White Climbs The Depth Chart

Tiger Safety Matt White has a had a good spring and it is paying off

Columbia (Missouri) On Tuesday Matt White was at first string strong safety. While some other prospects at the position have gotten more attention. White has quietly gone about his business and it is paying off.

Missouri RSF safety Matt White 6'0"  182  4.5  42" vertical, stopped by after a recent practice to visit with ShowMeMizzou about spring ball and the competition on the field.

"Practice is going good," said White.  "I think we're getting better out here.  Everybody's working hard.  We're trying to get ready to beat Illinois next fall."

Like most of the other safeties, White has worked at both safety positions, and at the time of this interview, was listed either #1 or #2 at strong safety.  He said that he's prepared to play either safety position.

"The competition's making everyone better," said White.  "Everybody's a hard worker.  We're all family, but when it comes to out on the field, we're competing for the top spot."

White said that he's done a lot of studying, and is pretty comfortable with his assignments out on the field.  White has a knack for always being around the ball.  He's obviously a very talented and intelligent athlete, and appears to be much more confident this spring as compared to last fall.

"They teach us to run to the ball," said White.  "I try my best to get around there, and things are happening well for me.  At the safety position, you can see the whole field.  So, you can play on different things that you see, and come off to the ball."

Look for Matt White to get on the field this fall.  He'll be the one around the ball.

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