Tuesday Tiger Practice Report

The Tigers return from spring break fired up and ready to hit in spirited Tuesday practice

On Tuesday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field following their spring break.  They worked out for about two-and-a-half hours in full pads on Faurot Field.

Injury Updates

Andrew Jones, Elvis Fisher, and Marvin Foster each continues to wear the red jersey, as they recover from surgery, and sat out all drills.  Jones did run a few pass routes on the side at less than half speed, and Fisher was seen running sprints along the side.  Foster got in some work climbing the stadium steps, and said that he feels pretty good.  Brandon Gerau has graduated to a red pull-over and participated in some non-contact drills.  He is also helping out with holding on placements for the kickers.  Tony Randolph stood on the sideline on crutches, as his knee injury, suffered near the end of the most recent pre-break practice, will require surgery. Austin Wuebbels wore a red pull-over, and went through all the non-contact drills.  L'Damian Washington wore a red pull-over today, primarily as a precaution, but still appears a little gimpy at times.

Tavon Bolden has returned to action.   As expected, De'Vion Moore has returned to full participation.  Rolandis Woodland had missed the most recent practice, prior to the break, with some post-concussion symptoms, but is now back in action, and said that he's fine. Jarrell Harrison missed practice today, Coach Pinkel said, "for personal reasons".

There's been some changes to the depth chart since last reported.  Most notably, Justin Britt has retained first team status, sliding over to the right guard position, with Wuebbels back in action, although he returned to the left side when the contact began, as Jayson Palmgren stepped up into the right guard spot.  Travis Ruth was back at center on the second unit.  I'll update the depth chart stickied on the premium board a little later.

Following practice, Coach Pinkel addressed the media.  "I think it was a real good practice.............. Our guys came out today like it was the first day of spring ball.  That means an awful lot to me.............. I thought today overall, there was a lot of good competition out there."

Special Teams

Coaches Hill, Kuligowski, Ford, Henson, and Odom worked with the special teams' first and second units, practicing a variety of punt and kick situations.  Kevin Rutland, Carl Gettis, and T.J. Moe each took turns fielding punts.

During the 1-on-1 pass-receiving drills, Blaine Gabbert's pass attempt, intended for Kyle Peasel out along the right sideline, was batted away by Kenronte Walker.  Blaine hit Alex Sanders for a nice gain, coming across the middle, in front of Donovan Bonner.  Jimmy Costello found Derrick Washington down at the goal line, as he led him away from Trey Hobson for the score.  James Franklin connected with Owen Lenander on a nice throw and catch at the goal line, just outside the numbers, with Terrell Lloyd on the coverage.  Franklin laid one just over Carl Gettis, and found Rolandis Woodland in the right front corner of the end zone.  Jasper Simmons broke up a Tyler Gabbert pass intended for Eric Waters near the sideline.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Dan Hoch got a win over Aldon Smith, as he took him deep past the QB.  Tim Barnes used a take-down to get a win against Terrell ResonnoDominique Hamilton used a bull-rush to gain a win over Justin Britt.  Jack Meiners did a nice job to register a win over Jacquies Smith.  Hoch scored another win over Aldon Smith, then Burge put a spin move on Jayson Palmgren, and beat him to the inside.  Barnes scored a win in a closely contested battle over Resonno.  Britt got the win against Hamilton in a closely contested battle.  Jacquies Smith used an outside-inside move to blow past Meiners on his way to the QB. 

Marcus Malbrough got past Kirk LakebrinkBart Coslet used a rip move to blow past Dan Jenkins.  Brendan Donaldson stayed with it in a powerful struggle, then threw Travis Ruth aside in a battle reminiscent of sumo wrestling.  Mike Cecero took George White deep, past the QB for the win.  Brad Madison quickly registered a win over Mark Hill, beating him to the outside.  Coslet quickly dispatched Jenkins again.  Donaldson blew by Ruth.  White used a spin move to gain a win over Cecero.  Madison used a spin move to beat Hill to the inside. 

During 7-on-7 action, Costello connected with Beau Brinkley over the middle for a first down.  Ashton Glaser checked off into the right flat to Nikko Sansone, but Jeff Gettys was right there to knock him out of bounds.  Glaser then found Matt Davis out in the right flat for a short gain.  Facing third and eight, Tyler Gabbert went deep down the right sideline, but missed connection with Alex Sanders. 

Blaine Gabbert found Michael Egnew near the left hash mark for a first down.  Egnew had settled down in a crease between Kenji Jackson and Rutland.  Blaine hooked up with Jerrell Jackson for about 18 yards over the middle.  James Franklin hit Moe with a quick out along the left sideline.  Munir Prince came up quickly, and with a big hit, knocked Moe off of his feet after just a short gain.  Franklin found Brinkley out in the left seam, in between Bolden and Robert Steeples.

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert scrambled to his left, then set his feet before firing deep down field to Wes Kemp, near the goal line.  Gettis arrived early and got tangled up with Kemp before the ball arrived.  Blaine threw a quick out to Egnew out along the right sideline.  Egnew turned it up and broke a couple of tackles for a nice gain.  Blaine hooked up with Kemp, who made a nice grab over the middle.  Gooden was there in tight coverage, but Blaine stuck it into a small hole, and Kemp secured it in traffic.  Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off, and ran over the left side for a nice gain.

Blaine found Egnew out along the right sideline, and Matt White reached in and ripped the ball away, coming up with the take-away.  Jerrell Jackson took a pass from Blaine out along the left side and turned it up for a big gain.  Later, Blaine led Jackson perfectly with a nice pass over the middle for a score.  Then, Blaine found Rolandis Woodland in the right front corner of the end zone.  Woodland went up over Gettis in a crowd and snagged the ball out of the air and got a foot down in bounds.  That was a terrific throw and catch, one that Woodland would not have come down with a year ago!

Franklin hit Jaleel Clark down the right seam with a bullet, for about seven yards.  Will Ebner and Prince were the first ones to arrive.  Then, Kendial Lawrence took an inside hand-off around the left side for a big gain.  Franklin found Brinkley on a quick hitch route out along the right seam for a first down.  Matt White and Prince were in the area.  Franklin scrambled out of trouble to his left, and threw the ball out of bounds to avoid a loss.  A fracas broke out among some of the participants on the other side of the field, and it took a little while to get everyone back to their own corner of the ring. 

Glaser found Sansone out in the left flat for about six yards.  Terrell Lloyd came up and made the stop.  Terry Dennis made a nice catch down the right hash mark, for about fifteen yards.  Glaser came right back to Dennis, out along the right sideline.  Randy Ponder had the coverage, and took the ball away from Dennis, but I think he was ruled to be out of bounds.  Later, Glaser faked a hand-off to Lawrence, then found Moe out in the right flat.  Moe made several guys miss, as he took it up to near a first down before Malbrough dragged him down.  Glaser came back to Moe out in the right flat, and he turned it up for a nice gain before Bolden and Kip Edwards ran him out of bounds.

Tyler Gabbert hit Jared Culver coming out of the backfield, and the defense came up and separated him from the ball.  Tyler hit Eric Waters out along the right sideline.  Waters turned it up to near a first down.

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