  It was just good to be back out there, and just play football, and run some different routes, and just run some of our plays. So, I thought it went really good."

He continued,  "I think I'm progressing, I mean, from the summer and from just working on scout team all season.  Just getting this chance, I thought I've progressed a lot, and it's just going to get better from there on.  Everything's getting better.  It's starting to click more and more.  I'm just going to keep learning along the way, so we'll see how it works out"

Jaleel said that he thinks he's faster now than when he last ran a timed forty yard dash, which was in the 11th grade.  He's looking forward to seeing his new forty time when he's tested in the spring.

Clark said that he's looking forward to the off-season workouts.  "Yeah! I can't wait for when the workouts start.  We're going to start right when we get back from winter break.  That'll be cool, to just go through that experience.  Then, we'll have spring ball, and workouts.  And, then it just starts all over again, and before you know it, it will be a new season."

I asked Jaleel what he thinks about the upcoming competition for the spots being vacated by departing senior WRs, Danario Alexander and Jared Perry.  He answered, "I mean, everybody has a chance now. It's going to be just back to the drawing board, and we have to find that new playmaker, find out who's going to be the next Danario, or Jared Perry.  We have a lot of time to figure that out.  And, that's what the coaches are going to be planning on doing.  We'll see who's going to be showing up next year............ I want to be that guy."

Clark said that he considers himself to be a good blocker.  "I would think so, just because I came from a running high-school offense.  I blocked a lot.  So, I like to think of blocking as one of my main points.  And, maybe the coaches will see that, see that I can get out there and block.  Also catch balls, and run routes and everything."

Jaleel reported a GPA in the range of 3.0 - 3.5.  He talked a little about school.  "I thought it went really well.  I did pretty good in the classroom.  Now, I'm just happy it's over.  But, I just worked hard for it in the first semester.  It just went so fast, but it was a good experience.  Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied (with my grades)."

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