Tiger Defenders Had Great Day

Andrew Gachkar and Kevin Rutland discuss the defense's strong defensive performance

After the defense registered a win in the Black & Gold Game, senior LB Andrew Gachkar stopped by for a visit with ShowMeMizzou.  He talked about why the defense had such a good day.

"Defense did play well today," Gachkar admitted.  "You know, it's just like last year.   We got a lot of three and outs, and I think we got like three take aways, something like that.  I mean all those together equals a good day.............  We held back on our calls a little bit, and so did the offense, probably.  Fundamentally, we were better today, and I think our communication was better today.  Also, they didn't run the ball a whole lot on us.  So, it was almost one-dimensional.............. We were doing a good job of getting pressure with four guys, and then when we sent five guys, it was breaking loose.  You know, something big happened."

Gachkar talked about the offensive showing.  "That's part of it," he said, "that we do know a lot of what they're doing............... They're explosive.  One of the things is, they're not going to show people their plays.  People like Illinois are probably going to get this film.  They're not going to show their cards.  I think they ran the ball maybe twice today.  We're going to run the ball more than that.  And, I think Blaine played one quarter."

Starting senior cornerback Kevin Rutland chipped in his thoughts about the more aggressive style of play in the secondary.  "It's just a more aggressive style of cornerback," said Rutland.  "We're not waiting on as many things."

Then Rutland said, "Everyone in (the cornerback's) room really likes the more aggressive style.  We feel that it really fits what we like to do.  And you can see it out there today.  We're getting our hands on a lot more balls."

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