Big Oklahoma Lineman Planning Trip

Massive Oklahoma lineman planning spring visit to Missouri after picking up offer

The University Of Missouri football program is looking for a few good offensive lineman for their 2011 recruiting class. It appears to be a position that is getting the most attention for that year and they have targeted a big athlete from Oklahoma to help fill their needs.

Nowata (OK) OT Austin Beck 6'8" 300lbs is the latest OL to receive an offer from the Tigers. spoke with Austin recently and got his thoughts on Mizzou as well as where his recruitment is headed.

" I found out about my Missouri offer last week." said Beck. " I was excited about it. Missouri has been one of the best teams in the Big 12 the past few years. It's kind of unreal. I have grown up pretty much watching them and now I am getting offered by them."

I asked Austin what else he knew about the Tigers besides their winning ways of late.

" I like Coach Henson a lot. He seems like a great guy. I also know that they have the best journalism school in the country. That is one of the majors I am thinking about. I still am not sure what I will major in though. I also know that they are not real far from Nowata, and that is important to me."

He also was aware of Missouri recruiting other Oklahoma prospects.

" I know the Tigers are recruiting down here pretty hard. I am good friends with Dylan Dismuke and Dominique Petties, who has an offer, and Dylan Laurens who they are also looking at. And I know they are recruiting the Millwood kids."

Beck, who also has offers from Illinois, Arkansas,Baylor and Tulsa…and has made unofficial visits to both Illinois and Arkansas, says that he is planning a couple more visits this spring.

" I have one coming up to Tulsa and I will be making a visit to Missouri sometime before Memorial day. I don't have an exact  date. I would like to make it while their spring ball is going on, I don't know if my schedule will allow me to do that, but I really want to check Mizzou out soon. I also wouldn't mind checking out Nebraska."

When mentioning schools I noticed that the two major college in his home state were not mentioned.

" I get some mail from OU a little bit, but I have never heard anything from Oklahoma State. I was born in Stillwater and grew up a fan of theirs. I don't have an offer from either. It would be nice, but I kind of want to go away out of state to college. I liked Illinois a lot and they are an option but I don't think I would go too much further then Mizzou to go to school."

Austin competes in track in the spring and took basketball season off for the first time in his high school career this past season.

"There isn't much to do around here. You can hunt and fish in the summer but otherwise you play sports."

He has played in the spread offense the past couple of years but his team will be switching to an I-formation for next year.

He also has turned some heads playing Middle Linebacker on defense at 6'8"300lbs.

" The opposing team looked like they were gonna mess their pants the first time they saw me line up there. I like it. I pretty much just blitz and have gotten a few sacks. It's a lot of fun."

The big lineman says that all schools while he likes Arkansas and Illinois a lot after his visits, he will keep an open mind until after he sees the other schools he is interested in.

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