Spring Practice Report:Day 2

Tigers spend second day of spring practice indoors and working hard

On Thursday afternoon, the Tigers practiced indoors in shells to complete the mandatory two practices before padding up on Saturday.  This practice ran a little smoother than the first one, as everyone seemed to know what was being expected of them


RSF Kerwin Stricker suffered a hamstring injury during practice today, and will miss some time as a result.  Junior DT Terrell Resonno sat out the entire practice today, with a brace on his knee, and will miss 4-5 weeks, according to Terrell.  Later, Coach Pinkel said that he thought it would be more like 3 weeks.

Dominique Hamilton wore a red pull-over today, and participated in some drills.  Afterwards, he said that he was going to back off, feeling that he was pushing it too much.  De'Vion Moore wore a red pull-over today, and went through most drills.



Afterwards, Coach Pinkel talked about practice.  "I thought it was a good practice.  I liked the enthusiasm.  We believe around here, that you play like you practice, and in order to become a good football player, you got to be a good practice player."


The team switched ends of the field today, so we got a better look at the 7-on-7 action, but could see very little of the one-on-one line drills.

During 7-on-7s, Ashton Glaser found Gahn McGaffie out on the left side with a nice throw and catch.  Glaser came back with a nice throw to hit La'Damian Washington along the right sideline.  Washington made a nice snag, then made some guys miss.  Later, Glaser found McGaffie again, this time out in the left flat for a short gain.  Glaser then T.J. Moe out in the left flat.  Moe made a nice grab, then turned it up and made several guys miss for a nice gain.  Moe's run-after-catch is impressive.

Speaking of Moe, we caught up with T.J. for a nice chat after practice.  He said that he recently ran a 4.49 forty, his fastest ever.  He also said that he was one of five Tiger wide-outs who ran sub 4.5 second forties.  Among the others were Rolandis Woodland, 4.44 with a 42" vertical, and Washington with a 4.42.

James Franklin hit Jaleel Clark over the middle for a nice gain.  Franklin found Terry Dennis out in the right flat for a short gain, then hit Nikko Sansone over the middle.  A defensive player came up and stripped the ball away from Sansone.

Tyler Gabbert missed connection with Jordan Levy, then came back with a nice completion to Kyle Peasel along the left sideline.  Tyler Gabbert hit Alex Sanders right in stride coming across the middle for a short gain.  Nice throw and catch.  Gabbert made a nice read, when the safety came over the top, and checked down to Sansone out in the right flat, and hit him right in stride for a nice gain.

Blaine Gabbert found Michael Egnew in the left seam for a short gain.  Blaine then hit Jerrell Jackson down the left seam.  Jackson made a nice catch, reaching up to snag a pass that was slightly high.  Blaine then checked down to De'Vion Moore out in the left flat.  The ball was under thrown, but Moore scooped it up and turned it into a short gain.  Blaine Gabbert hit De'Vion Moore on a swing pass out along the left sideline for a nice gain.

Later, Blaine Gabbert hit Jerrell Jackson along the right sideline, then came back and found Jackson again, this time running up along the left sideline. That was a quick hitter for a nice gain.  Woodland made a nice catch in traffic on a throw from Blaine Gabbert, in between a couple of defenders.  Woodland took a bubble screen, and turned it up for a nice gain.  Wes Kemp made a nice grab of a Blaine Gabbert pass, down the left sideline for a long gain.

Speaking of Blaine Gabbert, he is down about 10 pounds from his weight in the Texas bowl.  He recently ran a 4.55 forty, weighing in at 239.

Jimmy Costello hit Kendial Lawrence on a swing, or flare, pass out along the sideline.  Lawrence turned it up with a nice burst for a big gain.

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