Thursday Spring Practice Report

The Tigers hold their final practice on Thursday before spring break

Following about an hour of warm-ups and individual and position-group drills, indoors on Thursday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers concluded the pre-spring break portion of spring practices with a half-scrimmage.

Rolandis Woodland sat out practice in a red jersey following a concussion suffered earlier this week, and Dan Jenkins sat out, as well, with an undisclosed illness.  Gradually though, players are getting back in there, and more are expected to shed their red pullovers when spring ball resumes in a couple of weeks.

Practice began with some individual drills, including some sled work for the big guys, and 1-on-1s between receivers and DBs, and between OLs and DLs.  Coach Kuligowski had the DLs working on a short sled, designed to teach them to stay low, and drive through.  Staying low, wrapping up, and driving through tackles has been an emphasis of all of the defensive drills all spring.

A big visitor, 2010 signee OL Nick Demien was on hand on Thursday, and spent much of practice hanging close with the offensive linemen, watching them go through their drills.

Coach Pinkel talked about the scrimmage, and reflected on spring ball heading into the break.  "I thought we had good work today.  It was a short scrimmage, about 27 plays.  Ones went against ones a little bit, so that was good to compete............... We got a long way to go.  We'll get back in a couple of weeks, and get going again."

Coach Pinkel talked about how the defense has dominated all spring.  "Generally, it takes the offense a little more time.  We're not that experienced.  I think we're waiting for some receivers that I think are very talented to take the step out here at game time.  The offense did get going.  They had a good drive against the one defense.  The number one defense has been pretty dominant all spring, so they drove it down and got a field goal.  Then, they drove down and scored again.  They got going.  I think it's just the experience factor."

Coaches Walker and Jones, along with Grad Assistant Brandon Barnes, worked with a large group of players on kick-off coverage and returns.  Those returning the kicks were Jasper Simmons, Wes Kemp, and Munir Prince.

In the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Matt Hoch opened with a win over Jacquies Smith, as he took him past the QB.  Travis Ruth stood Dominique Hamilton up, then stayed with him for the win.  Jimmy Burge bull-rushed his way past Tim BarnesTerrell Resonno got the closely contested win over Justin BrittJack Meiners surprised everyone by moving his feet, and pushing Aldon Smith wide past the QB, and finally pushed him off of his feet.

Kirk Lakebrink took Brad Madison wide, then stayed with him as Madison spun back inside.  Jayson Palmgren hung tough against George White, and eventually pushed him off his feet.  Brendan Donaldson blew past Shawn Carey on his way to the QB.  Bart Coslet started to go by Mike Cecero, but Cecero kept moving his feet, and pushed Bart on past the QB.  Marcus Malbrough put a spin move on Mark Hill and pushed him down, on his way to the QB.

Brayden Burnett utilized a swim move to run right past Taylor Davis.  Mismatch.  Max Copeland hung in and won a closely contested battle over Diondre Ellis. 

Blaine Gabbert kept his green (no contact) jersey on for the scrimmage, while the rest of the QBs wore orange (high contact) jerseys.  Blaine threw one deep down the left sideline, intended for Michael Egnew, but Kevin Rutland was right there, stride for stride, to knock it away.  Rutland's been playing at a very high level.  Jerrell Jackson took an inside screen out on the left side, and Marcus Malbrough, Donovan Bonner, and others blew it up for no gain.  Blaine ran right on the option and pitched late to Derrick Washington, who took it up field to near a first down.  Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off and cut up inside for a short gain.  Egnew took a quick throw out in the flat, and turned it up for a short gain, where he was swarmed under by Burnett and Jarrell Harrison

With the offensive line in Jumbo formation, Derrick Washington took a hand-off around the right side for about 10 yards.  Blaine hit L'Damian Washington out along the right sideline for about a 7 yards.  Washington was run out of bounds by Kip Edwards.  Following a holding penalty and an illegal procedure  penalty, and looking at long yardage, Kendial Lawrence hauled in a short pass out in the left flat, where he was met near the line of scrimmage by Luke Lambert and a host of others.

Travis Ruth slid over to play some center with the second unit.  Jimmy Costello pulled the ball down, under a rush, and took off up the middle, where he was promptly greeted by Aldon Smith and Andrew Gachkar.  Costello's pass went right through Eric Water's hands, and Rutland, who was in tight coverage, grabbed the tipped ball out of the air.  Then, Aldon Smith jumped off side.  Brandon Gerau, in a red jersey, was seen on the field, coaching Jaleel Clark on some finer point of play.  Costello hit Drew O'Connell right in the hands on an inside screen, but Gachkar arrived with the ball, and blew the whole thing up.  Lawrence took an inside hand-off and started outside, but Brad Madison stuffed him in the backfield.  Costello hit Clark on the inside screen, and Will Ebner came across and buried him near the left hash after about a 2 yard gain.

Burnett blew past Taylor Davis again, and hit Glaser in the backfield, but Glaser spun away and delivered the football to Waters coming across the middle for a first down.  Glaser completed another first down pass, this time to O'Connell, out along the right sideline in between Tatum and Steeples.  Glaser found Owen Lenander for about 5 yards out in the left seam.

Forrest Shock took a high snap that was behind him and got it down, but Grant Ressel drilled a low line drive that missed wide left from 51 yards.  Trey Barrow hit his attempt, while Pat Smith's was short.

Glaser hit Jordan Levy in the hands coming across the middle, but the pass fell incomplete.  Trey Hobson and Tony Buhr were in coverage.  Glaser hit Kerwin Stricker right in the numbers on an inside screen, but Stricker dropped the pass.  Glaser found Chris Willet out in the right flat.  Tatum was the first of several defenders to arrive, as the play went for no gain.

Blaine Gabbert handed off to Jerrell Jackson on the speed sweep around the left side.  Jackson looked like a blur as he juked his way up along the sideline for about 20 yards, before Simmons ran him out of bounds.  Derrick Washington broke a couple of tackles before he was brought down by Aldon Smith.  Blaine delivered the quick screen out in the left seam to Egnew, who turned it up for about 8 yards. 

The offensive line was in Jumbo left, and Derrick Washington picked up about 5 or 6 yards up the middle before Lambert hauled him down.  Blaine hit Jerrell Jackson coming across the middle for about 15 yards.  Simmons got his hand on a deep pass that was intended for Jackson in the end zone, knocking it away. 

Gachkar stopped Lawrence after a short gain.  Aldon Smith broke through and sacked Blaine for a big loss.

br />Ressel et al hit the 33 yard field goals.

James Franklin came in and scrambled up the middle, where he was met by White and Malbrough, after a short gain.  Franklin then hit T.J. Moe on a quick out along the left sideline.  Harrison and Prince made sure that play didn't go anywhere.  Franklin stuck one in to Stricker out in the left seam, in front of Bonner, for about 8 yards.  Ebner came in to help clean that one up.  Franklin faked a hand-off and took it around the right side, outrunning the inside pursuit, for a first down and then some.  Franklin hit Moe with a nice touch pass on a slant that Moe took up field for a modest gain.  Hobson and Zaviar Gooden were in close coverage on Gahn McGaffie on a deep route down the left sideline, and batted away the Franklin pass attempt.  Prince and Kenji Jackson stuffed Moe for no gain after T.J. had taken a screen pass out in the left flat.

Tyler Gabbert scrambled to the right, and then threw the ball out of bounds.  Tyler came back with a quick out to Owen Lenander for a nice gain.  Tyler did a nice job of buying time before he found Terry Dennis coming across the middle.  Then, Tyler overthrew Dennis on an out route along the right sideline. 

Blaine came back in and found Jerrell Jackson for a first down out along the left sideline.  Nice throw and catch!  Prince on the coverage.  Egnew took a pass from Blaine, and turned it up for a first down in the right seam, before he was tackled by Lambert and Hobson.  Blaine scrambled to his right and found Derrick Washington for a nice gain out along the right side.  A face mask penalty was tacked on.  Blaine hit Jerrell Jackson on a quick out for a first down.  Derrick took a hand-off and cut it back inside, taking it down to inside the 2 yard line.  Washington got it again, and forced his way into the end zone.


Final Score – Defense 23, Offense 18

Derrick Washington 2-yard run

Grant Ressel – 2-of-4 (Makes: 30, 33;  Miss: 51, 53)
Trey Barrow – 3-of-3 (Makes: 27, 33, 51)
Pat Smith – 1-of-2 (Makes: 33;  Miss: 51)

Blaine Gabbert – 12-of-16, 85 yards
Jimmy Costello – 4-of-10, 51 yards, 1 INT
Ashton Glaser – 5-of-10, 42 yards, 1 INT
James Franklin – 7-of-12, 30 yards, 1 INT
Tyler Gabbert – 4-of-8, 23 yards

Jerrell Jackson – 5-32
T.J. Moe – 4-12
Michael Egnew – 3-37
Owen Lenander – 3-29
Kerwin Stricker – 3-14
Chris Willett – 3-6
Beau Brinkley – 2-26
Jaleel Clark – 2-15
Derrick Washington – 2-14
Eric Waters – 1-16
Terry Dennis – 1-13
Drew O'Connell – 1-13
L'Damian Washington – 1-7
Kendial Lawrence – 1 (-5)

Derrick Washington – 7-31, 1 TD
James Franklin – 7-30
Jerrell Jackson – 1-21
Jimmy Costello – 1-5
Nikko Sansone – 1-0
Kendial Lawrence – 4-(-1)
Chris Willett – 2-(-1)
Blaine Gabbert – 1-(-10)
Tyler Gabbert – 1-(-11)

1 – Kevin Rutland, Tony Randolph, Tyler Davis
2 – Bart Coslet
1 – Aldon Smith, George White, Gabe McCrary
1 – Donovan Bonner, Brad Madison, Tyler Davis, Michael Sam
1 – Andrew Gachkar, Jasper Simmons, Jarrell Harrison, Aldon Smith, Corey Sudhoff
1 – Kevin Rutland

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