Travis Ruth Enjoying Spring Ball

Tiger Offensive Lineman Travis Ruth makes a move after Saturday's scrimmage

Following Missouri's initial spring scrimmage, sophomore OL Travis Ruth 6'3"  300  was promoted to the starting unit, and also made the switch from center to right guard.  He took time after practice to talk about how things are going.

"(Practice) went pretty well," said Ruth.  "It was pretty competitive and physical.......... It's a lot of fun!"

Ruth continued, talking about the move.  "They moved me to guard.  I've got experience at both positions.  So, if the need arises for me to play at either position, I can do it.  It's hard to say (if it's a temporary or a permanent move).  Coach always says that anybody can have any spot at any time.  If I make it my position, it can be permanent.  It's my job now to keep it."

Ruth said that he switched between guard and center last year, and he's prepared to make the switch again, if it will help the team.  He'll continue to work on snaps during the pre-practice periods, in case he's needed back at center.  He's only played on the right side at guard, but said he thought he could play on the left side.  He said that even if he stays at guard all season, he could still move back to center next year.

Ruth wore a wrap on his thumb today, following an injury he suffered last week during practice.  He said his thumb is "doing well," and that "it was good to hear that it wasn't broken."

He talked about the injury bug that has limited him each of the last two seasons.  "I've had my fair share of injuries.  Hopefully, I'm over them now, and can just stay healthy, and continue to get better."

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