Saturday Scrimmage Report

The Tiger offense has a big day as they win the second scrimmage of the spring

On Saturday morning, the Missouri Tigers held their second major scrimmage of the spring. 

Considering that the defense has had the better of it most of the spring, today's scrimmage would have to be considered a breakout for the offense, as the offense defeated the defense by the score of 48-21.  Scrimmage statistics are listed below.

There were several very fine performances today, but none more impressive than Derrick Washington's four touchdowns on the day, including a romp up the middle with 0.01 second on the clock to cap off a very impressive two-minute drill by the first unit. 

Kudos to Offensive Coordinator, David Yost, for catching the defense expecting a pass, and to the offensive line, with Justin Britt seeing considerable time at right guard, for paving the way.

The list of injured players was a little smaller today, as Austin Wuebbels, L'Damian Washington, and Kenji Jackson each returned to the field.  Elvis Fisher, Andrew Jones, Marvin Foster, Tony Randolph, Brandon Gerau, Nikko Sansone, and Alex Edwards each wore a red jersey and sat out the scrimmage.  Gerau did most of the holding for the kick placements.

Michael Brennan was observed doing some long-snapping during warm-ups.

The scrimmage got underway with the offense backed up in their own end zone.  Blaine Gabbbert found Michael Egnew on third down near the right hash mark, but Egnew was tackled just short of the first down.

Jimmy Costello connected with Beau Brinkley out along the left sideline for a first down.  Costello then hit Egnew out on the left sideline.  Kevin Rutland and Donovan Bonner made the stop, but not before Egnew picked up the first down.  Costello dropped a pass in right over Andrew Wilson and Matt White, connecting with Rolandis Woodland down the right seam for a big gain.  Derrick Washington took a pitch from Costello and weaved his way up the left side for a first down.  Derrick Washington then took an inside hand-off from Costello, and picked up another first down.  Will Ebner, Michael Sam, and others converged at the line of scrimmage to stuff the next running play.

James Franklin came in with the first unit, and hooked up with Egnew down the right seam.  Egnew made a fingertip grab, broke a tackle, and ran it down to inside the five yard line.  Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off from Franklin and cut it up into the end zone.

Brayden Burnett continued to be a thorn in Tyler Gabbert's side.  He tipped, or batted down multiple passes, got at least one sack of Tyler, and pressured him out of the pocket, or into hurried throws, all day.  Well, actually, all spring.

Tyler did find T.J. Moe on an inside screen, and Moe took it up for a first down.  Tyler hooked up with L'Damian Washington down the seam for about a 15 yard gain.  He put that one right in L'Damian's hands.  A little later, Tyler scrambled out to his right, and got the corner for a short gain.  Trey Hobson came up and nailed Jared Culver just as the ball arrived, on a swing pass out in the left flat, dislodging the ball.

Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off from Blaine, and took it around the left side for about four yards, where he was met by Jasper Simmons and Jacquies Smith.  Michael Egnew took a quick out from Blaine along the right sideline, and turned it up for a six yard gain.  Blaine hit Egnew in the right seam for a first down, then came right back with a completion to Jerrel Jackson near the right hash mark.  Jackson turned it up field for a first down.  Egnew hauled in a pass from Blaine out in the left flat, and lowered his shoulder, running over Matt White, on his way to another first down. Zaviar Gooden made the tackle.  Gooden came on a blitz, and batted down Blaine's next pass.

Ashton Glaser hooked up with Owen Lenander for several pass completions.  On one play, Glaser was under a serious rush, and stayed in there and made the completion to Lenander out along the right side.  On the day, Glaser was inconsistent, as he did some good things, but also threw the ball to the wrong team more than once.

One of the highlights of the day was when Kendial Lawrence took a hand-off from Costello, and started around the left side, then cut back across to the right side for a long run of over 40 yards.  A little later, Moe took a hand-off on the speed sweep, and made it just inside the left pylon.

Burnett burst through and knocked the ball out of Costello's hand, then fell on it for a big play for the defense.

Blaine fired the ball in to Egnew near the right hash mark for about a seven yard gain.  Kevin Rutland was right there to make the tackle.  Derrick Washington took an inside hand-off from Blaine, and stepped quickly through the line, then sped into the end zone.  A little latr, Aldon Smith came across and tackled Derrick Washington in the backfield, immediately after Derrick took the hand-off.

James Franklin made a connection with Jaleel Clark out along the left sideline for a first down.  Franklin found Beau Brinkley over the middle.  Brinkley turned it up with some nice run-after-catch, and picked up a first down.  Franklin scrambled up the middle, but Jimmy Burge dragged him down just past the line of scrimmage.

Robert Steeples stepped in front of a Tyler Gabbert pass along the right sideline, and dodged Tyler's attempt at a tackle on his way to the end zone.

A little later, Ashton Glaser was moving the team, but then threw an interception, hitting Randy Ponder right in the numbers. 
Blaine came back in and rifled one in to Jerrell Jackson down the left hash for a first down reception, to jump start the two-minute drill.  After a short scramble by Blaine, he came back and hit Jackson again, in the left seam, for a first down.  After a completion inside the five yard line to Wes Kemp, a time-out was called, leaving 1 second on the clock.  That's where Coach Yost decided to go all in with the hot hand.

Scrimmage Statistics
Final Score:  Offense 48, Defense 21

Scoring Plays
·         Derrick Washington 1 run
·         T.J. Moe 6 run
·         Derrick Washington 31 run
·         Robert Steeples 70 interception return
·         Derrick Washington 8 run
·         Jaleel Clark 4 pass from Ashton Glaser
·         Derrick Washington 4 run
Field Goals
·         Grant Ressel – 5-of-5 (Made: 49, 42, 28, 29, 39)
·         Trey Barrow – 1-of-4 (Made: 28;  Missed: 49, 42, 29)
·         Pat Smith – 2-of-4 (Made: 28, 29;  Missed: 49, 42)
·         Blaine Gabbert – 18-of-29, 155 yards
·         Jimmy Costello – 5-of-12, 68 yards
·         James Franklin – 6-of-15, 44 yards
·         Ashton Glaser – 11-of-18, 85 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
·         Tyler Gabbert – 5-of-17, 32 yards, 1 INT

·         Derrick Washington – 10-68, 4 TDs
·         Kendial Lawrence – 3-54
·         James Franklin – 4-22
·         De'Vion Moore – 4-21
·         Tyler Gabbert – 3-16
·         Jared Culver – 2-11
·         T.J. Moe – 1-6, 1 TD
·         Blaine Gabbert – 1-6
·         Trenton Heard – 1-5
·         Matt Davis – 1-1
·         Chris Willett – 1-(-1)
·         Ashton Glaser – 1-(-2)

·         Michael Egnew – 10-86
·         Beau Brinkley – 6-55
·         Rolandis Woodland – 4-52
·         L'Damian Washington – 4-32
·         Terry Dennis – 3-33
·         Jerrell Jackson – 3-32
·         T.J. Moe – 3-25
·         Jaleel Clark – 3-24, 1 TD
·         Owen Lenander – 2-21
·         Eric Waters – 2-10
·         Jared Culver – 1-10
·         Matt Davis – 1-6
·         Kendial Lawrence – 1-6
·         Wes Kemp – 1-4
·         Joe Plevel – 1-4
·         Chris Willett – 1-(-3)

Defensive Superlatives
·         1 – Robert Steeples, Randy Ponder
Passes Broken Up
·         2 – Carl Gettis, Trey Hobson, Zaviar Gooden, Will Ebner
·         1 – Brayden Burnett, Aldon Smith, Daniel Carpenter, Matt White, Jeff Gettys
Tackles For Loss
·         1 – Luke Lambert, Aldon Smith, Brad Madison, Munir Prince
Quarterback Sacks
·         2 – Brayden Burnett
·         1 – Michael Sam, Aldon Smith, Brad Madison, Dominique Hamilton
Forced Fumbles
·         1 – Brayden Burnett
Recovered Fumbles
·         1 – Brayden Burnett

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