Egnew Raises His Game

Tiger TE Michael Egnew has been one of the top playmakers this spring

Missouri junior TE Michael Egnew has looked like a "completely different guy" this spring, according to Missouri Offensive Coordinator, David Yost.  He's been making plays all over the field, and has become something of a security blanket for QB Blaine Gabbert.  He stopped by after a recent practice to talk about that developing chemistry.

br />"Well, I guess I must be getting open," said the big tight end.

Egnew, 6'5" 227, ran a 4.52 forty during recent testing, and registered a 41" vertical jump.  He talked about his improved consistency catching the football. 

"To me, it's a little bit easier to get consistent, once you start getting it more," said Egnew.  "The more and more you're doing it, the more consistent you get.  It's starts being just a reaction."

Egnew talked about how the play just begins once he catches the football.  "Usually, if I'm running a shorter route, I'm going to be ready for a collision, running people over and stuff.  But, if I see a lot of green, then it's about making people miss.  But usually, drag routes, little bubble routes, the first thing in my head is running them over............. When I catch a slant, I'm thinking about running people over."

Coach Pinkel mentioned Egnew during a recent post practice discussion.  "Michael Egnew's standing out," said the coach, "and doing some good things."

Blocking has been one of Egnew's strong points.  He talked about his blocking.  "Some people don't know this," he said, "but I almost like blocking just as much as I like catching the football."

During our interview, Coach Pinkel walked by, and patting Egnew on the shoulder, said, "You made some plays, Buddy.  Good job!"

Egnew talked about the comparisons some people make with him and former Missouri TE Martin Rucker.  "I like his style of play," he said. "Whenever I talk about catching the bubble or the slant and I'm thinking about running people over, and being tough and physical, I think about him (Rucker)."

Coach Yost talked about Egnew being a combination of Martin Rucker and Danario Alexander.  We came up with the nick-name, "Danario Rucker".

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