Britt Fitting In At Guard

Red-Shirt OL Justin Britt talks about his movement along the line and depth chart

RSF OL Justin Britt worked all of last season at left tackle, but has moved inside this spring.  He's worked mostly at left guard this spring, in the absence of last year's starter, Austin Wuebbels.  But, he's been listed recently on the depth chart as the starter at right guard.  He stopped by after practice to visit with ShowMeMizzou.

Britt talked about the situation with his position on the depth chart.  "I guess they're wanting to see if I'm more versatile and stuff.......... On the depth chart, it's confusing.  Because they have me listed at first string right guard, but I haven't been working that much at right guard............ It's just good competition."

He talked about how practice has been going.  "It went pretty good," he said.  "I think I did pretty good (today).  I messed up one play, but I learned from it and finished out real strong."

I asked Justin which of the defensive linemen give him the most trouble.  He replied, "So far, it's been Dominique Hamilton and Terrell Resonno.  Resonno has a good bull rush.  I found that out today."

Britt said that the coaches have had him practicing snapping the ball in the shotgun formation during the early portion of practices this spring.  From what I'm seeing and hearing, it looks like Britt is moving into consideration as one of Missouri's top five offensive linemen.

Justin Britt post scrimmage interview.

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