2010 Black and Gold Game Report

Tigers close out spring practice for 2010 with annual Black and Gold game

The Missouri Tigers' Spring Game was a festive affair in which the defense fairly dominated the day.

After the scrimmage was over, Coach Pinkel spoke about the day, and the spring.  "It was good experience for everyone out there,"  said Missouri's Head Coach.  "I think that's good.  The defense certainly had the upper hand today.  I think the offensive execution wasn't very good.  It was a great spring.  We had no injuries, which is very positive.  Now, it's just get back to work................ Overall, it was a very good spring.  Anytime your defense is playing well, Coach James used to say if you're worried about your defense after the spring game, it's not going to be a very good summer.  The defense obviously played very well today."

The offensive execution was not very good.  I saw more dropped passes on Saturday afternoon than I have seen since spring break, and some of those by some guys who haven't dropped hardly any all spring.  Maybe it was the band, or all the former Mizzou players on hand, or all the potential future Tigers on hand, or the several thousand fans in the stands on this gorgeous spring afternoon.  Whatever the reason, this practice was the least representative of the spring of the way that Mizzou's receivers have caught the football this spring.

Coach Pinkel elaborated on the execution troubles that the offense experienced today.  "So much, in our offense, is just being able to play catch.  You got guys open, and you throw it to them, and guys got to catch the football. If you don't play catch in our offense, it sounds very elementary, but if you don't play catch in our offense, you're going to be struggling.  I thought also, we were very physical.  The defense hits hard, and that's good."

After being spotted a 14-0 lead, the number #2 offense took the field to open the game against the #1 defense.  After a first down completion over the middle from James Franklin to Beau Brinkley, Brad Madison forced Franklin out of the pocket. 

Franklin took off up inside for a couple of yards.  Kevin Rutland stepped in front of Franklin's next throw for the interception.

Blaine Gabbert took over near midfield, behind the #1 offense, going against the #2 defense.  Blaine found Michael Egnew with a screen pass out in the left flat that netted about 4 yards.  Then, Blaine completed a pass to Rolandis Woodland over on the left sideline, in front of Munir PrinceKenji Jackson was in on the tackle. 

After Derrick Washington took a hand-off around the left side for about 4 yards, Blaine hit Wes Kemp in the right seam for a short gain.  Prince broke up Blaine's pass attempt intended for Woodland, and Grant Ressel missed a field goal attempt on what appeared to be a mishandled snap.

Franklin hit L'Damian Washington for about 6 yards out in the right seam.  Franklin found T.J. Moe over the middle, but Moe was stopped short of the first down.  Carl Gettis fielded the punt.

A little later, on third down and long, Franklin scrambled around the right side for about 6 yards.  Moe fielded the punt.

On second and eight, Wes Kemp had Blaine Gabbert's pass go off of his fingertips.  On third down Kemp made the reception on near the right hash, this time for the first down.  This was the first play I saw on Saturday where the offense appeared to have their normal rhythm.

Franklin came back in and hooked up with Moe in the left seam for a first down.  After Franklin missed L'Damian Washington, Zaviar Gooden led a charge to stop Kendial Lawrence for no gain as he tried to get the edge.  Aldon Smith sacked Franklin, stripping the ball, and Brad Madison covered the ball in the end zone.

Franklin hooked up with Moe in the right seam for about 6 yards.  Aldon Smith was flagged for a blow to the head on Franklin, and the #2 offense was awarded a first down near mid-field.  Under a heavy rush from a blitzing Kip Edwards, Franklin found Moe over the middle, but Moe was brought down short of the first down.  Franklin hit Moe again on a quick out along the left sideline, but Edwards and Jasper Simmons stopped him for a short gain.  Franklin scrambled right, but came up just short.  Rutland mishandled the punt.

Brayden Burnett sacked Blaine Gabbert, but Derrick Washington took a short pass on the next play and showed excellent open field running, as he advanced the ball out near mid-field.  This drive continued, until derrick Washington took a pitch right, and using a spin move, dragged Andrew Wilson into the end zone.

Jimmy Costello ran the #2 offense, and started to move the ball in short increments, but then Carl Gettis stepped in front of one of Costello's throws for the interception.  Brad Madison was one of the guys in Costello's face on that throw.

Coach Pinkel assessed his team's performance at the conclusion of spring ball.  "I think there is a lot of things that need to take place between now and kickoff against Illinois," Coach Pinkel said, "but I think we've got the makings of a very good football team.  We've got to keep going, we've got a good freshman class coming in.  There is still a lot of competition.  I told them we set the depth going in to August for our first practice but when we start that first practice all the jobs are open again and it's all based on competition.  I think there's a lot of things in place."

Coach Pinkel answered a question about his assessment of James Franklin's play.  "I think James did a lot of good things all spring," said the coach.  "As quarterback you go through a learning process and I think going out there against the 1's and having that experience he will learn.  You're going to learn from the good things and the mistakes you made.  But there is still great competition there.  There is no decisions made there in anyway and competition makes a better football team."

Spring Game Staistics

1st-Half Score (#1 Offense/Defense vs. Reserves) – 14-14
2nd-Half Score (Offense vs. Defense) – Defense 34, Offense 6
SCORING PLAYS                                                                     
Scoring Description                                                                                               
·        1st Quarter – Brad Madison 14-yard fumble return (Grant Ressel PAT) (0:00)
·        2nd Quarter – Derrick Washington 9-yard run (Grant Ressel PAT) (0:52)


                  Comp.    Att.    Yds.       TD            Int.
J. Franklin         9       17       54          0            2
B. Gabbert          8       15       82          0            0
A. Glaser           8       12       44          0            0
J. Costello         6       12       57          0            1
T. Gabbert         6         9       40          0            1
TOTALS            37        65      278          0            4


                   Rec.    Yds.       TD
T. Moe             12       85          0
K. Stricker         5       23          0
L. Washington     3          9          0
B. Brinkley        3       26          0
W. Kemp           2       21          0
M. Egnew          2       11          0
O. Lenander      2          6          0
G. McGaffie      1       31          0
D. Washington    1       25          0
E. Waters          1       13          0
R. Woodland       1       12          0
J. Levy            1          7          0
J. Jackson          1          6          0
J. Culver            1          3          0
J. Pelevel          1          1          0
TOTALS            37     278          0


               Att.    Yds.       TD
D. Washington   6       28          1
K. Lawrence     5       16          0
B. Gabbert        3       29          0
D. Moore           3          7          0
A. Glaser           2       12          0
J. Franklin         2          9          0
J. Jackson          2          2          0
C. Willett          2          1          0
T. Heard             1          3          0
N. Sansone       1     (-2)          0
J. Culver            1     (-3)          0
J. Costello         1     (-6)          0
TOTALS            29       96          1


                              INTs       Yds.
K. Rutland                     1          2
C. Gettis                      1          0
W. Ebner                       1          0
J. Harrison                    1          0
TOTALS                         4          0


Tackles For Loss – A. Wilson (1-1); L. Lambert (1-1); B. Madison (1-6); D. Hamilton (1-1); M. Sam (2-7); J. Tatum (2-4); B. Burnett (1-2)
QB Sacks – A. Smith (1); B. Madison (1); M. Sam (1)
Passes Broken Up – D. Schatz (1); L. Lambert (1); K. Edwards (1); B. Coslet (1)


Tiger      FG-FGA            Makes                       Misses
G. Ressel       0-2             None                        45, 60
T. Barrow      0-2             None                        37, 38

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