Glaser Enjoying Spring This Year

Tiger red-shirt Quarterback Ashton Glaser talks about spring ball

Recently, Missouri RSF QB Ashton Glaser stopped by after practice to visit
with ShowMeMizzou. 

He talked about how spring ball has been going, and the competition for the back-up QB job.
"I'm having a lot better spring than I did last year," said Glaser.  "I feel more confident."

Glaser started spring ball at #3 on the depth chart, and has looked much better than at any time last season.  After the recent initial scrimmage, however, he's been moved down to the #4 QB spot.  I think that says more about the increased level of competition at the QB position than what it says about Glaser's performance. 

"I got moved down after the last scrimmage, behind James (Franklin)," said Glaser.  "I just didn't perform well enough." 
During Thursday's half scrimmage, Glaser did some good things, but appeared frustrated by an interception he had thrown. 

He described what happened on the interception.  "I felt fine, until I threw that last ball," said Glaser.  "I sat over there on the sideline, and when I came back in aa little cold, I just threw it right to him.  I dropped back ready to throw, didn't open my hips enough, and just didn't get it out to my receiver.  It was a horrible ball."

Glaser has his sights set on the #2 QB position heading into this season. "I had a little set back," he said.  "But, I'm going to get better.  I need to work on reading coverages.  I'm going to work on throwing a lot over break, and I'm going to study a lot on coverages, and make sure I keep up on our plays."

He talked about some of the Tigers' young receivers.  "I'm telling you," said Glaser.  "L'Damian (Washington) and T.J. (Moe) are two great receivers!  L'Damian catches everything.  If you throw a bad ball to him, I don't know how, but he finds a way to get it.  And T.J., he's the quickest guy on the team.  He's fast too, but man he's quick!  Great hands!  They both have tremendous hands, and they'll both see a lot of playing time this year.  It's a big help to work with those guys."

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