Friday Practice Report

The Tigers gear up for Saturday scrimmage with abbreviated workout today

The Missouri Tigers took the practice field this afternoon in helmets, shorts, and shoulder pads for an abbreviated workout that featured very limited physical contact.

There was no change in the injury report from yesterday, except to say that L'Damian Washington and Kenji Jackson are expected to try to scrimmage tomorrow morning. They each sat out all drills today, as did Elvis Fisher, Andrew Jones, Marvin Foster, and Tony Randolph. Brandon Gerau and Austin Wuebbels wore red pull-overs today, and went through some drills at about half-speed.

There is nothing major to report with respect to the depth chart, except that there is some switching around taking place at the offensive guard positions and at the safety positions. In both instances, it's a little hard to tell if this is movement within the depth chart, or just the result of injuries to the starters, Wuebbels and Jackson.

During 7-on-7 action, Blaine Gabbert hit Derrick Washington out in the left flat for a short gain. Blaine hit Rolandis Woodland with a quick out along the left sideline, in front of Kevin Rutland, for about a five-yard gain. Blaine had Michael Egnew deep down the middle, splitting the safeties, but overthrew him with the football. Blaine looked to his right, then came back to Wes Kemp, out along the left seam. Kemp had come back to receive the ball, then turned it up field to near the first down marker. Munir Prince and Kenronte Walker had the coverage. Blaine found T.J. Moe sitting down in a seam in the zone near the right hash mark for a first down. Later, Blaine connected with Woodland on an out route along the left sideline for about 7 yards. Derrick Washington hauled in a pass from Blaine down along the left sideline, and turned it up for a big gain. Carl Gettis was in the area.

Jimmy Costello found Jaleel Clark dragging across the middle for about five yards. Costello hit Moe right in stride on a slant route, and Moe turned it up for a first down.

James Franklin connected with Moe on a quick out along the right sideline. Moe turned it up for a nice gain. Franklin found Beau Brinkley sitting down over the middle for about 15 yards. Then Franklin overthrew Brinkley down the right sideline. The ball kind of sailed on Franklin. Then, Franklin found Moe out along the left sideline for a first down. Franklin put some nice touch on a pass to Gahn McGaffie over the middle, as he led him away from the defense, and McGaffie was able to take it in stride and turn it up for a nice gain.

Ashton Glaser found Eric Waters on a hitch route near the left hash mark for about 6 yards. Glaser hit Alex Sanders right in the numbers as he crossed over the middle, but Sanders dropped the ball. Glaser hit Owen Lenander on a slant for about 6 yards. Glaser looked left, then came back to his right, but his pass found CB Sterling Summerville, instead of his intended receiver.

Tyler Gabbert hit Joe Plevel right in the hands, but the pass fell incomplete. Tyler connected with Terry Dennis on an out route along the left sideline for near first down yardage. Trenton Heard came back to the ball thrown by Tyler, and made the catch for a short gain. Tyler hit Lenander on an out route along the left sideline, in front of Tyler Crane and Randy Ponder. Nice throw and catch for a first down.

During the 1-on-1 pass rush drill, Jimmy Burge used a nice spin move to get a sack. Dominique Hamilton put a spin move on Justin Britt, but Britt hung in there pretty well. Jacquies Smith tried to spin inside of Jack Meiners, but the big tackle was right there, and stayed with him. Dan Hoch kept Michael Sam at arms length, and moved his feet to stay in front of him.

During some 9-on-9 action, Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off, and carried it around the right side for a nice gain. Blaine Gabbert faked a hand-off to De'Vion Moore, and kept it, taking it around the right side. In an effort to get a little extra yardage, Blaine lost the handle, and the defense recovered the fumble.

Kendial Lawrence took a Costello hand-off around the left side, where he was met by Jasper Simmons after about a four-yard gain.

Chris Willet took a hand-off from Franklin, and went around the left side for a short gain.

Matt Davis took a Glaser hand-off and turned it up for about 5 yards. Will Ebner and Burge were the first ones there.

Tyler Gabbert faked a hand-off and took it around the right side and up the sideline for a nice gain.

During 11-on-11 action, Blaine Gabbert hit Woodland in the hands with a pass out in the right seam. The ball bounced off of Woodland's hands, and Simmons came up with the interception on the tipped ball. Then, Derrick Washington took a pass from Blaine out in the right flat, and turned it up for about 8 yards. Blaine hit Michael Egnew right in the numbers coming across the middle, but Egnew was looking up to see where he was going to run with it, and failed to make the reception. Everyone was surprised to see Egnew drop one. Blaine drilled the next one in for a first down to Wes Kemp, who was hooking up in front of the DBs out in the right seam.

Costello found Moe with a quick out along the right sideline. Moe turned it up for a first down.

Franklin found Moe dragging across the middle. He led him away from the defense, and Moe took it in stride for a nice gain.

Glaser hit Dennis over the middle for a first down.

Tyler Gabbert's pass was batted down near the line of scrimmage.

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