Hamilton Becoming A Force

Tiger Defensive Tackle has shaken off injury and is coming on strong

P>Missouri junior DT Dominique Hamilton  6'5"  300  has really stood out during early spring practices.  He's been nursing a sore hamstring, but that hasn't prevented him from being a dominant force up front, in the middle.

He talked about how things are going this spring.  "I feel a lot better.  I had an excellent scrimmage.  Today, the sun was against me.  I was kind of winded out there.  The hamstring feels a lot better than it was.  It just feels like a little pinching sensation, but it's getting better."

Dominique talked about the emphasis of his off-season conditioning.  "I'm trying to get my speed up, because I feel like my strength-game is there.  With the winter conditioning, I'm just trying to basically get my speed up.  I'm trying to get as fast as Aldon and Jacquies.  Hopefully, that helps, at 300 pounds."

During recent testing, Dominique pulled his hamstring, trying to improve upon a forty time that he said was in the 5.1 range.  His vertical jump was 28", and his bench is 400, with a PR of 29 reps at 225 pounds.

He talked about learning some new pass-rush moves.  "Just inside-hand-inside-numbers.  That's kind of like a bull-rush, basically.  That's my biggest asset.  I'm trying other stuff, but Coach Kul doesn't want me trying other stuff.  He just wants me to do bull-rush, so we keep it at that."

Dominique talked about his performance in Saturday's scrimmage.  "I felt a lot more comfortable out there.  I feel like I've gotten a lot stronger, and a lot quicker with my moves and everything.  I just want guys to have to compete when they're coming against me every time.  I want them to compete their butts off when they come against me, so I can get that look going into games.  Because, I know when it comes to the games, it's a lot harder.............. I want to be that guy that's out on the field that nobody can stop me.  I'm trying to be that guy, whoever's lined up against me, especially if there's anybody one on one against me, I'm trying to be to the point where I can get right by them.  I want to make them double-team me on every play."

He talked about getting his running mate, Terrell Resonno, back out on the field.  "I think it's going to have a very big impact.  He's a big asset."

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