Jackson Ready For Playmaker Role

We talk with Tiger Wide Receiver Jerrell Jackson about spring ball

Missouri junior WR Jerrell Jackson  6'1"  190  4.44  stopped by after practice to talk about his maturity, and the growth of the team's receivers.  He reported a 40" vertical and 15 reps at 225 in the bench press during recent testing.

Jerrell talked about practice.  "It's going pretty good.  Everybody's still learning, getting into the groove.  I'm just more comfortable.  I'm becoming a vet at this, becoming an old head, if you want to say that.  Yeah.  I'm much more serious about it now, knowing that I'm going to have to be a playmaker this year, and can't count on everybody else to make plays.  I just know I'm going to have to step up for the younger guys."

Jackson said that he's prepared to play any of the WR positions.  "I stay ready to move to any position.  We all learn the playbook evenly because we never know really where we're going to play.  Coach preaches all the time that he's just going to put the best three players on the football field.  If the best three are at the same position, then some of them are going to have to move."

He continued, talking about a couple of younger guys who have been showing well, T.J. Moe and L'Damian Washington.  "Those guys are coming in very strong.  It started in the weight room.  They were working hard, and now they're coming on the football field, putting their strength and speed onto the football field. 

They've also been watching plenty of film, just like everyone else.  If it comes down to it, Coach is going to put the best three players on the field."

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