Spring Practice Day 4

The Tigers return to have a strong Tuesday practice indoors

The Missouri Tigers practiced in full pads this afternoon inside the Devine Pavilion.  Today's was a very physical practice, during which players appeared to be having fun.


Coach Pinkel talked about practice.  "Good work today.  It was very, very competitive.  It went down to the end in our competition.  The defense won.  Very, very competitive.  You get better on days like this as a football team."


Dominique Hamilton wore a red pullover around his neck, and went through most non-contact drills.  Late in the practice, he shed the pullover, and participated in 11-on-11 competition.  Terrell Resonno, Marvin Foster, Andrew Jones, Elvis Fisher, and Brandon Gerau each sat out all drills in red jerseys.  Gerau did help out by holding for some of the placekickers.  Kerwin Stricker and De'Vion Moore each wore red pullovers, and went through the non-contact drills.  Moore looks like he's getting close to returning.  Austin Wuebbels wore a red jersey, and moved gingerly around the edges of practices, as he is out indefinitely with back spasms.  He was seen receiving treatment along the sideline during practice.  Travis Ruth left practice with a thumb injury.  X-rays were taken, and Coach Pinkel reported that there was no fracture.


During 1-on-1 pass receiving drills, Blaine Gabbert found Wes Kemp down field along the left sideline over the top of Kip Edwards.  It was good to see Kemp come up with a 50-50 ball like that.  Blaine Gabbert hooked up with T.J. Moe on a skinny post going up against Jarrell Harrison

Coach Pinkel talked about how they're taking notice of the way that their graduating players have been losing weight in preparation for the NFL.  They're adjusting the target weight of some players downward, as a result of this re-evaluation.  As an example, Derrick Washington is going to play at around 213 pounds.

Coach Pinkel talked about the two young QBs, and one of his young LBs.  "We're very pleased with both of (the freshmen QBs).  They're very talented.  You're throwing them in the fire there a little bit.  They just need a zillion reps.............. The guy that's really standing out out there is Zaviar Gooden.  Oh my gosh!  He's like a bullet!  Great kid, and everything else."

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Dan Hoch took Jacquies Smith deep, past the QB, for the win.  Jayson Palmgren stonewalled George White's attempted bull rush.  Tim Barnes got the win, going against Jimmy BurgeJustin Britt stepped up with the first unit, in Wuebbels absence, and secured a win for the offense, going against Bart Coslet.  Poor Jack Meiners had to try and block Aldon Smith.  Aldon took one step to the outside, before cutting back inside, straight to the QB.  Coach Walker took some time to instruct Big Jack regarding technique.

Jacquies Smith utilized a rip move to get inside Dan Hoch for the win.  Tim Barnes defeated Burge again.  Coslet evened the score against Britt with a strong rip move.  Meiners did a better job against Aldon, slowing him down.  Later, Aldon put a spin move on Big Jack, and blew right past him, on his way to the QB.

Brad Madison blew right by Kirk LakebrinkBrendan Donaldson ripped through and blew past Dan Jenkins for the win.  Mark Hill was called for holding against Marcus Malbrough.  Coach Walker was showing Hill the correct hand placement.  Hill really shows promise.  He's going to contend for a spot on the two-deep this year.  Madison blew by Lakebrink again.  Donaldson picked up another win, going against Jenkins.  Mike Cecero got the win, going against Chris Earnhardt.  Mark Hill moved his feet well, staying in front of Malbrough, but was overpowered in the end.

In 7-on-7 action, Blaine Gabbert found Wes Kemp over along the left hash for a first down.  Blaine Gabbert came back with a swing pass to Derrick Washington out in the right flat.  Washington turned it up for a nice gain.  Later, Blaine Gabbert hit Michael Egnew on a square-out near the right sideline for a first down.

Jimmy Costello found Moe behind Luke Lambert and Jarrell Harrison, down the middle for a long pass completion.

James Franklin made a good read, and found Jaleel Clark deep down the right sideline, where he had gotten behind Kenronte Walker.  Franklin then scrambled out to the right, and hooked up with Terry Dennis for a short gain.

Carl Gettis, Moe, Kip Edwards, and Kevin Rutland were among those fielding punts during the punt return segment.

Practice concluded with 11-on-11 competition.  Running with the third-team offense, Nikko Sansone took an inside hand-off from Tyler Gabbert, and ran around the left side where Jeff Gettys, of the third-string defense, led a swarm of defenders, stopping Sansone for a short gain.  Tyler Gabbert then found Curt Roth for a short completion, which was stopped immediately by a throng of defenders.  In most drills, the third-team defense fairly dominated the third-team offense. 

Jimmy Costello ran the second-string offense, and hit Beau Brinkley on an inside screen.  Madison and Tyler Crane were all over it, and stopped it for little or no gain.  Brad Madison had a good day.  On the option, Costello pitched to Kendial Lawrence for about five yards.  Crane and Edwards were the first ones there.  Lawrence took an inside hand-off, and picked up about five yards over the left side.

Blaine Gabbert hit Derrick Washington with a swing pass out in the left flat.  Washington made a couple of guys miss and turned it up for a nice gain.  Blaine Gabbert came back and hit Jerrell Jackson on a quick out along the right side.

Ashton Glaser showed some moxie when he stepped up in the pocket to avoid pressure, and made a nice throw on the run, finding Moe out along the right sideline.  Glaser hooked up with L'Damian Washington for about 30 yards down the left sideline, where he beat Trey Hobson in single coverage.  Jeff Gettys made a one-handed circus-catch of a Glaser pass attempt down the middle for an interception.

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