Back For Moore

Tiger junior running back De'Vion Moore returns to full contact after limited early spring

Recently, junior TB De'Vion Moore returned to full contact after being limited during the first half of spring practices.  He's working as the #2 TB, and has looked quicker and maybe even faster than I remember him being last year.

ShowMeMizzou asked Moore if he's faster now.  He replied with a laugh, "I have no idea.  I'm coming out and I'm just running.  I feel better running the ball.  My knees feel better."

Moore was smiling as he talked about getting back into the fray.  "Man, it's going good," he said.  "You got to have fun.  Throughout the spring, throughout any type of training, you got to have fun."

Moore talked about the time he spent watching.  "Yeah. It was frustrating," he said.  "But, in the same token, you have to learn from it.  Sitting on the side, you have to be able to analyze the game in a different manner............. You can't be out there doing it physically, but you can always get a mental rep in.  That's one thing that Coach Jones and Coach Pinkel always emphasize, "Get a mental rep in."  Getting a mental rep in, it helps a lot when you get back on the field."

Moore talked about getting used to the physical contact.  "The physical contact is great!  It's football!  As physical of a team as we have, you're always going to feel sore.  Of course, we come out here and we play hard.  Every snap we go, we play hard.  We hit each other as hard as we can.  Because nobody else is going to let up on us.  So we come out here and we play hard every down.  Of course, our bodies are sore, but we got to come back and do it the next day."

De'Vion identified Will Ebner and Zaviar Gooden as two of the more physical players that he goes up against every day.  "They're coming with everything they've got on every play.  I love it!  Because whenever we get into Big 12 play, that's what the linebackers are going to do.  They're giving us the best right here."

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