Thursday Practice Report

Tigers prepare for scrimmage this coming on Saturday with physical Thursday practice

On Thursday afternoon, the Tigers returned to the practice field for a series of individual drills, some 7-on-7 action, and an abbreviated scrimmage.  Scrimmage stats can be found below.

The injury report for today included a couple of new names.  Kenji Jackson sat out all drills in a red jersey, after having suffered what Coach Pinkel described as "a groin".  L'Damian Washington sat out all drills today, wearing a red jersey, with what Coach said was a "deep bruise" to his knee.  It sounds like this may be a bone bruise, and his availability for Saturday's scrimmage may be in question.  Nikko Sansone wore a red jersey, and sat out all drills.  Austin Wuebbels, and Brandon Gerau wore red pull-overs, and sat out all of the contact drills.

Of course, Elvis Fisher, Andrew Jones, Marvin Foster, and Tony Randolph continue to sit out while they recover from surgery.

During the punting drills, Carl Gettis, Kevin Rutland, Kip Edwards, T.J. Moe, and Gahn McGaffie each practiced receiving punts.

There's not much to report today regarding the depth chart.  Matt White moved up with the #1 defense, in Jackson's absence, and Will Ebner and Luke Lambert continue to split reps with the first unit, as does Kip Edwards and Carl Gettis.  During the scrimmage, there was quite a bit of alternating between personnel, but Coach Pinkel said "not to read too much into that".

After practice, Coach Pinkel talked about practice.  "I thought it was a good workout there," he said.  "When somebody does something good, some body's doing something poorly.  We're coming around slowly.  Probably not as fast as I would like.  We've got a lot of work to do.  I'd like to get a lot better over the next five practices............  We're doing OK, but it's my job to make sure that we get better."

During the 7-on-7 action, Blaine Gabbert found Derrick Washington out along the left sideline for a nice gain in front of Carl Gettis and Zaviar Gooden.  Blaine found Rolandis Woodland in a crowd over the middle for a first down. Nice throw and catch! Blaine tried to fit one in to Wes Kemp down the left sideline, but Gettis got a hand on it to knock it away.  Later, Blaine dropped one in over the linebackers to Derrick Washington, down the right seam, for about 20 yards and a first down. 

Jimmy Costello found McGaffie near the right hash mark for a first down. Costello hit Jaleel Clark, coming across the middle on a drag route, for a first down. 

Ashton Glaser's pass attempt to Terry Dennis fell incomplete near the left hash mark.  Glaser came right back to Dennis, on a hitch route near the left sideline.  Dennis turned it up for a first down.

Tyler Gabbert rifled one in to Terry Dennis, who was sitting down in a seam over the middle.

In the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Mike Cecero picked up a win with a take-down of Diondre Ellis.  Brad Madison used a spin move on Marvin Norman to register a QB sack. Michael Sam went by Taylor Davis as if Davis wasn't there.  Brayden Burnett beat Max Copeland to the inside.  Gabe McCrary used a bull rush to get past Shawn Carey and register a sack.  Kedar Boyce beat John Birdwell to the inside for a win.  Sam picked up another win over Davis, easily beating him to the inside.  Carey evened the score against McCrary with a strong effort.  Chris Earnhardt picked up a win over Quinn Brown.  Burnett blew right past Norman.  Jayson Palmgren picked up a win for the offense with a take-down of Jimmy BurgeTerrell Resonno used a bull rush to push Tim Barnes back into the QB for a sack.  Aldon Smith used his speed to get around the outside, going against Dan HochJacquies Smith got past Jack Meiners.

During scrimmage action, Blaine Gabbert wore a green (no contact) jersey, while all the other QBs wore orange (high contact) jerseys.

Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off from Blaine Gabbert and weaved his way down the left side of the field for a big gain. 

Blaine found De'Vion Moore with a quick hitter out along the left sideline, and Andrew Gachkar quickly came up to make the tackle after a short gain.  McGaffie took a pass from Blaine out in the left flat, and turned it up for a short gain.  Jasper Simmons came up quickly to make the stop.  Simmons cut in front of Michael Egnew out along the left sideline to intercept a pass from Blaine Gabbert. 

Later, Blaine hit Jerrell Jackson on a quick out along the right side.  Jackson turned it up the sideline for about 6 yards before Ebner forced him out.  Marcus Malbrough forced Blaine to scramble out to his left and throw the ball away.  Lawrence took a pass out in the flat and turned it up for a first down.  Rolandis Woodland picked up a short gain after hauling in a pass from Blaine.  Kip Edwards was right there for the stop. 

Derrick Washington took a pitch around the left side and made it inside the pylon for the score.  A little later, Woodland made a real nice grab of a pass from Blaine for a TD, going up over Prince in the right front corner of the end zone to snatch a long pass out of the air.

Jimmy Costello hit T.J. Moe on the inside screen, and Moe took it up the field for near first down yardage. Beau Brinkley made a nice catch of a Costello pass out along the left sideline for a first down.  Costello found Moe with a quick out near the right seam. 

Will Ebner was one of the first ones there, to hold Moe to a short gain.  Tavon Bolden put a big hit on Eric Waters just as the pass arrived from Costello, and knocked the ball out, negating what would have been a first down.  Moe took a short pass out in the right flat and turned it up inside to gain a first down.  Costello completed a quick out to Waters along the left side.  Munir Prince came up and stopped him for a short gain.  On third and short, Kendial Lawrence took an inside hand-off and took it around the left side, getting the corner, and picked up the first down and then some.

James Franklin scrambled out to the right and found Moe coming across from the inside for a big gain.  Franklin missed connection with Jaleel Clark on a fade route in the back right corner of the end zone.  Simmons and Gettis were there on the coverage.

De'Vion Moore was stuffed at the line of scrimmage.  Burge was one of the guys getting up from the pile. Under some heat from Jacquies Smith and others, Franklin unloaded the next one out of bounds.  Then, Rutland broke up a pass attempt from Franklin to Clark.

Ashton Glaser connected with Terry Dennis for about 8 yards on a quick hitch route in the left seam.  Trey Hobson and Tyler Crane converged for the tackle.  Glaser found Kerwin Stricker down the middle for a first down.  Jared Culver took a hand-off and picked up about 4 yards.  Glaser faked a hand-off and kept it, running around the right side, and picked up a first down with a nice run up along the sideline.  Tyler Crane stepped in front of a Glaser pass and returned it up the left sideline, where Glaser made a nice tackle.

Michael Sam beat Marvin Norman and sacked Tyler Gabbert.  Then, Tyler scrambled out to the left, and found Stricker along the sideline for about 6 yards.  Trey Hobson came in to knock Stricker out of bounds.  Tyler then hit Culver in stride, out in the right flat, and Jared turned it up for about 8 yards.  Waters took a short pass from Tyler out in the left flat, and turned it up the sideline for a big gain, showing some real speed in the process.

Coach Pinkel said that Blaine Gabbert "is doing some good things".  He also said of James Franklin that "he's doing some good things, but it's a long way to go" until the end of August.

Scrimmage Statistics

Scoring Plays

·         Derrick Washington 10-yard run
·         Rolandis Woodland 24-yard pass from Blaine Gabbert
Field Goals
·         Grant Ressel – 1-of-2 (Made: 39;  Missed: 30)
·         Trey Barrow – 2-of-2 (Made: 30, 39)
·         Pat Smith – 1-of-2 (Made 30;  Missed: 39)


·         Blaine Gabbert – 11-of-15, 72 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
·         Jimmy Costello – 5-of-8, 28 yards
·         James Franklin – 3-of-7, 31 yards
·         Ashton Glaser – 3-of-5, 39 yards, 1 INT
·         Tyler Gabbert – 4-of-7, 51 yards


·         Derrick Washington – 3-27, 1 TD
·         Ashton Glaser – 3-18
·         Kendial Lawrence – 3-15
·         De'Vion Moore – 2-5
·         James Franklin – 1-5
·         Jared Culver – 2-4
·         Tyler Gabbert – 1-2
·         Jerrell Jackson – 1-0


·         T.J. Moe – 5-31
·         Eric Waters – 3-37
·         Rolandis Woodland – 3-34, 1 TD
·         Michael Egnew – 3-26
·         Kerwin Stricker – 2-32
·         Beau Brinkley – 2-17
·         Wes Kemp – 1-9
·         Terry Dennis – 1-9
·         Kendial Lawrence – 1-9
·         Jared Culver – 1-9
·         Jerrell Jackson – 1-7
·         Gahn McGaffie – 1-4
·         Alex Sanders – 1-4
·         De'Vion Moore – 1-3

Defensive Superlatives

·         1 – Jasper Simmons, Tyler Crane
Passes Broken Up
·         1 – Jasper Simmons, Tavon Bolden
Tackles For Loss
·         1 – Will Ebner, Terrell Resonno
Quarterback Sacks
·         1 – Michael Sam

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